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So. Much. Winning.

We had ANOTHER unbelievably great week this week with LOTS of great news. I’ll update you on how the new Special Session bills are ALREADY turning things around in Florida, but I’ll start with a local win. Then, some more wins, and more wins, and a little hysterically-funny news, and then I’m off to speak at the Make America Free Again (MAFA) event in Clearwater, Florida, where some maniac scheduled an 8am start or something.


🪖 OPERATING MULTIPLIER: I don’t have the numbers yet, but from the comments on Facebook and in Substack, I feel like we crushed it yesterday. I’ve made inquiries and as soon as I get the data I will let you guys know. I think that we may have set a historic one-day record for small-donor contributions to an American political campaign. And THAT will send a message that lawmakers will hear loud and clearly.


🔥 The short, uneventful faux tyranny of the Alachua County School Board ended in a whimper yesterday, as the Eighth Judicial Court entered its final order granting my parent clients’ petition for a writ of mandamus. At the hearing on Wednesday, the school board’s lawyer had PROMISED that the county would be good, this time, you’ll see. But the parents who testified said that they trusted the school board to keep its word about as far as they could throw Tony Fauci’s puppy-torturing lab.

The judge agreed with the parents: “From the School Boards’ repeated practice of modifying an existing policy by motion, and despite its assertion that it will now fully comply with state law, the Court finds there is a reasonable expectation that the Petitioners will be subjected to the same action in the future.”

And there you have it.

That’s as close as you’ll ever get to seeing a Court call another government agency a lying liar. But there it is. So far, the school board has been admonished by the court of appeals, the administrative hearings court, the Board of Education, and the state of Florida passed a new LAW banning mask mandates, and now it has been ORDERED to IMMEDIATELY change its WRITTEN policy by yet another court. Do you think it’s learning any kind of lesson? Is anything penetrating the inoperative parts of the old grey matter? Are the neurons firing yet?

Probably not. Here’s what the school board told the local newspaper: “We feel it is very short sighted. If you take a look at what’s happening in other parts of the country, and in other parts of the world, it’s clear that COVID is not over. Yet essentially what the state has done is tied our hands in the face of a future surge.” Now, does that sound like a properly chagrined School Board that was planning to keep its promise to you? I mean, if they really WERE going to stick with the new policy, how are its hands “tied?” It sounds more like a petulant child insisting it was right.

Well, next time, they’ll be in contempt, because now they’re ORDERED to keep masks optional — INDEFINITELY.

Here’s the statement we gave to local media:

“This order brings to a rest a sad chapter in the history books of the Alachua County school system. It teaches the School Board that it should ask some hard questions of all the people who gave it such terrible advice to pursue its reckless policy, including its superintendent and board attorney.”

“Obviously, my parent clients feel vindicated and relieved that four courts have given ACSB’s legal arguments an ‘F.’ My clients are puzzled why the lesson was so hard for the district to learn. But some students must learn the hard way. The voters can ask why the school board got so many questions wrong in the next election cycle. We look forward to seeing the district stop denying science and refusing to comply with the court’s mandates, in order to avoid a judgment of contempt.”


🔥 Despite the very best efforts of the Corporate Media, federal officials, and a bunch of lawless thugs in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the jury entered its “Not Guilty” verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse’s ridiculous murder prosecution. But even more significantly, the riots and mass destruction that the Corporate Media talking heads promised didn’t show up. Instead, a rally of supportive citizens showed up and celebrated the young man’s acquittal. Drivers-by honked their horns supportively.

The Narrative is rotting to pieces.

🔥 My two largest current cases are against Ascension Hospital, a $6 billion hospital mega-chain, and the Walt Disney Company, the most powerful entertainment behemoth in the world. We sued Ascension, and were preparing to sue Disney over their injection mandates. But, one day after Governor DeSantis signed the new injection-exemption bill into law, both companies began rolling back their suspensions and exemption denials.

Suspended Ascension nurses and doctors received calls and emails from their managers, offering their prompt reinstatement. Dr. Beard, father of 11 children, who had been terminated and spoke at the Governor’s signing ceremony in Brandon, was offered his position at the hospital back. The president of Ascension Florida sent out an email confirming this:

“Yesterday, the Governor of Florida signed into effect Florida law HB 1B … In order to be compliant with federal and state laws, Ascension Florida will be rescinding the suspensions of associates who were suspended pending their compliance with the Ascension Florida vaccine policy. … Impacted associates will receive communication from their manager to coordinate scheduling their return to work.

I had been pretty hard on Ascension in our filings in the court, but I admire that they got right on this and not only that, but by having their managers make personal contact with each of the suspended healthcare workers.

🐭 Meanwhile, my Disney clients reported receiving similar communications from the entertainment giant, although not nearly as graceful:

“The Company’s view of the wisdom of the [vaccine mandate] approach has not changed [but due] to the passage this week of a new Florida law on employer vaccine mandates, and the federal OSHA Temporary Standard mandating the vaccine being stayed, we must pause the enforcement of our policy … Specifically, [a]s we assess the full impact of this new legislation, we are immediately pausing the enforcement of our mandatory vaccination policy for Florida-based Cast Members until further notice.”

I feel like turning cartwheels in the hotel lobby. Think anybody would mind?

🔥 Remember, we also got the transcript this week from our Ascension judge making some very interesting findings about the injections, which are all being reinforced minute-by-minute in the developing news. My tweet about the oral ruling now has 6.8 thousand likes and 3.8 thousand retweets.

🪳 Speaking of the old puppy torturer, you’re not going to believe what Fauci told MSNBC yesterday. Responding to a question about a new expose of the NIH’s bioweapons money-laundering operation, Fauci said “The Intercept reporting is completely misleading, because ‘gain-of-function’ … is a completely meaningless term[.]”

Hahahahahaha! In other words, after trying — and failing — to redefine what “gain of function” means on the NIH’s website a few minutes before he had to testify before Congress, Fauci is now arguing that the term doesn’t even mean ANYTHING. So never mind! I guess all those laws BANNING gain-of-function research were meaningless, too, which explains a lot if you think about it.

He’s not going to lawyer his slimy, rat-faced way out of this one.

🔥 EXPERTS BAFFLED! Yahoo News ran an article yesterday headlined, “Scientists mystified, wary, as Africa avoids COVID disaster.” Now, this is totally coincidental, and I want to be absolutely clear that I am NOT drawing any connections here, I am just saying, but Africa is also the lowest-injected continent on Earth. I’m just saying! Don’t cancel me.

In describing a busy African market where nobody is wearing masks, the reporter interviewed one of the locals. “COVID-19 is gone, when did you last hear of anyone who has died of COVID-19?” the shopper said. This week, the entire country of Zimbabwe recorded just 33 new Covid cases and ZERO deaths. So.

I’m just going to reprint the following paragraph from the Yahoo News story as-is, because it is JUST so delicious:

“But there is something ‘mysterious’ going on in Africa that is puzzling scientists, said Wafaa El-Sadr, chair of global health at Columbia University. “Africa doesn’t have the vaccines and the resources to fight COVID-19 that they have in Europe and the U.S., but somehow they seem to be doing better,” she said.”

Hahahaha! If only we had a well-funded public health research agency that could look into these kinds of mysteries and figure out what’s going on. Then we could just do what Africa’s doing!

Have a super fantastic Saturday and I’ll see you guys on Monday to kick off the week right.

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