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A primer on the new Florida exemption forms; an unintentionally hilarious AP story; a new study might change the entire game; Fauci makes some damning admissions; protests break out in Europe; more...

Happy Monday, C&Cers! We sure have a lot to be thankful for as we head into our Thanksgiving holiday week. Our Florida readers are especially cheerful here in the digital C&C cafe, but everyone should be encouraged. Last week could very well be the week that the tide began to turn.

In today’s roundup: a primer on the new Florida exemption forms and the emergency rule; surges in the Midwest are described in an unintentionally hilarious AP story; a new study might change the entire game; Fauci makes some damning admissions as the Narrative dissolves in a puff of smoke; protests against injection mandates erupt across Europe; another study correlates flu shots with Covid deaths; and the new weekly report suggests we could be at the Florida case trough. And I have a serious suggestion about that.


🔥 It took the massive federal agency OSHA two months to draft a 600-page behemoth emergency rule mandating injections, but it only took Florida’s Department of Health two days to draft its new emergency rule and a succinct set of new exemption forms. It’s probably more accurate to call them “opt out” forms.

On Friday, the DOH published its new emergency rule, 64DER21-17. Here’s the link to it, you can quickly read the whole thing: https://tinyurl.com/upbhmhb. Unlike the adipocerous OSHA rule, Florida’s fits on one page. It describes six types of opt-outs, references their related forms, and even allows that employees can use “substantially similar” forms of their own devise if they want. The forms are all one page long, and don’t ask for ANY confidential information.

Here are the six opt-outs to Covid-19 employer injection policies that are described in emergency rule 64DER21-17:

(1) Medical opt-out, using the form. It requires a signature from a medical professional.

(2) Pregnancy opt-out, if you are pregnant or want to become pregnant and are of child-bearing years. That’s it. Fill out the one-page form. It requires a signature from a medical professional.

(3) Religious opt-out. This includes moral and ethical concerns. Just fill out the form. Both the rule and the form clearly say that “An employer shall not inquire into the veracity of the employee’s religious beliefs.” Privacy!

(4) Prior Infection exemption. Fill out the form and attach EITHER: (i) a positive antibody test; OR (ii) a positive PCR test from when you had Covid. Haha! Cue up the “experts” gibbering about how unreliable the PCR tests are.

(5) Periodic testing option. The employee can fill out a form to choose, if she wants, to be tested — no more often than weekly (or when symptomatic) — at the employer’s cost.

(6) PPE option. The employee may fill out a form to choose, if he wants, to wear employer-provided PPE. That’s it. No tests. No exemptions. Just PPE.

There’s no time limits. As I read the rule, the exemptions can be raised at any time. They don’t preclude each other. So, for example, if the employer makes its PPE rule too onerous, an employee who chose the PPE option can then select one of the other options.

Because there’s a PPE option, by exclusion an employee who chooses one of the other opt-outs should not be required to wear PPE as a result of opting out of the injection policy.

🔥 Conservative activists were fretful that the forms would be super-invasive and would be used to collect citizens’ private religious and medical information into a state database. Let’s take a look at a couple of the forms and you’ll see how those worries were misplaced.


We’ll look at the medical exemption form first.

The medical exemption form has to be signed by a doctor. It has a box to check if the reason is pregnancy or anticipated pregnancy. Other than that, it only asks for name, date, employer’s name, birthdate, and phone number.

In the next box, it asks for a medical provider to confirm the request by signing. Here’s the entire statement that the medical provider is asked to confirm. You ready? It is:

“It is my professional opinion as a physician or physician assistant who holds a valid, active license under chapter 458 or chapter 459, Florida Statutes, or an advanced practice registered nurse who holds a valid, active license under chapter 464, Florida Statutes, that COVID-19 vaccination is not in the best medical interest of the employee.”

That’s the whole thing! No requirement to “disclose” private medical information. Just sign and go. At the bottom of the form, in bold, oversized type, the form says:

“NOTE: Pursuant to section 381.00317(2), Florida Statutes, this completed exemption statement requires the employer to allow the employee to opt-out of the employer’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate.”


The religious opt-out is even simpler. It just asks for name, birthdate, employer, etc, then says:

“Pursuant to section 381.00317, Florida Statutes: I hereby declare that I decline the COVID-19 vaccination because of a sincerely held religious belief, which may include a sincerely held moral or ethical belief.”

That’s it. You don’t even have to say what your religion is. You don’t even have to say whether it’s a religious objection versus a moral or ethical objection. Contrast this to all the maniacal multi-page forms from employers asking about every thought you’ve ever had about God since you were a fetus.

And look at what it says at the bottom, in a large, boldfaced font:

“NOTE: An employer shall not inquire into the veracity of the employee’s religious beliefs. Pursuant to section 381.00317(2), Florida Statutes, this completed exemption statement requires the employer to allow the employee to opt-out of the employer’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate.”

By the way, that is COMPLETELY consistent with Title VII law.

The other three forms are even simpler and easier.

This is a spectacular win for individual liberty, bodily autonomy, and privacy, and is also completely consistent with the Florida Constitution’s full-on protection of personal privacy interests. It should never have been more complicated than this.

A final word to the activist leaders. If you were in the group opposing the Special Session due to worries about data collection, don’t be a leftist! Tell your followers you were overly-concerned about that, and the legislature did a great job under a lot of time pressure and under harrowing political circumstances. Give credit where it’s due. Don’t be a Pelosi.

🚀 *WHAT NEXT?* 🚀

Now that forced masking and jabbing are under better control, my law office will be focusing on cases of discrimination and cases where healthcare providers are being pressured by various agencies because they’ve been successfully treating Covid patients.

If you are encountering workplace discrimination (in Florida, for now), and would like our help, email the details and your contact information to discrimination@smartbizlaw.com

If you are a healthcare provider, and have received one of the requests from Blue Cross to audit your ivermectin files, or an inquiry from any licensing board, email the details and your contact information to hcws@smartbizlaw.com.

Even if you already emailed us about getting a notice from Blue Cross or some other agency, forward that email to the new email address.


💉 The AP published a story with an unintentionally-hilarious headline this weekend: “Virus surge worsens in Midwest as states expand boosters.” They just can’t see it, can they?

The article’s gist is that it’s not just “cases” that are surging in the midwest. Hospitals are now REALLY getting overwhelmed there, not just fake media overwhelmed. The AP story reports that the DoD is already sending two military teams to help two Michigan hospitals. It does not say that the hospitals are full of Covid patients. It says the military relief teams are to “relieve hospital staffs overwhelmed by Covid-19 patients.” You see how they did that? The AP didn’t say the hospitals are full of Covid patients. The AP said the STAFFS had been overwhelmed by (previous) Covid patients. Very tricky journalisming!

Or it could be the hospitals are overworked and understaffed because of jab mandates. Just saying.

Guess whose fault the new surge is? MICHIGANERS, of course. “We are indoors and we’re frankly becoming a little bit too relaxed. We’re no longer wearing our masks,” Detroit health officer Denise Fair Razo said. “We’re no longer washing our hands as frequently as we should. But we know these precautions.”

Stupid Michiganers! See what you get?

The governor of Minnesota has the solution. Read this sentence, exactly as the AP printed it:

“I need Minnesotans to recognize, as we’ve been saying, this is a dangerous time,” Gov. Tim Walz said in pushing vaccinations.

Hahahaha! They don’t see that one either! Hilarious!

The article mentions how Vermont Governor Phil Scott is calling a special session next week — but to pass a law GIVING local governments the power to adopt mask mandates. Sorry Vermonters! Florida just passed a law in special session taking that power AWAY from local governments.

The AP gets around to Governor DeSantis and it is interesting how they framed him. First, they acknowledged he just “signed a law that prevents businesses from ordering workers to be vaccinated unless they also allow them to opt out for a variety of reasons, including regular testing. Schools and local governments are barred from making vaccination mandates, and parents can sue schools over masks.”

Then read the immediate next sentence in the article: “Florida lately has one of the lowest rates of new cases in the country.”

They actually admitted the truth! And they put it right alongside describing Florida’s new laws so readers can draw their own conclusions. And they did it without quoting some community college professor somewhere saying how reckless our new laws are.

I think there must be an anti-lockdown mole in the AP’s editorial department somewhere.

💉 I don’t usually say this about studies, especially ones like this one that are not formal studies per se, but this study could be a game-changer. An abstract published a couple weeks ago in the AHA’s journal Circulation is headlined, “Abstract 10712: Mrna COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning.”

The research group reported using a test to measure blood protein biomarkers for signals of imminent cardiac arrest. The test, called “PULS,” has been used by these researchers with their patients for over eight years. It measures the amount of inflammatory agents in the blood. A high level predicts heart attacks. Here’s their conclusion:

“We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.”

Do you think this might have something to do with all the healthy young sports players suddenly collapsing on field after field after field? It gets worse:

“At the time of this report, these changes persist for at least 2.5 months post second dose of vac.”

In other words, the elevated risk for heart attack was found to be DURABLE and LONG LASTING. Safe and effective!

The reason I think this could be a game-changer is that the PULS test is available to anybody that wants to measure with it. This is the first quantifiable, reproducible scientific corroboration of a mechanism of injury from the injections.

I dunno, I’m not a bioweapons engineering, money-laundering, puppy torturer or anything, but maybe … maybe … spike proteins aren’t completely one hundred percent good for people. Just saying. Don’t cancel me.

🪳 In an interview with ABC This Week yesterday, the Diabolical Doctor Fauci laid out his demonic plan for his next awesome injection phase, in his typical baffling circular locution:

“We would hope, and, and, and, this is something that we are looking at very carefully, that that third shot with the mRNA not only boosts you way up, but increases the durability so that you will not necessarily need it every six months or a year. We’re hoping it pushes it out more. If it doesn’t, and the data show we do need it more often, THEN WE’LL DO IT.”

I was thinking how different it is listening to Fauci compared to listening to the smart doctors who presented in Clearwater at the event I spoke at this weekend. The docs cited facts and figures and studies by name and date. But Fauci just talks in loopy generalities, like we’re all six years old or something. “We’re hoping it boosts you way up?” Way up? What does that even MEAN?

Still, we can infer a few things from his simplistic statement. First, he has NO IDEA how long boosters elevate antibody levels. Second, he’s “hoping.” I hate to break it to the old money-launderer, but “hope” is not a strategy. So. Third, they plan to collect the data DURING the rollout. That’s called “an experiment.”

In a separate interview with CNN, the antique bioweapons engineer made this remarkable admission:

“Absolutely Dana, let’s make it clear. When there’s lack of clarity, people get confused. They don’t know what to do.”

Hahaha! Where could all that lack of clarity and confusion be coming from? Try some self-awareness, dummy. He continued:

“If you are 18 or older, and you’ve been vaccinated — fully vaccinated — with the Modern or the Pfizer mRNA six months ago, get a booster. If it’s J&J, and it’s two months ago or more, get a booster. I don’t think we should get hung up on ‘should’, ‘may’, just go out and get boosted … because we know no vaccine lasts forever[.]

Forever? No vaccine lasts “forever?” Two months is a far cry from forever, you demented puppy torturer. I also love how he thinks we shouldn’t get “hung up” on “should” or “may.” Let’s just jump straight to “must.”

🔥 The Epoch Times reported yesterday that “Protests Erupt Against Lockdowns, Vaccine Mandates Across Europe.” It says that tens of thousands of people protested in Austria against lockdowns of the uninjected and against mandatory jabs starting in February.

The article says five cops were injured in the Netherlands and at least 40 people were arrested across three of the country’s provinces during weekend protests against injection passports. Dutch authorities used water cannons, dogs, and mounted police to try to stop people who set fires and threw fireworks at officers.

Other protests broke out in Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Croatia, France, the UK, and the French territory of Guadeloupe, where protestors set police cars on fire and created road blockades.

It’s going great! Let’s not get hung up on should or may.

💉 A new German study reports a correlation between higher injection rates and higher EXCESS MORTALITY in sixteen studied countries. The researchers said:

“The correlation is + .31, is amazingly high and especially in an unexpected direction. Actually, it should be negative, so that one could say: The higher the vaccination rate, the lower the excess mortality. However, the opposite is the case and this urgently needs to be clarified. Excess mortality can be observed in all 16 countries…”

Oh dear. That’s not too good for business.

Because it might be hard to find, here’s a link to the German study in PDF form (auto-translated into English): https://tinyurl.com/3z9yfp5v

💉 It gets worse. Another study from last month that got no coverage is titled, “Positive association between COVID-19 deaths and influenza vaccination rates in elderly people worldwide.”

The researchers concluded:

“For the 26 European countries considered, the results indicated that COVID-19 deaths-per-million and the COVID-19 case fatality rate were positively and statistically significantly associated with influenza vaccination rate in people over 65 years-old in the 2019 or latest data available.”

The journal editors include a note at the beginning of the article. It correctly states that correlation does not equal causation. In other words, this correlation could be related to any number of factors. Maybe people who get the flu shot are more likely to also get the Covid shot. Maybe people who get the flu shot are more likely to have comorbidities leading to excess mortality.

If only we had a well-funded public health agency in this country dedicated to investigating correlations like this. Wouldn’t that be great? Maybe then we’d find out WHY.

Oh, well. Perhaps the Israelis or the British will do it.


We have a new weekly report on Florida’s Covid figures. The bottom line is that it looks like Florida is bottoming out after the summer wave. That suggests that the numbers will start creeping up again soon. Last year, in 2020, the winter wave began to really get going after Thanksgiving and peaked in January.

So, this would be a GREAT time for a public health campaign in Florida to try to blunt or head off the winter surge. We now have ways of doing it. Let’s do them.

Florida hospitalizations for Covid ticked down a little from 1,469 to 1,384. But cases were slightly up, just a smidge, from 10,746 to 10,828. Here in my county they fell again, from 177 to 144.

Positivity held even at 2.5% for the state, while Alachua County’s dropped from 2.5% to 2.2%.

The R-naught bumped up from 0.48 to 0.59 — still below 1.0, the rate where cases begin to increase instead of falling. It has jumped around in this range before. So it’s basically flat.

Deaths are up +4 for the state, which isn’t statistically significant, so they were also flat.

So here’s my suggestion. Florida should get in front of this and start a public-health campaign for PROPHYLAXIS. All Floridians who haven’t had Covid yet — injected or not — could start supplementing with Vitamin D and maybe even taking a course of horse dewormer over the next couple weeks. Or something. Uttar Pradesh broke its seasonal Covid cycle this way. If Florida can do it, the world will have to notice, and this might all be over.

And it would be WAY less expensive than monoclonal antibody treatments, which are being throttled by the feds anyway.

Just a thought!

Have a marvelous Monday and reflect on how much we all have to be thankful for. See you tomorrow!

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