I'm so grateful for the Fauci pronouncement. I can finally open my vitamin D3 without feeling guilty.

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A good way to transform our nation?

Daily I will do these 8 things, to be the change I wish to see in the world.

1. I will strive to do what is right, be good, and pursue truth in all things.

2. I will strive to continually love my parents, kids, neighbors, and myself.

3. I will strive to continue reading, learning, teaching, and contributing.

4. I will defend Biological Integrity, Informed Consent, and Parental Rights.

5. I will defend our National, State, and Individual Sovereignty, and preserve our Constitutional Democratic Republic (the constitution, the democratic process, and the republic).

6. I will empower light-triad types, while disempowering dark-triad types, rejecting those who seek unrestrained wealth, power, and control.

7. I will take holistic responsibility for my own health: body, mind, and spirit.

8. I will respect and care for the planet, its ecosystems, and creatures.





(8x8^8) = 64 | 512 | 4,096 | 32,768 | 262,144 | 2,097,152 | 16,777,216 | 134,217,728

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Thank you for sharing about the humanitarian crisis in Shanghai. As a Ukrainian, this situation reminds me of the hunger-genocide of 1932-1933; food shortages, rations, mass murders, government corruption and cover-up for decades. Except we're in 2022 now... If there are any ways to provide assistance, please share. The people are innocent...

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Don't even know what to say about Shanghai...or China in general...or the sickness that is communism and its unavoidable depraved outcomes...

As for young people -- despite the indoctrination into so much degraded thinking and disloyalty to individual liberty -- they represent the only group for whom I have compassion. Imagine being a young person of sufficient age to be able to look around and take in the idiocy and cowardice of the "grown ups" that surround you and control your life? Your "parents". Your "teachers". Your "political leaders" who deprived you of your life as they violated their oaths to the Constitution. Your "church leaders" who reinforced how obedience is good -- even with that which is provably evil and who cooperated with the closure of services. The police who enforced illegal edicts -- breaking their oaths. "Doctors" who in 2019 would assure you that they are part of the best, most super-duperest medical care system in the world but who, in 2020, agreed that treating the symptoms of a severe respiratory infection was beyond their ken.

Does "democrat" or "republican" really matter at this point? Fidelity to liberty, fealty to Constitutional oaths, and unwavering commitment to basic human rights -- that's what matters. And young people saw virtually none of it...in "America".

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Can’t bring myself to watch the video from Shanghai. But this is my prayer regarding that situation, a well as all the other evil we are steeped in:

“[The wicked] says to himself, ‘God has forgotten;

He has hidden His face;

He will never see it.’

Arise, O Lord; O God, lift up Your hand.

Do not forget the afflicted…

Break the arm of the wicked and the evildoer,

Seek out his wickedness until You find none…

O Lord, You have heard the desire of the humble;

You will strengthen their heart,

You will incline Your ear

To vindicate the orphan and the oppressed,

So that man who is of the earth will no longer cause terror.”

Psalms‬ ‭10:11-12, 15, 17-18‬ ‭NASB1995‬‬

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While I am absolutely grateful for the tsunami of voters crashing into the Republican party, please, please everyone, do your due diligence EVEN WITH THE REPUBLICANS.

My state statehouse is FULL of RINOs. They all SAY they are pro-freedom, against mandates, pro-parents knowing what kids are being taught in schools, pro life, pro-election integrity, etc, etc, etc

Let me tell you what they did this session:

1) failed to pass either of two bills that would have forbidden CRT in schools, would have required teaching that America is an exceptional country (or something like that) and why, and would have required schools to make curriculum available for parental review.

2) failed to get out of committee a bill that would have closed loopholes that currently allow pornographic material in our school libraries (!!!!)

3) passed a v🪓 exemption bill that merely requires employers to follow Title VII of Civil Rights Act for religious exemption (because apparently the state lawmakers think that employers will listen to them even tho they haven’t been listening to the feds?), allow up to twice weekly testing and masks for unV employees (discrimination!!!) AND does not require that testing be at no cost to employee.

4) failed to pass a Protection at Conception bill. I don’t know details of the bill or where it stalled out in the legislative process. But for a supermajority who claims to love life, they certainly did nothing to demonstrate that.

5) claim to improve election integrity in our state by requiring electronic machines to print paper ballots. I’ve since learned that a number of these machines simply print a receipt on thermal paper (that stuff degrades faster than leftover pizza left out of the fridge). And, whose to say the machines can’t be hacked and fraudulent votes recorded, and the paper ballots merely reflect the fraud. And most of the incumbents are quite fine with early voting.

Also, many of the fresh faces challenging the RINOs have not been allowed to be on the ballot due to local county party opposition. New rules were passed last year, but largely unknown to many, and so many new candidates were unable to run. My own state rep challenger was told by our county chairman that the candidate would not be provided the customary list of previous Republican primary voters in the district. 😳 Understandably, this makes a targeted, cost-effective campaign exponentially more difficult and nearly unattainable. Fortunately my candidate was able to obtain the list by other means. And we have since been told that what the chairman did is illegal!!!!

So, try to vote with your eyes open! And research those local precinct committeemen and others! They have more influence than we have realized!!!!

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I doubt the Chinese people will talk about their government’s human rights violations when the lockdown is lifted.

At my previous employer there was a young Chinese engineer who had never heard about some of the events in China that we were discussing. Initially she didn’t believe us until an older Chinese engineer confirmed they had happened. She asked him why no one talked about it over there, and he told her people aren’t allowed to. She asked her parents when they came to visit and got the same answer. They also explained what happens to people who do. She was so shocked and disgusted that she chose to become a U.S. citizen.

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I fear Pelosi's prediction is more about rigged elections to stay in power in perpetuity than influencing people to vote democrat. The depth of her depravity seems to have no bottom.

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Conservatives get labeled with all sorts of BS liberal garbage, one of them being "putting profits before people." It's just a tagline to throw in for their low IQ base to run with, of course. (All indications are that the BLM founders didn't exactly put people before profits.) Money isn't everything, but in this world, it's right up there with oxygen.

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Hearing the desperate cries and screams was chilling....a passage from Dante's Inferno.

God help them.

Pray incessantly folks.

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There is so much information in this article I don’t know where to begin. Thank you for sharing about the crisis in Shanghai, it is truly disgusting what the CCP is doing. Fauci is continually exposing his ass in public and should retire to avoid any further public humiliation. As a resident of NJ, you confirmed my speculation Murphy cheated to win the November election. I do not know one person that voted for that POS yet he won.

No WAY. Karma is a bitch Murphy..and it is coming for you.

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I hope you and family feel better soon Jeff!

Tears came to my eyes reading about the Shanghai human rights horror. So many American executives think their system is good. Nobody seems to get that communism is evil.

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The reporters are covering up for China because as Trudeau stated, China is the dream for Western Politicians. China has the ability to ‘turn their economy on a dime.’ Even if reporters wanted to write about the current horrors, the legacy media would never run with the story. This is chilling.

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I figured the Democratic Party was gonna destroy themselves pushing folks too far with lockdowns, mask, mandates, CRT and a host of other lame brained policies.

And I wonder why would they drive everyone into the arms of the Republicans?

It was exciting to see the Democrats doing this to themselves until you remember the Republicans and Democrats are one and the same.

Neither party represents “We the people” they call it by-partisan, when they vote in unison but, the truth is there’s no difference in either parties ideology.

So what if the Republicans end up in total control in 22’.

They are RINO’s who have proven themselves worthless, spineless and yes traitors.

Both Parties and multinational corporations contrived to steal the 2020 election simply because Trump stood in the way of WEF’s goal of controlling the wealth of our economy, the entire planet’s economy.

Prove me wrong!!

Even now Federal Government and multinational corporations along with MSM are controlling the narrative.

But those who can think for themselves already know this.

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Never forget, Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama, among MANY other Democrats and Leftists (including Thomas Friedman) wish we were like China.

They are our mortal enemies. No, not China.

The Obamas and Trudeaus of the West.

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I stand with Shanghai.

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