Ben Franklin said: "Like fish, company begins to smell after three days." I don't want to be the fish, so I'm checking out for awhile. Let me leave you with this:

The MOST important/critical issue we are facing today:

URGENT: Support HR419, No Taxpayer Funding for the WHO.

Say no to the WHO global health grab.


In 2005, America agreed to the WHO International Health Regulations (IHR) only to the extent it would not affect state sovereignty.

The new proposed amendments to the existing International Health Regulations, along with a pending pandemic treaty being drafted right now, would vastly expand the authority and resources of the WHO.

The amendments and the treaty would threaten state sovereignty by triggering an expansion of legal power of the CDC to detain and examine Americans based solely on the statements of unelected WHO leaders.

The WHO and its members are immune to liability per international agreement, so the American Constitution will not protect Americans when it comes to the actions of the World Health Organization —no transparency, no accountability.

Basically, the WHO is on track to become a global health governance body, which would undermine the health and security of Americans and the U.S. itself.

International agreements are made by the president, but Congress must provide oversight and step in when the President goes too far.

It is not too late to stop the U.S. from signing on to a global health government: America must stop funneling U.S. tax dollars to the World Health Organization now! Click to ask your U.S. House Representative to Support HR419, which would defund the WHO and call your local U.S. Senator asking them to do their job to offer oversight so that the current administration does not destroy our U.S. constitution when it comes to public health. Our Congress needs to keep Biden in check with international relations!

Don’t forget to call your congressional legislators as well, we must amplify the message, so that they take action quickly. Are you reading this at night or on the weekend? You can still call and leave a message.


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In efforts to reach the early crowd today, please see my latest post: https://leemuller.substack.com/p/the-proposed-cures-20-act-2021-2022

The proposed Cures 2.0 Act (2021-2022) broken down by billions of federal taxpayer dollars. With 85 Democrat and 13 Republican U.S. Representatives from 37 states co-sponsoring this bill, this huge funnel of public-sought money requires scrutinizing

*** Of special concern is a claim for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) exemption under Title V. SEC. 501. ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY FOR HEALTH. (ARPA-H)

FOIA was the only way it seemed we were able to access the Pfizer documents. Do not let any FOIA exemption come to fruition!

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"I've tested positive for COVID. I'm experiencing mild symptoms and am following the experts' advice by isolating until I'm healthy again." - Bill Gates

1. No one gives a hoot, Billy

2. Only Mama's boys need "experts" to tell them what to do when they have a cold.

3. And only losers advertise it.

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May 11, 2022·edited May 11, 2022Liked by Jeff Childers

I think US sovereignty is already gone, by the transitive power of public health emergency.

WHO declares public health emergency of international concern. Then HHS Secretary declares public health emergency in US. This is what happened Jan. 30 and Jan. 31, 2020.

Theoretically, US-HHS secretary could declare the public health emergency over and restore the primacy of the US constitution. This is how HHS responded to commenters concerned about sovereignty issues, in a Jan. 19, 2017 Federal Register final rule making.


In practice, though, I think the US-HHS is at the center of the global public health apparatus, and coordinating the extension of the emergency indefinitely, because the US has an extremely well-developed domestic public-health-based police state set up in the domestic statutes and regulations.

For example, HHS already has the power, through a combination of Congressional statutes and Presidential executive orders, to order local law enforcement officers and federal military officers to arrest and involuntarily, indefinitely detain American citizens on the sole basis of HHS claiming the citizens are asymptomatic carriers of SARS.

In other words, HHS is the American branch of the WHO, and already has a higher allegiance to the WHO Constitution than the US Constitution, even before the US-proposed (Jan. 18, 2022) amendments to the 2005 International Health Regulations get passed and/or WHO members adopt a new “pandemic treaty” to supplement the sovereignty-stripping provisions of the existing 2005 IHR (which are, if I understand correctly, two separate proposals currently on the WHO table.

Trump seemed to understand this, evidenced by his attempt to withdraw the US from WHO back in 2020 and withdrawal of US funding, but Biden reversed Trump’s decisions and reinstated funding as one of his first executive acts after inauguration in January 2021.

I’ve done two long-reports on these issues so far, and write smaller updates as I find additional evidence of the treason committed by Congress, US presidents and US-HHS secretaries to void the US constitution and subject US citizens — on paper at least — to WHO control.

The first one is an overview of relevant international agreements, US presidential executive orders, US statutes, US judicial decisions and US agency regulations.


The second one is focused on American domestic statutes and regulations,


The more I’ve learned, the more I think the most fruitful legal strategy will be for a group of US attorneys, backed by a grassroots citizen movement, to prosecute members of Congress, presidents and HHS secretaries for treason based on the actions they’ve already taken — amply supported in the public record — to subordinate the US Constitution and the US government to the WHO, endangering the God-given lives and freedoms of Americans.

I think other legal challenges have been preemptively blocked.

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Wouldn’t surprise me if the next crisis is an alien invasion (types this half-kiddingly)...or a staged one 😳

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May 11, 2022Liked by Jeff Childers

The whole UFO scenario is being stoked now so that when Jesus returns for His Bride, the government will have an excuse to explain the disappearance of millions of people. They’ll no doubt also say something like, “Mother Earth purged herself of the climate change deniers.”

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and I do not care what gets signed WHO will not have control over my God given sovereignty

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Not only does Jeff write a great column every day (my favorite morning read), his comment section is always informative. I learn so much here every day.

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May 11, 2022Liked by Jeff Childers

Aliens will be their answer for why hopefully millions of people disappear in the rapture, they will explain that aliens came and took them all away.

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May 11, 2022Liked by Jeff Childers

Loved loved the opening line Remdesivir and the vent for Gates!

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May 11, 2022Liked by Jeff Childers

There is a pressing issue and I am hoping Mr. Childers that you will create awareness. Stand in opposition to any modification to the International Health Regulations during the May 22-28 WHA meeting in Geneva Switzerland. This is Biden giving away our Sovereignty and our Health Freedom! STAND IN OPPOSITION!

Also sending this link. https://www.americaoutloud.com/biden-handing-over-u-s-sovereignty-to-who/

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May 11, 2022Liked by Jeff Childers

Vivek is a young leader in WEF and if Gates has a mild case why is he getting care from a doctor? No one I know that got a mild case got medical care!

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“Anybody have a theory about why this is suddenly such a priority”

Soon there’s going to be no bread, so they’re going to need all the circuses they can conjure up.

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May 11, 2022Liked by Jeff Childers

“We’re in power,” Biden said when asked whether he deserved the blame for high prices. “We control all three branches of government.” Really? Executive, legislative, and judicial. Hmm. He's spilled the beans again.

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May 11, 2022Liked by Jeff Childers

Jeff. Maybe Biden is a UFO and can be taken away.

Today I got up and took the dog to the Pet Spa. I live in trump central for south florida. In front of tropical park there was a black electronic billboard. Stating the following:

“Trump won F**k Biden no one can stop what’s to come”

Then the light changed and I don’t know if the message is longer. I hope what to come is positive and not something like WW3 and inflation etc bc of Biden. I have family members confirming what I saw bc I had not had my coffee yet.

This isn’t unusual for my neighborhood there is a house not far from the tropical park on main avenue has a sign on their fence says “Trump won”.

Gosh one can only hope this is a sign of something good to come. Who would pay for a such a thing?

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That investor group will run circles around the communist businesses. Welcome parallel society! :)

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