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It’s Autumn! Summer 2021 is now in the books. Today we have a quick edition, taking a peek at the developing feud between the CDC and the FDA, and the numbers out of Great Britain that are swamping the CDC’s frantic narrative-manufacturing efforts.


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It should only take about 5-10 minutes total for all five calls. It matters.

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💉 Yesterday, both the Director and the Vice-Director of the FDA’s vaccine review department suddenly resigned. Articles reporting on the resignation mentioned that the office is currently considering whether to approve the experimental-use vaccines for double-experimental-use booster shots, even though there has not been anywhere near enough time to complete normal clinical trials to show safety and efficacy. Old fashioned concepts, to be sure, but I guess some people still think they’re important.

The resignations of Dr. Marion Gruber, director, and Dr. Philip Krause, deputy director of the Office of Vaccines Research and Review at FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research were announced yesterday. The announcement did not mention any reasons why the two senior officials resigned together without any warning.

CNN reported that officials within the FDA were “stunned” by the news that Gruber and Krause were leaving the agency. One official told CNN that it was a “big loss” for the FDA, and added that it caught leadership off guard. Meaning, something unknown happened that made the two top officials resign, together, without notice.

CNN reported that a source said the agency is concerned that the CDC and its advisory committee have “gotten into the FDA’s lane” when it comes to vaccines. CNN reported that the biggest problem is that, by setting a goal for boosters before FDA approval, the White House is getting ahead of where the science is, and “prejudging what the FDA would say.”

When the White House announced a specific date for when booster shots would begin to be required, it “baffled multiple government health officials,” CNN reported.

Jeff Zients, the White House’s Covid-19 Response Coordinator, explained the decision to announce a date before the FDA had green-lighted it, saying “The booster decision … was made by and announced by the nation’s leading public health officials including Dr. Walensky, Dr. Fauci, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, Dr. Janet Woodcock, the FDA Acting Commissioner, Dr. Francis Collins, Dr. Kessler and others.”

Not one of the people Zients listed in his laundry-list currently works for the FDA. Collins is a FORMER director. So. Oh well, who needs the FDA anyways? Jab more! Science!

🔥 The numbers of vaccinated people dying of Covid-19 in England is increasing. Remember, the UK has already completed its Delta-variant wave, so they are ahead of us. They also have a higher proportion of vaccinated people than the U.S..

An opinion published in the BMJ last week tried to explain the increasing mortality numbers. It was headlined, “Significant proportions of people admitted to hospital, or dying from covid-19 in England are vaccinated—this doesn’t mean the vaccines don’t work.” Well, maybe, but it’s not a good advertisement for how WELL they work, either, is it?

“Significant proportions” might be underselling it a bit. That opinion letter said that two-thirds (66%) of folks who died in the UK between February and the beginning of August had at least one shot. More than half (55%) were “fully vaccinated.” More than half.

The BMJ opinion letter argues that, since there are more vaccinated people in general, OF COURSE more deaths from Covid-19 will be from the vaccinated population. It’s just numbers. But if that explanation doesn’t sit quite right with you, there’s a reason. It doesn’t make any sense. What we’ve been told for the last two months — after they finally figured out the vaxx doesn’t stop you getting sick from Covid — is that at least it prevents serious illness and death. And then vaxxed hospitalizations started climbing in Israel and UK, and they had to walk back the “serious illness” claim.

Now try to follow me here. IF THE SAFE AND EFFECTIVE VACCINES PREVENTED DEATH, THERE SHOULD BE MINISCULE NUMBERS OF COVID PATIENTS DYING FROM THE DISEASE. Not more than half. As the British would say, that’s barking mad, mate.

Do the vaccines prevent death from Covid or not?

Here’s one of my rare predictions. I feel pretty good about it. I predict the fresh new narrative out of the CDC will be “at least the vaccines REDUCE the risk of dying from Covid.” To which I would ask, by how much? And how can you confidently say THAT, with post-vaxx deaths INCREASING in Britain and Israel?

Could these kinds of figures be why the British cancelled their newly-announced plans for wide-scale booster shots?

So, precisely what makes the CDC think that MORE jabs will bring these numbers down? Hmm? Take your time. We’ll wait.

It seems to me that the CDC’s chimeric, patchwork narrative is being overtaken by the fierce rush of worldwide events. Stay tuned for the next episode!

Thanks for reading. We’ll be back with a full edition tomorrow.


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