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Florida's Special Session gets a date; Halloween 2020 v. 2021; Psaki gets Covid; Moderna has a setback; the FDA responds to Scandinavian anti-Moderna data; NYC workers choose firing over jabs, ...

Good morning, C&C crew! I hope all of you guys with younger kids had a spooky fun Halloween last night and enjoyed the crisp and cool Fall weather. As we close the books on October and begin the headlong rush into the supply-chain starved Holiday season: The Florida Special Session gets a date; great news about 2020-21 Halloween comparisons; Psaki gets Covid; approval for use of Moderna in kids has a setback; the FDA responds to Scandinavian concerns about Moderna in younger people; lots of New York City employees choose termination over injection; and more.


☎️ 5DAY: The Governor signed a Proclamation on Friday setting the Special Legislative Session in Tallahassee for November 15 through 19. First of all, thank you Governor DeSantis! Second, I am 100% certain this would NEVER have happened were it not for all our intrepid 5DAY callers. Every lawmaker in the state knows about us. Keep calling!

According to Florida’s constitution, the special session is limited to the issues described in the Proclamation, which were: Covid vaccine discrimination, whether Florida should opt out of OSHA (which would moot the new Biden rule), masking of children, school quarantines, enforcement mechanisms for PBOR violations, and — this will make a lot of folks happy — repeal of section 381.00315, which lets the State Health Officer order forced vaccinations.

If you ever wondered whether all your calls were having any effect, you can rest easy now. When we have our live C&C conference (or conferences), we’ll have a special “5DAY Veterans” happy hour or something, to celebrate together in person.

📕 I figured out what I’m going to call the book I plan to write when this is all over. It will be simply titled, “So.” Like it?


Now that the oedematous pandemic has oozed over its second Halloween, we can make some side-by-side comparisons and there are reasons to feel hopeful. First, let’s peek at what I wrote in the blog about last year’s Halloween (edited for brevity):

“I would call it subdued … Homeowner participation was drastically reduced. On each street, there were only one or two homes decorated and open for treating. … About half the treating homes used a slide or tube to deliver candy; a few from the second floor. … Lines were short or non-existent anyway. But the folks who came and their kids were in the spirit; there were lots of great costumes and props.”

So let me tell you folks without kids what it looked like last night in the exact same spot. It was BLOWN OUT. I’ve never seen so many costumed kids. Especially the littles. Tons of ‘em. It was PACKED. There were countless eye-popping costumes. More houses than I could easily count went all out, with life-size T-rex skeletons, ancient temple column wraps and accessories, movie-set-quality recreations of Ghost Busters and Beetlejuice scenes, fog machines, not to mention graveyards and animated ghouls galore. If all the spectacular house decorations weren’t enough, they had roving decorated golf carts running around pushing even more sugary addiction.

In complete contrast to last year, lines for well-decorated houses lengthened to 20-30 kids, again and again. It was all so popular that my tweener kids actually eschewed continued candy acquisition because the lines “are too long.”

It was awesome.

There were maybe half a dozen people wearing Covid masks, total. And I couldn’t tell if those were just ironic Halloween costume choices. Obviously, we are talking super-spreader conditions with all those little plague rats running around without masks and zero social distancing. At one point, I saw a yard sign that said “Remember to Stay Six Feet Apart!” and laughed. Six feet? It’d be lucky if the kids were six INCHES apart.

I saw several plague doctor costumes, which I thought was very well done, and wished I’d thought of it. [Plague doctor costume - Wikipedia](https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plague_doctor_costume).

So, behold! The pandemic is OVER as far as Halloween is concerned. Watching it all, I felt more optimistic than ever. Or it could have been the sugar rush. Somebody had to eat the Reese’s cups, and hey, if I have to hold the candy bag… But, no, I think it was legit optimism, hope, and joy seeing all the kids having a normal moment for a change.

Thanks homeowners for making Halloween special and normal!


🔥 Oh boy. You can’t make this stuff up. Hectoring Karen-like White House spokeslady Jennifer Rene Psaki — fully-injected, mind you — got Covid. And after lecturing us all — for months — about how WE were going to get sick because we weren’t masking and distancing enough. We hope she and her family have a mild case, of course, like most people do, but it’s still delectable irony, no? I guess all that jabbing and masking and distancing didn’t work out too good, did it?

Apparently it is also possible that Psaki could have infected the former vice-president. She was scheduled to go on his recent grand international trip but dropped out at the last minute after family members tested positive. She tested negative through her first four days of quarantine, then showed up positive. News reports point out the negative tests came after she started quarantine: in other words, after the last time she saw Biden face-to-face. But Covid always finds a way.

Still, don’t worry! Biden should be fine. “He’s three times vaccinated, so he should be good unless he has immunodeficiencies we don’t know about,” Dr. Peter Hotez told CNN. Triple-jabbed. So.

💉 FDA approval of Moderna’s EUA request for its injection for kids 12 to 17 years old is now deferred until at least January, due to an ongoing evaluation of recent international analyses of the risk of myocarditis. Since like six Scandinavian countries have BANNED its use in younger people, in some cases up to 30 years old.

Moderna said in a statement that it was “grateful to the FDA for their diligence.” Yeah, I bet they’re grateful.

🔥 Over the weekend, the FDA responded to news about Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway pausing use of Moderna in younger people. The bottom line is they aren’t worried and you shouldn’t be, either. Nothing to see here. Worry about Covid, not the jabs lacking long-term safety data. You can trust the FDA. Here’s everything the FDA said about the Nordic data, explaining why it wasn’t concerned:

“The FDA is aware of these data. At this time, FDA continues to find that the known and potential benefits of vaccination outweigh the known and potential risks for the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine,” an FDA official said in a statement.

That’s it. No alternative data. No studies. Just, trust the FDA. It’s not like it’s your health or anything. Who cares what other countries find out? Because Science.

The MOST bizarre thing is, that’s good enough for a lot of people, including many medical and scientific types. More evidence supporting my hypothesis of a pandemic of mental illness, I guess.

🔥 USA Today was pushing flu shots along with Covid shots yesterday. But why? Flu’s disappeared. Why push all these shots? The article explaining how awesome it would be to get your flu shot AND your Covid shot at the same time mentioned NOTHING about the vanishing flu. The media is such garbage. They’re basically just printing Pharma press releases as straight news at this point. They should call it “Pfizer Today” instead of “USA Today.”

🔥 An Iowa bill would expand medical and religious exemptions to injections and would give unemployment benefits to anyone fired because they didn’t take the shot. An article said the bill “drew criticism from business representatives,” but Iowa’s Governor Kim Reynolds said she’ll sign the bill if it gets to her desk. Drum roll, please.

✈️ Since Friday, American Airlines has cancelled 1,613 flights, according to Yahoo News. Guess what American said was the reason for all the cancellations? “Blustery weather.”


Weather discrimination is back! I think this must be climate change or something. The weather is getting SMART. It’s evolving and mutating. The new weather variant is targeting one airline at a time now. It’s just so much easier to attack one company than all of them at once, you see.

American Airlines’ CEO Doug Parker is such a lying liar, and everybody knows it.

🔬 Well, now we have another one, not that it will change anything. A new study published in the Lancet in October found that uninfected people have cross-reactive immune responses to Covid from previous exposure to seasonal coronaviruses. The study is titled “Immunogenic T cell epitopes of SARS-CoV-2 are recognized by circulating memory and naïve CD8 T cells of unexposed individuals.”

Like I’ve been saying for 18 months now, Covid is NOT a “novel virus.” That was always a giant fib. The people who’ve been pushing that mendacious Big-Pharma tall-tale should be ashamed of themselves.

🔥 One in six employees of the City of New York refused to get an injection by Friday’s deadline. Boom. About 5% more did get the shots under the threat of termination, as the published injection rate bumped up from 76% to 83%. But the rest said “no, thanks.”

That’s 26,000 city workers who are uninjected and presumably, now indefinitely on “unpaid leave.” That’s a nice way of saying “fired” without actually having to fire anybody. The good thing is you don’t have to pay unemployment benefits if folks are just on “leave.” Genius!

So New York City looks to be headed for a bit of a rough patch. But Mayor Bill de Blasio is on it. He said the sanitation department will just move to 12-hour shifts, instead of its usual 8-hour shifts, and it will start working on Sundays to “ensure” that trash doesn’t start piling up. Because the heavily-unionized sanitation workers love to work extra hours and stuff. I wonder how much extra the unionized sanitation engineers will get paid to save the Mayor from a political disaster of his own making.

Um. No disrespect to the Mayor, but I’m guessing the garbage WILL start piling up. And the City’s rats, already overfed, will get even bigger.

New Rat City.

Have a magnificent Monday! I’ll be back here tomorrow, as usual, to keep the C&C train moving down the pandemic tracks.

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