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I self identify as a formerly lifelong Democrat now painted red. I have a hard time imagining ever voting blue again. I am disgusted and repulsed. I hope that your optimism bears out. I want to believe in a happy ending to this nightmare. I have been praying for your client these past few days. May he be well.

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If this pans out, we need to switch rapidly from Defense to Offense, and fight just as hard or harder as we have been. We cannot let them flip the narrative as they intend. Oppressors need to be exposed and judicially punshed. Hijacked institutions need to be ripped up by the roots. Media organizations that deliberately particiapted in the psy op against the populace must not escape either.

We can NEVER let go of this. Not because we're unforgiving or vengeful, but because they will do it to us again if given even the slightest chance. We must expose how the deliberate oppression has been going on, leveraging other topics as well, such as climate change. The COVID reaction has been a God-send in a way. They overplayed their hand and exposed their malfeasance in a way that they probably never would have done, had they continued the slow-burn totalitarian program they were making remarkable progress with.

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It is still not about a disease. It’s all about getting the masses to simply obey without question. I am thankful at least half of the country pushed back. This war is not over.

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Regardless of what happens, and I hope you are correct @Jeff Childers, we CANNOT go back to sleep.

I will no longer hold my tongue when a communist tries spewing their mental vomit thinking to myself, surely, they're just misinformed. What I have learned over the last 2 years is there are (a) some truly evil people in this world, (b) our government is ridiculously more corrupt than we ever thought and (c) many many people are incapable of critical thought.

I'm trying to figure out how to get involved in a "parallel" society. Seems like we need that to start trying to reverse course on a lot of the over-reach that has happened over the last 50 years. Shame on us all for looking the other way.

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Secret White House Meeting Between Joe Biden and Aaron Rodgers With Special Guest

BIDEN: Welcome Aaron. Hell of a World Series there! I didn’t think you’d be able to pull it off. I’ve been a fan of you and the Padres for a long time.

RODGERS: Thanks, but….

BIDEN: First of all, how’s that big toe doing?

RODGERS: It was never really an issue.

BIDEN: Hey, that’s great. Listen, the reason I brought you here is because of this anti-vax business. Do you realize that people are dying?

RODGERS: Because I didn’t get the vaccine?

BIDEN: Yeah…children too, somewhere around 50,000.


BIDEN: Holy ****! How the hell did you get in here?!

JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: I’ve been here for 20 minutes.

BIDEN: Did you hear that Aaron?....a million kids have died because of your refusal to get vaccinated.

RODGERS: That's a non-sequitur. I don’t understand the correlation.

BIDEN: I don’t either, but you can’t argue with CNN

RODGERS: No, I guess not.

BIDEN: How many home runs you got?

RODGERS: Uh….I play football

BIDEN: Right, how many homers?

RODGERS: Well, I haven't checked my stats lately.

JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: Can we get on with this? It’s bad enough to be here while you two are spewing this virus all over the place!

BIDEN: Listen Aaron, let’s be reasonable….the NBA needs you. You’re the face of the sport. Is it too much to ask that you relax your ethics just this one time? You know the thing.

RODGERS: Well, I do a lot of research on my own. I don’t think the media is being totally forthright with all of the information.

JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: You can’t argue with 2 million dead children, Aaron!!!

BIDEN: Easy…calm down. Let’s not go off half cocked here. She’s got a point, Aaron…3 million kids is a lot.


BIDEN: These kids look up to you. Being the top soccer player in the country comes with responsibilities. Keep this up and you can kiss that Cy Young Award sayonara, my friend….. Look at Lebron Jones….now there’s a role model for you and one hell of a hockey player to boot. He doesn’t have any issues with this.

RODGERS: Uh, Basketball…I’m not Lebron….JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: You got that right!!

BIDEN: Sonia, ssshhhh…. you catch more flies with honey....

RODGERS: I’m just trying to do the right thing for me. What someone else does is none of my business. Besides, if we know beyond any reasonable doubt that the vaccine doesn’t prevent anyone from getting Covid, or from spreading it, what difference does it make?

JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: Because, Mr. M..V...P.., you’re a damn virus spewing machine!!

RODGERS: Yes, thank you. Nevertheless, I’m a little concerned about my teammates…..A. J. keeps trying to squeeze his feet into his helmet, DaVante can barely run a straight line, DeVondre hears music coming from his jock, and Randall and Jonathan are talking about getting married and joining Greenpeace.

BIDEN: And you think this is because of the vaccine?

RODGERS: Well, it does seem out of the ordinary.

BIDEN: Purely coincidence…. Is Tony in the building?

JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: Don’t you dare bring that little diseased turd in here!

BIDEN: Aaron, you’re really being kind of a cheesehead about this.

RODGERS: I know…. It comes with the territory.

BIDEN: Now you’re just being a wise ass! Okay, we’re kind of spinning our wheels here......Do potatoes wear pants?


BIDEN: You got some mighty hairy legs there.

RODGERS: I'm wearing pants.

BIDEN: Have you ever sniffed a hot girl scout?

RODGERS: Oh dear God….

JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: I think I’m getting sick.

RODGERS: Okay, this has been very informative….

BIDEN: Hold on there, before you leave I wanted to let you know that your dad, Mr. Rogers had a tremendous impact on my life; a truly great black leader. Pity that guy shot him in Dallas.

RODGERS: I think…., nevermind, yeah, he was great. I’ll call you later.

JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: Is it hot in here?

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I was also quite surprised that they fact-checked Sotomayor. I agree that they need to wrap all this Covid panic up and move on to: "Dems saved you from Covid!" The hilarious thing is they can literally just stop the testing and stop the reporting and stop talking about it and it will actually go away and the majority of Dem voters won't know the difference.

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I totally agree that Democratic strategists have had a look at internal polling and realized that they are about to usher in a decade of red across the board unless the country changes course. A phenomenom I've heard is the "silent spiral", where otherwise progressive voters will take revenge at the ballot box not just once, but several times over the next several years.

Declaring victory over Covid-19 would be a sure way to stem the bleeding

However, I think you vastly overestimate the power they have at controlling the monster they have created. There is seriously entrenched behavior here, and a lot of people who will fight tooth and nail to maintain the pandemic

In my opinion, it will come down to 1 thing.


If the mask mandates start getting lifted, with accompanying media that "masks are useless against Omicron but who cares cause we won and its just a cold anyway" then the pandemic is over. This is a worldwide thing too - the masks are a talisman of suffering to remind everyone that someone is struggling on the vent and so we must too, participate by sacrificing something. It is senseless sadism and one day when we write about what we put little kids and teenagers and college kids through; protecting* them by abusing them - the people who drove those policies will be covered in shame for eternity

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"... we’ll still be mopping up pockets of resistance for a long time, and dealing with odious vaccine requirements and stuff here and there."

More importantly, we need to counter the narrative that the draconian mitigation rules were responsible for ending the pandemic rather than prolonging it, and expose every ounce of corruption connected with the COVID con and hold people accountable - meaning real-world consequences. Concurrently, states must reform emergency powers acts so this can never happen again.

Take no prisoners!

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I agree completely with this post. The Dems have a problem, the political usefulness of COVID has reached its expiration date and they need to quickly pivot. They will memory hole the last two years and wash their hands. They will gaslight Americans by claiming that they haven't gaslighted anyone, ever. They will claim that they didn't know anything about the virus at the beginning and that any measures that turned out to be destructive were implemented with good intentions and besides what is past is past. Of course, 40% of the voting public will totally buy and repeat that horseshit and 40% will reject it for the nonsense it is. The question is how many of the out of touch dingbats in the 20% can we convince.

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As always, C&C is a breath of fresh air and hope! Thank you Jeff! To add to the pile -- I noticed that in CA, in the Los Angeles Unified school district, they simply gave up on the school vaccine mandate for January because there were 34,000 non compliant kids and they just couldn't deal with that many kids in online school. Teacher shortages or something. They pushed it forward to the fall . . . but fingers crossed that it will seem stupid (to everyone, not just to us) by then. Hurray for non compliance!

Also, a very local fun thing: at the place where we ski, last year was all no contact, masking indoors and lots of masking outdoors, etc. I got yelled at for taking a sip of water inside the lodge, pulling my face muff down for a moment. This year a statement on their website: "Skiers are the hardest group to control and we're not even going to try" Saw not a single mask there over the weekend. Thank goodness people just get tired of this stuff.

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I heard California will now allow vaccinated but COVID positive health care workers to stay on the job, working while "sick?" Doesn't that throw the whole CMS mandate (protect the patients) in the toilet?

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A year ago, a commentator looking at the timeline of the Spanish Flu and it’s headlines predicted we’d have a magical evaporation in the news about March. It would all just stop. Whether contrived, conspired, or otherwise, patterns and history repeat or rhyme as they say.

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The beauty of it all could be that even if the Dems spin this that "they" ended the pandemic, I believe that it won't work at the voting booth. Their lies, hypocrisy, ineptitude and manipulation are on full display, and they've overplayed their hand with tyranny. America has had enough and they see them for who they are and how they've played this entire crisis to further their agenda. We'll have to battle at the ballot box for the other pandemic of voter fraud, but I think the American people are going to clean their clocks. HUZZAH!!!!!! Go, Jeff, go! I'm praying for you in all of your efforts, and appreciate your diligence and vigilance. Our Founding Fathers are applauding over you!

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another thought for consideration. the CDC dropped authorization for the PCR test as of Dec 31 2021. the only other test out there is the antigen test, commonly called the rapid test. it is less accurate than the PCR and requires a PCR test to back up a positive test, in other words, there is NO, none, zip, zilch , nada test available for covid. no test, no cases, no cases, pandemic over ...

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First, I would like to thank you Jeff for giving us updates on world views and news. Secondly, I am praying for the man on the ventilator. May God intervene in this matter allowing the personal doctor to administer lifesaving medication that is being restricted even in dire cases as this. I truly look forward to reading your articles each morning and feeling as if I have a good start on the day! May God continue to bless you and yours.

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All of these things give me such hope and I too have noticed these subtle differences in reporting for the last month or so. I’m in a super liberal area and I am wondering how these folks are going to deal with the end of Covid? Anger, remorse or more fear - they should be afraid of the sort of people they have become.

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