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Today’s roundup includes: CDC Director Walensky shares some troubling data for vaxx people. A new study suggests the vaccines might not work at all against newer Covid variants...

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great Labor Day and didn’t burn the burgers or anything. Today’s roundup includes: CDC Director Walensky shares some troubling data for vaxx people. A new study suggests the vaccines might not work at all against newer Covid variants. A leaked CDC presentation concludes that vaxx people have the same viral loads as the non-vaxx, and could be spreading the virus more easily. LiveScience reports that viral mutation may be accelerating due to the vaccines. The NFL’s Covid protocols collapse in the face of breakthrough cases. The largest American association of doctors writes a scathing letter to the AMA over its ivermectin policy. And, more good news for Florida hospitalizations and the end of the state’s summer wave.


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🔥 That commission meeting about medical freedom in Polk County begins at 9am if you’re interested in following it and have time. If someone finds a link to a video stream, please post it in the comments.

💉 At the August 18 press conference where CDC Director Rochelle Walensky finally discussed the data coming out of Israel, she suggested that people who were vaccinated in January and February are now at increased risk of severe disease: “The data we will publish today and next week demonstrate the vaccine effectiveness against SARS Covid 2 infection is waning … reports from our international colleagues including in Israel suggest increased risk of severe disease amongst those vaccinated early.”

Oh. Increased risk of severe disease. INCREASED.

She added, “We are concerned that the current strong protection against severe infection, hospitalization, and death could decrease in the months ahead.”

Meaning, the risk of severe of severe infection, hospitalization, and death will CONTINUE to increase for vaccinated persons.

Am I missing something? We went from safe and effective vaccines that keep people from being infected as the solution to the pandemic to an “increased risk of severe disease amongst those vaccinated early” so fast that I’m losing track of time. Which CDC should we believe? And don’t start with me about all that “science evolves with the data” nonsense. If science is unsure about something, it should say so. And when it turns out to have been wrong, it should admit it. Like what any sane human being trying to be honest would do.

Anyway, on August 18, Walensky said the CDC was preparing to roll out booster shots to save the vaccinated people. “Our plan is to protect the American people and stay ahead of this virus … please get vaccinated.” But last Friday the New York Times reported that the booster-shot launch was being delayed. So, what exactly is the plan now? Hmm?

🔬 An August 23, 2021 preprint study on BioRxIV, titled “*The SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant is poised to acquire complete resistance to wild-type spike vaccines,*” concludes that booster shots probably will not be effective at immunizing people from the developing Covid-19 variants. The researchers reported that “Our data suggest that repeated immunization with the wild-type spike may not be effective in controlling the newly emerging Delta variants.”

The researchers think new mRNA vaccines should be developed, using the Delta-type spike proteins instead of the original type. This illustrates what we’ve been saying for a while now: the mRNA vaccines are too specific. Because they generate the original spike protein and not the entire virus, the leaky vaccines are enhancing viral mutation. Every vaccinated person is like a little laboratory where the virus can safely experiment with mutation to try to find a way to escape the very specific antibodies to the original spike protein.

Here’s another way of thinking about this. The human immune system sees the mRNA-induced spike proteins as a foreign substance in the body, rather than as a virus. Because they’re NOT a virus. This is a significant limitation of the mRNA technique over traditional vaccines that are based on dead or inactive virus material. This study suggests that the mRNA vaccines could be chasing the virus forever, requiring new types of boosters on an all too-frequent basis.

Worse, in 2015, a groundbreaking study published in PLOS Biology, that was widely reported on at the time, concluded that leaky vaccines can STRENGTHEN viruses. The study is captioned, “*Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens*.” In one story from 2015 reporting on the researchers’ conclusions, AFP reported that the co-author said, “Our research demonstrates that the use of leaky vaccines can promote the evolution of nastier ‘hot’ viral strains that put unvaccinated individuals at greater risk.”

So what I’m wondering is, if we keep chasing the virus’s variants with leaky vaccines, is there a chance we may be manufacturing a deadlier strain? Remember, under normal conditions — absent leaky vaccines — viruses usually get weaker as they evolve and move through the population. We sure don’t need to be helping Covid get nastier and evolve into hot viral strains that put unvaccinated people at greater risk. That’s not good for business.

💉 An internal CDC document from July concluded that “the war has changed,” and that “breakthrough infections may be as transmissible as unvaccinated cases.” The bottom line was, vaccinated people who get infected carry the same viral load as non-vaxx infected people. The CDC’s analysis was focused on an outbreak in Provincetown, Massachusetts, which cannot be described due to woke censorship, but where seventy-four percent (74%) of infections were in fully-vaccinated people. In other words, a pandemic of the vaccinated.

The problem is that vaccinated people also appear more likely to be asymptomatic, which means they don’t know they’re infectious. As they continue moving around the world, they are spreading the disease, where non-vaxx are much more likely to be symptomatic when infectious. Symptomatic people usually get tested and stay home, so they don’t spread the virus nearly as much. So.

🔬 An article published in LiveScience last month is headlined, “*Vaccine-resistant coronavirus mutants are more likely when transmission is high, new model finds*.” It reports on a July 30 study, and says, “vaccine-resistant coronavirus mutants are more likely to emerge when a large fraction of the population is vaccinated and viral transmission is high.”

You mean high viral transmission like the Delta variant? And, you mean high-vaccination rate areas like Israel? You don’t say. And, by vaccine-resistant, you mean the vaccines won’t work against them? I think that’s what they meant.

The researchers’ vaccine mutation model concluded that “vaccine-resistant mutants are most likely to emerge when about 60% of the population is vaccinated; at that point, a large proportion of the population is protected against the original virus, so infections from that virus strain begin to wane and vaccine-resistant mutants gain a competitive edge.”

About 60%, huh? The U.S. is almost to that point. Israel is way past it.

On the same date, McClatchy reported that Fauci said he feared that Covid cases may double soon. I wonder what he knows. Or maybe he’s just running his mouth again. It’s hard to say.

Here’s what I see. The northern states have yet to experience their fall wave, so cases ARE likely to increase. But Delta’s high infection rates are also creating a lot more natural immunity to Covid at the same time. So the additional infections have a positive benefit, which is that the natural immunities people are developing will ACTUALLY help end the pandemic. So, there’s a pretty shiny silver lining in there. As long as we don’t kill ourselves by using leaky vaccines to create a ‘hot’ strain before we get to herd immunity, that is.

🏈 Last week, Yahoo Sports published an article headlined, “*Facing COVID-19 clusters in vaccinated NFL players, league’s relaxed testing protocols are failing*.” Uh-oh! In order to “encourage” players to get vaccinated, the league set up a two-tiered set of double standards. Vaxx players got the relaxed Covid rules. They only had to get tested every two weeks, for example. Non-vaxx players had to get tested EVERY DAY. And other kinds of irritating double-standards that you can easily imagine.

Yahoo Sports admits that the double standards playbook was developed because “there was a thought that the lighter testing schedule would become an incentive for players to get vaccinated.” Uh-huh.

Now, because of the outbreaks of cases among vaccinated players, the unions are calling for daily testing to be brought back, for everybody. Vaxxed and unvaxxed. One union official tweeted, “We. Told. Them. So. What’s worse: we know what worked last year.”

Sorry vaxx players! The good news for the league is you fell for the officials’ trick play when you got the vaxx to avoid all those extra tests. The bad news for you is, they lied! They totally faked the snap. Ha ha! Gotcha.

They snatched that relaxed testing schedule out from under you just as you were about to kick it into the end zone. Remember Lucy and Charlie Brown playing football? Yeah, just like that. Sorry Charlie!

🔥 Dr. Jane Orient, the Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (APPS) wrote a scathing letter addressed to the AMA last week about ivermectin. The letter begins:

The AMA has taken the startling and unprecedented position that American physicians should immediately stop prescribing, and pharmacists should stop honoring their prescriptions for ivermectin for COVID-19 patients. The AMA is thus contradicting the professional judgment of a very large number of physicians, who are writing about 88,000 prescriptions per week. It also contradicts the Chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association, Haruo Ozaki, who recommended that all doctors in Japan immediately begin using Ivermectin to treat COVID.

88,000 prescriptions of ivermectin per week for Covid-19 treatment! That seems like a lot. The AMA has called on pharmacists to stop filling ivermectin prescriptions unless they’re not for Covid. For some reason.

Dr. Orient’s letter demands that the AMA explain just “What are the criteria for advocating that pharmacists override the judgment of fully qualified physicians who are responsible for individual patients?”

An excellent question. It gets better. The letter then asks, “What are the criteria for forbidding off-label use of long-approved drugs, which constitute at least 20 percent of all prescriptions?”

I like that one too. The third and final question the AAPS asked the AMA was, “On what basis does AMA demand use only within a clinical trial for ivermectin, but calls for virtually universal vaccination outside of controlled trials, despite FDA warnings of potential cardiac damage in healthy young patients, and no information about long-term effects?”

Also a great question. Why is off-label use of FDA-approved ivermectin bad when the EUA use of vaccines is good? That IS kind of a head-scratcher, when you think about it.

The letter concludes with this sharp statement: “We believe that these questions get to the heart of issues of physician and patient autonomy, as well as scientific principles such as the need for a control group in experiments. We look forward to your response.”

I think what Dr. Orient means by “the need for a control group in experiments” is keeping unvaccinated folks healthy using drugs like ivermectin so that we’ll have a control group for the VACCINES.

Good luck, doctor! I look forward to the AMA’s response too, but I’m not holding my breath or anything.


Florida’s data analyst reported that, through the holiday weekend, Covid hospitalizations have fallen by 3,000 patients in two weeks. New admissions on a seven-day average have dropped to a 37-day low, with a stunning 30% decrease in the last two weeks.

Meanwhile, it seems odd that Florida’s Covid-19 emergency room visits during the summer wave peaked at twice the January maximum. I find that odd because vaccination rates were around 10% in January but close to 50% at the beginning of the summer. Didn’t the experts tell us it would be the exact opposite by this point? Why didn’t widespread vaccination reduce ER visits? Or at least keep them even? Higher ER visits seems like the reverse opposite of what we were shooting for. Just saying.

Well, as I pointed out before, the good news is that natural immunity is increasing fast in Florida. Which seems like, at this point, the only way out of the pandemic. So that’s good. And, we’re clearly out of the summer wave in Florida, which is another bit of great news with which to kick off the short week.

Have a terrific Tuesday and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.

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