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Thoughts about an imminent Tipping Point; a reminder of how ethics can flex and bend in the hands of public health experts; Virginia parents protest the DOJ; schizophrenics get boosters...

Good morning C&C family! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did. Today’s big Covid roundup includes: thoughts about an imminent Tipping Point; a reminder of how ethics can flex and bend in the hands of public health experts; Virginia parents protest the DOJ; schizophrenics get boosters; former Space-X engineers announce a disruptive new tech; Fauci keeps piling on J&J; UK pols push for permanent passport bans; tuberculosis deaths explode; and the WHO's new Covid origins committee comes under scrutiny.


Last year I wrote about how a sort of dam was breaking, a dam of mask and lockdown hysteria, finally crumbling under the irrepressible pressure of pent-up waters of returning sanity. And it did finally break apart, leaving a small pool of Covid-hysteria behind the shattered remains of the dam. In Florida, for example, only eight out of 67 counties continue to defy the State’s requirement that school kids can freely opt out of dirty face rags.

Lately I see more and more people absolutely rejecting Covid fear — even though the experts and the media keep pushing fear faster and harder than ever. Last week it was Mini Shrimpfest in Fernandina Beach, where fewer than one in ten were masked up. I can’t wait for Jumbo Shrimpfest.

This weekend, Michelle and I attended a friend’s formal wedding in Atlanta. He’s brilliant and artistic and runs a media company and, no surprise, the wedding was a knockout, an epic visual feast. The couple are both amazing folks and I am overjoyed for them. The wedding was wonderful and gorgeous, but the very best part was how NORMAL it all was. Out of several hundred guests, there were no masks. People were seated side-by-side for the wedding dinner, happy, enjoying each others’ company, not treating each other like disease vectors. Shared plates were passed down the table and scraped clean (the food was terrific).

It was such a great weekend; the best; topped off with a thoughtful gift from my favorite uncle, who is a prince among men, of some of my favorite whiskey (Blanton’s and Buffalo Trace), hand delivered by my favorite sister-in-law. A favorites trifecta.

Here’s the point. The disease factored nowhere in my weekend. It was AWOL, absent, invisible. As someone who carefully studies the pandemic’s burgeoning facts and law every single day, I am getting a clear and present sense that we are nearing a tipping point. A tipping point in most people’s willingness to put up with all this deranged nonsense. It’s long overdue, and we’re not there yet, and we could still get knocked backwards, but it sure feels like we are close — and getting closer, fast, to the peak.

The thing about tipping points is when you reach the peak, it’s too late to stop it. Its unstoppable momentum is coming over, no matter what, and it happens fast. That’s why, despite all this vaccine mandate mania discharging its pustulant goo all over everybody — granted, a real and icky problem — I still feel more optimistic now than maybe at any point during this whole cursed pandemic.

We have to be ready for when it tips over. We’ll need to make a lot of profound changes while we have the benefit of the momentum. I’m not talking about politics. Its not a democrat-republican thing. It’s a freedom thing, a way of life thing, a morality thing. We must do a top-to-bottom, end-to-end de-Nazification of the entire country. I’ll write more about this soon. Hang in there!


Last year, on October 25, 2020, I reported this:

“The CDC updated its guidance to condemn mandatory testing for Covid. ‘It is unethical and illegal to test someone who does not want to be tested, including students whose parents or guardians do not want them to be tested,’ the CDC said. … Even though the CDC’s new guidance only reiterates basic principles of medical ethics, media elites and their pet experts, who favor making everything mandatory, dismissed the CDC’s guidance as ‘anti-scientific’ political interference by the White House.”

Wow! Look how much progress we’ve made! Only twelve months ago it was unethical to mandate TESTS. Now it’s unethical to NOT MANDATE injections. Ethics are awesome, aren’t they? Especially when you put ethics into the hands of public health experts. This is what you get. I honestly don’t think people are going to put up with all this ethical flexibility much longer.


🔥 A group of courageous Virginia domestic terrorists, I mean parents, protested Merrick Garland’s odious memo yesterday. Hilariously, they held it right in front of the Justice Department’s headquarters in Washington, DC. You can find the GoFundMe for money to help get them out of jail here: … just kidding! The event seems to have gone completely unreported by corporate media, for some reason.

🔥 Remember the pandemic of mental illness that I’ve been telling you guys about for a while now, my theory that there’s a real epidemic of paranoia and high-functioning schizophrenia? Keep that in mind, and consider the fact that the CDC just added “depression and schizophrenia spectrum disorders” to the CDC’s list of factors that qualify someone for a booster dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

While we’ve seen “anxiety-related” disorders officially associated with Covid, this is the first time I’m aware of where schizophrenia has made the list. Now it’s a qualifier for booster shots.

A HuffPo article described a letter the American Psychiatric Association sent to the CDC. It referred to “striking” research showing close links between certain mental health disorders and severe Covid outcomes.

Research back in the summer showed that “fear and anxiety-related disorders” caught up with obesity as the number one predictor of Covid mortality among co-morbidities.

Now, a new study shows that schizophrenia is now the second-highest OVERALL risk factor for dying from Covid, second only to old age. The researchers concluded that people suffering from schizophrenia are three times more likely to die from Covid than people without the mental illness.

Experts are just baffled by these links between Covid and mental illness. They have no idea why this is happening. HuffPo reported that the associations are “for reasons researchers do not yet understand.” I think they have the associations backwards. They are looking for reasons why people who have mental illnesses are more susceptible to dying from Covid.

But I think it’s the other way around. I think people who are susceptible to Covid fear propaganda are developing mental illnesses, or their current mental illnesses are getting worse. More and more, it seems like people who are clinging to Covid hysteria, the ones who want to mask and jab everybody, are literally crazy. And it’s a self-fulfilling belief system; it is also literally killing them.

They don’t need boosters. They need treatment.

🧠 Some engineers who used to work for Space-X announced they are developing a safe, standalone portable nuclear reactor that can be flown and installed anywhere. They say each unit can power 1,000 homes for eight years. I noticed the announcement because this kind of disruptive technology could immediately change the flow of world history, for the better. We could really use something like this to help tip us back to sanity, stat.

🪳 The Hill reported that Fauci excreted another assault on reason yesterday, when he told Fox’s Chris Wallace that people who took the J&J shot should boost it, not with another J&J shot, but with one of the mRNA injections. “The mix and match to which you refer shows that when you boost Moderna or Pfizer against the original J&J, you get a much higher antibody level,” Fauci said.

It’s like he’s trying to sell mRNA injections or something. I feel sorry for folks who took the J&J injection to avoid the mRNA technology. Gotcha, suckers!

So far, I haven’t seen any polling about how people feel about getting booster shots. Isn’t that odd? I have a sneaky feeling those numbers aren’t looking too good.

🔥 The UK Sunday Express reported that some politicians are working on laws to permanently ban vaccine passports, regardless of what the “cases” do. About 110,000 Brits signed a petition demanding the legislation. A senior conservative minister of parliament, Sir Desmond Swayne, put it this way, with typical British eloquence: “[Passports are] coercive and discriminatory, the abandonment of liberal values; a frightful precedent to set. I am appalled that a Conservative Government could contemplate such a measure. If we start down this road the future is dark.”

Indeed. Pass it, Britain. Tip us over.

🔥 According to newly-released W.H.O. data, in 2020 worldwide tuberculosis mortality rose to 1.5 million deaths. This is the first time in more than a decade that annual TB deaths have increased. And the report says the situation is getting worse, predicting even higher numbers in 2021 and 2022. The reason? Most health resources have been diverted to the hapless effort to reach “Covid-zero,” reducing efforts to control TB. For example, only 2.8 million people were given preventive treatment for TB in 2020, a 21% drop from 2019. Thanks again, experts! Great work.

🦇 The UK Daily Mail reported yesterday that at least a third of the W.H.O.’s team investigating Covid’s origins have conflicts of interest. Imagine that. Apparently, seven of the 28 researchers have previously published or made statements about the issue that should disqualify them.

This group is the W.H.O.’s SECOND try. The first group it put together to get to the bottom of Covid’s origins was headed up by Peter Daszak, the shady operator of the so-called EcoHealth Alliance organization, which looks to most of us like a dark government money laundering outfit focused on bioweapons engineering. Either way, it didn’t look too good to put him in charge, especially since he was involved in the original coronavirus gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab. So that group collapsed into controversy and was disbanded.

This will probably shock you, but the seven suspect members in the new group have all either published articles or statements echoing Beijing’s party line, or have previously dismissed the lab origin hypothesis as a conspiracy theory.

For example, the new group includes a Dutch scientist named Marion Koopmans. Koopmans runs a virology science department that used to work extensively with EcoHealth Alliance and Peter Daszak. Another member signed an open letter condemning any criticism of the Wuhan lab as racist. Another wrote an article praising China’s excellent biosafety record and calling Wuhan lab origin a “classic conspiracy theory.”

So it sure looks like somebody tried to stack the new commission with Chinese communist sycophants. The difference between the first commission and this one is that people are paying attention now, and they are jumping all over it. We’re tipping back towards sanity.

Have a miraculous Monday, and I’ll return tomorrow for more delicious C&C.

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