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Today’s roundup includes a personal report from the front in the mandate wars, New York teachers get a short reprieve and are headed for a full injunction, The Times reports an unsurprising but ...

Happy Monday, C&C fans. Today’s roundup includes a personal report from the front in the mandate wars, New York teachers get a short reprieve and are headed for a full injunction, The Times reports an unsurprising but still disappointing development from Harvard, Uttar Pradesh has reached Covid Zero, but not in the expected manner, we look at a shocking statistical analysis of all-cause mortality from Great Britain that compares the injected to the un-injected, developments in Florida case counts, Canada reveals Covid plans for … 2024?, and I share one of my favorite tweets.


☎️ Get ready, 5DAY callers! We resume operations today, calling legislators and encouraging them to call for a special session to ensure Floridians have mask and injection CHOICE.


🔥 Our victory last week against the City of Gainesville’s loathsome injection ultimatum has, as we expected, sent shock waves around the state.

In one of my favorite headlines reporting on our lawsuit, Reuters marvelously mentioned one of my most cherished words right in the headline: “Cops, firefighters challenge Gainesville’s ‘odious’ vaccine mandate.” 😂

Read the short article. Reuters unexpectedly played it straight and even explained my arguments without mischaracterization, unlike some others: https://tinyurl.com/u48pjdkb.

Over the last few days, I’ve received countless messages, videos, and comments of thanks from people around the state who don’t necessarily oppose the injections, but are steadfastly against MANDATES. One told me that he’d been fully injected, but is grateful for all the un-injected folks who are holding the lines against overbearing government pressure to comply. These messages of gratitude and hope are the most encouraging thing about this job. Honestly, while we’ve helped lots of folks over the years, nothing I’ve ever done in my career has been anything like THIS. It makes me profoundly grateful to be a lawyer who COULD help at a time like this.

Life’s been kind of surreal since the order came down. Just over the last few days, I’ve been asked to give dozens of interviews with local media and podcasters from around the country, including such far-off states as Wisconsin and California. I have two more interviews to do just today, and more through the week. I’ve also done three interviews with international media, including an Australian documentary producer. But no U.S. national media. Isn’t that weird?

But even more importantly, I’ve been assisting other attorneys fighting the mandates in other places throughout the state, like Rachel Rodriguez, the attorney representing Orange County firefighters. After our hearing with the City of Gainesville last week, Orange County’s mayor took the “termination” option off the table, reducing that county’s mandate’s consequence to a write up in the employee’s file. It will affect future promotions and so forth, so it is still pretty malodorous. The new Orange County injection policy is also coercive, and therefore unconstitutional, but it’s something we can undo later.

If schools and counties really wanted to address the “spread” of the virus, they should focus on improving indoor air quality instead of mandating masks and drugs. I spoke recently to the owner of a fantastic local 80,000-square-foot gym who implemented anti-viral air handling techniques. He says the health club has never had an outbreak. Not one. Even the injections don’t work that well. So. The focus should be on things the local governments and employers CAN control. They need to stop trying to control people and control the work environment instead.

But it’s CHEAPER to boss people around than it is to buy virus-killing equipment for air conditioning systems. That’s the problem.

I — and my clients — are indescribably grateful to all the outpouring of hope and encouragement from around the country.

🔥 Reuters reported Friday that New York City school teachers got a brief reprieve from a federal court so that they can head for a full injunction hearing over the City’s vaccine mandate for school employees. Late Friday, a federal judge gave the teachers and employees a short temporary injunction through this Wednesday, when it will fully hear the teachers’ motion for a normal temporary injunction. Tomorrow would have been the original deadline for the teachers to be fully vaccinated.

The four teacher plaintiffs challenged the vaccine mandate on September 15 in a civil complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, arguing they stand to lose their jobs, benefits and seniority if they refuse to be treated like cattle. “Such an ongoing, draconian punishment shocks the conscience, violates constitutional rights, and not only should not be permitted, but must be restrained immediately to prevent irreparable harm,” they argued in their injunction motion.

🔥 The New York Times reported that Harvard’s organization of chaplains just elected an atheist as its new president. Make sense. He’ll counsel all the Harvard believers using … um … things and stuff. God-denier Greg Epstein says he identifies as a “spiritual atheist,” whatever that is. I can’t wait to hear his opening prayer as he takes office. It’ll be awesome.

🐘 Uttar Pradesh, a gigantic state in India with 241 million residents — about two-thirds of the U.S.’s population — is now seeing Covid cases (only 172 of them) at effectively zero given its population. Covid ZERO! Success! It’s not because of any lack of testing — Uttar Pradesh has a massive testing regime. Oddly, only 5% of its population has been given Covid injections. The Indian state has also been completely open since June. There are nearly no Covid patients in its hospitals.

The only thing I can think of to explain this Covid zero success story is that, despite objections and criticism from the W.H.O., Uttar Pradesh has been quietly pursuing a policy of Ivermectin prophylaxis. You don’t think THAT could have anything to do with it, do you? Never mind, stupid idea.

💉 Our World In Data’s Covid-19 Explorer reports this morning that Israel — with the highest vaccination rate of any major country — is at the TOP of the chart for daily new cases per million residents. It’s not even close. Israel’s rate of new cases, 1,891 per million, is three times the US’s rate of 606. The next highest compared to Israel is Mongolia with 1,119 cases.

In late August, the New York Times reported that in Mongolia’s capital, 97% of the adult population has had at least one injection and 68% are “fully” injected.

So. The Covid injections are working great. Well, that is, if great means “not so great.” The data suggests that Covid appears to be spreading faster in high-injection countries. Much faster.

Had there been ANY highly-injected country that was doing well, we’d be hearing about it in wall-to-wall, 24x7 media coverage. So we can safely assume that such a country does not exist. We’ve seen this before; during the mass mask hysteria of mid-2020, we waited impatiently for the mask success stories to land. They never did. So, where are all the injection success stories? Lost in the mail? Fell into the couch cushions? Were they accidentally left on the car roof when the reporters drove off? Maybe the reporters should try remembering the last place they had them. That works for me sometimes.

🔥 Two UK professors, one a Risk Management specialist and the other a Statistics professor, recently published a paper titled “A comparison of age adjusted all-cause mortality rates in England between vaccinated and unvaccinated.” It’s not good.

When they examined “all cause mortality” for British residents, including ALL people who’ve received a Covid injection, regardless of how many doses or WHEN they got the jabs, they discovered an alarming trend. All-cause mortality appears to be rising among the injected group compared to the un-injected. They state: “It turns out that, even using this age adjusted mortality rate, the death rate is currently higher among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated.”


Analyzing all-cause mortality bypasses the problem of defining what constitutes a “case” or a “Covid-related death.” The authors point out that, if Covid is as dangerous as claimed, and if the injections are as effective as claimed, we SHOULD have seen many more all-cause deaths among the un-injected in each age group. In other words, the count of all-cause deaths should be higher among the un-injected, confirming that the benefits of the Covid injections outweigh the risks.

The professors included some helpful charts.

The first chart shows “that, over time, the weighted mortality rate for the vaccinated has steadily increased and by week 16 (23 April 2021), surpassed that for the unvaccinated.” Oh.

The second chart shows “the pattern for the vaccinated is completely different [from the un-injected]. From week 24 onwards the mortality rates for the vaccinated and unvaccinated appear to be converging as summer begins.”

The third chart shows “the mortality rate, for week 26, up to 2 July, for the unvaccinated is around 25 deaths per 100,000. But there are big differences between the mortality rates for the different categories of vaccinated deaths. For example, for those after 21 days of first dose, the comparable mortality is around 89 deaths per 100,000 people (a number which has drastically increased since January), while for those vaccinated with two doses there were approximately 15 deaths per 100,000 in the same July period.”

So … 25 deaths per 100K for un-injected versus 89 deaths per 100K for folks 21 days after their injections. That seems like a big difference.

The professors identified an alarming trend: “The trends for the different vaccination categories are also concerning. In contrast to the unvaccinated, the mortality rates for the vaccinated have increased from very low initial values, but then have increased, whilst that for the unvaccinated has decreased.”

Seems like those numbers might be headed in the wrong directions. Just saying.

They concluded: “Since 19 March, the double dose vaccination mortality rate has increased week-on-week more or less consistently. The mortality rate for those more than 21 days after first dose increased drastically in the spring (at week 14) and remained high thereafter.”

So. It’s going great. Thanks, experts.

🔥 Cases in Florida are now down -75.3% in just forty-five days, and are well below the national average. With zero change in statewide policy, mandates, or new interventions. So. Weird.

🍁 Canada’s oily prime minister who survived a black-face expose — Justin Trudeau — announced yesterday that, “We’ve reached an agreement with Pfizer … This deal includes options to add 30 million doses in both 2022 and 2023, and an option for 60 million in 2024.” Note how the number of doses DOUBLES in 2024.

2024! That’s over two years away. I wonder what they’re expecting to happen?

😂 Just for fun, this favorite tweet keeps popping up in different places in my feed, so I thought I’d share it for you non-Twitterers. Note, of COURSE this is a parody:

> “My son woke up with a scratchy throat today and I’m really angry about it because not many people are wearing masks and nobody is wearing well-fitting N95s people are so selfish and it went away after breakfast and he’s fine now but do you know what we’ve been through 🧵 (1/236)”

Have a marvelous Monday and I’ll see you back here tomorrow morning!

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