I spy with my little eye Aaron Rodgers moving to Florida and investing in several In-N-Out Burger joints. Don't sing it.....BRING it!

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Like a good neighbor, In-N-Out Burger is there. 🤣

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Hi - this never reached my inbox (gmail) this morning. Anyone else have an issue?

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Great info, but this is unacceptable!!

“ The CDC hasn’t updated its “Rates of Covid-19 Cases by Vaccination Status” chart since September 4, 2021. ”

Thanks for pointing out that factoid. So sad that this organization has become a political tool. Totally lost me with “birthing persons”.

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Regarding State Farm - it's a good sign that they're sticking with their guy, but the question remains - does State Farm force vaccines on its employees?!?!?

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The part about the removal of DNA repair mechanisms was discovered in mid 2020 by the Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Institute. I confronted a doctor troll over it and I can find those e-mails, but I can't find my original source note. Rats.

What I want to know about is the flourescent Luciferase vs the black lights that are going up all over the place "in error." Who's driving the bus on that? If this is a way to distinguish the injected from the uninjected - the scenarios it could produce are beyond chilling.

Here's what I've got so far on the ingredients reverse engineering and patent analysis has identified:

1) Graphene Oxide - the toughest, most electrically conductive nano compound known. Lethal to humans. Blamed for causing injectees to have their skin sluff off.

2) Luciferase - A phosphorescent substance that was patented from the chemical structure found in lightening bugs.

3) Hydra Vulgaris, et al. - an immortal, self-assembling fresh water parasite found in every all of the brands. (These are stained with purple and green - and some injections have that hue).

4) Pegylated Lipids - A lipid sheath that delivers the Graphene Oxide and genetic payload. (Karen Kingston's early videos on Stew Peters describe this from the patents).

5) Ethylene glycol is anti-freeze - highly lethal to humans. Pfizer's shot is 22% ethylene glycol.

6) Nano-Micro Balls - A cutting edge nano technology. These are black circular balls or donut shapes that expand under the heat of microscope lamps and deliver a payload that forms a black crystalline lattice.

7) E2K Nano CPUs / Model Elbrus - The data produced by the injected is captured and uploaded to the government (?) via wi-fi. This particular model was used in Russia in their "sputnik" genetic alteration injections. The data sets from the patients were for sale on the dark web (like what happened in India with it's nationwide and severely flawed biometric program that went on sale 3 months later for 500 ruppees or $20). (Source: Dave Wolfe on Bitchute posted a video clip by the Russian computer person; I can't find it now).

8) Morgellons' filaments - a broad array of filaments that self-replicate and appear throughout the body after injection.

9) SM-102 - A chloroform encased lethal substance whose MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) describes extreme danger should humans come into contact with it in any way.

10) Artificial mRNA or DNA payloads - Thus far: human fetal kidney DNA, three strains of HIV, chimpanzee DNA, parts of a coronavirus from an artificial source called GenBank, and more I can't remember right now. All of it cobbled together with something the Irish virologist sub-contractors call "the Chinese Code" for which they are most grateful and could not have succeeded without... (Go to Dr. Sam Bailey's website: www virusmania com for details and great video training on how the mRNA & DNA portion was created).

11) Metallic shards - microscopic and knife shaped.

Sources: Dr. Carrie Madej, Karen Kingston, Dr. Andrew Kaufmann, Dr. Clifford Carnicom, Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Thomas Cowan, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr, Sam Bailey, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Peter McCullough, and many more.

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I'm def more inclined to take what you are saying regarding the legislation as true as you are in touch, but TBT is painting the "bills are being watered down" scenario.


"they still allow private employers to require that their employees be vaccinated."

"But the bills are significantly watered down from what he initially proposed, reflecting the quiet pushback he’s received from the state’s largest employers. Last month, he said he wanted businesses to be held liable for any medical harm arising from a mandatory vaccination. He also wanted to open up employers to COVID-related lawsuits if they required employees be vaccinated. Neither of those ideas are in bills released Monday."

So, hopefully regular session will fill in the cracks, but this special session doesn't look like it comes close to "nailing it" if this TBT article is on point

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I have a ProtonMail email I didn’t get the CC email on proton either. I have t gotten RRT either. 13 is burning a hole In my hand. I gave 12 bucks to DeSantis this week just because. 😂

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I have a cox.net address and I haven't gotten the C and C email the last couple of days.

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"Meantime, hilariously, the leftwing underminers are at it again, using their favorite propaganda technique: pretending to be querulous conservatives dissatisfied with WHATEVER republicans are doing now."

That sounds like a swipe on about half the comments yesterday that weren't 100% euphoric rah rah. Pretty sure all of them had to donate to comment. I donated $501 to help your effort, and for the roundup - which I didn't receive today even though I have protonmail - in addition to donating to DeSantis and other Florida conservatives - and I don't even live in Florida. That sound like a leftwing underminer? If so, feel free to refund it.

Instead of insulting your donors with ad hominem accusations, how about lobbying DeSantis and the legislature to ban discriminatory testing in the special session? Because - science and natural rights. Is there some reason that can't be done?

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Love your articles Jeff! So glad a fellow attorney friend forwarded your email to me! The ONLY time I ever eat a burger is at In-n-Out and I live in MN so I'm lucky if that's once a year!! Love them even more for being diligent about our times and standing up against tyranny and the pre anti-Christ serum. We applaud every.single.one.of.you who are not afraid to use your platform to speak out in truth. In the end, God ALWAYS WINS!!! Thank you and God bless!

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Blog Post on Covid & Coffee (First Posted on 11/12/21):

Also – On the “Covid Link List” that some of you are getting:))… it would not exist if it weren’t for

Mr. Saive. Keeping up with him has NOT been easy:)))))))))). His distribution list is the one to be on.

Do NOT watch these links unless you are feeling VERY strong emotionally.  These links are intended for people who are considering the injection for the first time.  Everyone needs to download the "Family Financial Disclosure Form" from www.solari.com, and get familiar with what an adverse reaction can do to a family's finances.  I have read in several places that no organization is paying the medical bills of the injected who have reactions. Not the National Vaccine Injury Fund, not the health insurers, not Medicare/Medicaid, etc.

* * *

Compilation Video of People Having Reactions to the Injection


Video shows major vaccine injuries and deaths


Infant has COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Because Mother was Forced to Take Shot Before Delivery - From someone in the UK


Convid Vaxx Injuries - Serious Neurological Damage


Recent Covid Vaxx Injuries Compilation


Warning: Graphic Content - "vaccines" injury


Pfizer Vaccine Injurie


Insta Clot Shot Collapse


Daughter Of Man Having Arm Amputated From Clots After Vaccine Speaks Out


Pfizer Injury Compilation - Now FDA Approved


Another Collapse Right After #ClotShot Vaccine, They Can't Conceal It Because It Was Being Livestreamed


Pfizer & Moderna Vax Injury


Israel Censors Thousands of Vaccine Injury Reports and Lies about Adverse Events


Round-table discussion at the U.S. Senate building in Washington DC where vaccine injured spoke about their experience and the tens of thousands of others who are being "erased" by politicians and social media


The Journey of Your Child's Vaccine


* * *

Article:  How Long Do I Have to Live? [The answer is provided by one of the architects of this genocide].


* * *

Compiler's Note:

1) Graphene Oxide - Can be flushed from the human body with Glutathione.  One capsule a day at most strengths on sale at your local health food store.  This is NOT an exotic supplement.  It has been around for years.  Kids have a lot of it but older adults have very litte.  The core chemical is found in citrus fruit rinds.

2) Diatomaceous Earth/Food Grade Only - The metallic ingredients in the injections can be flushed with dietary clay (food grade diatmaceous earth).  It is pure silica which is highly reactive to trace metals. It will remove metallic nano bots, the knife shaped metallic shards, the iron-based Morgellons filaments, etc. Everyone needs to be on it due to the geoengineering alone...

3) Oil Pulling - Coconut or Sesame Oil - Pulls chemicals from the head.  We do not know if it will pull the ethylene glycol, SM-102 or any other chemcially structured ingredients in the injections - but it can't hurt.

4) Chaga Tea or Mycoceuticals (Host Defense sells Chaga Tinctures) - Chaga mushrooms help restore DNA.  There is no work on how it will perform specifically on the covid injection's artificial mRNA and DNA - but it can't hurt.

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Jeff, my employer says my request for religious exception will be reviewed to determine if it meets the definition of a sincerely held religious belief, practice or observance, per the guidelines issued by the federal government. Where can I find these guidelines? It seems there a number of laws and other rulings on this subject, but has the government issued guidelines for religious exceptions for federal contractors to follow?

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I'm surprised you don't mention the real reason for Newsom's disappearance: he got his booster shot and reacted badly to it. I sent him a note saying now that he has seen the risk first hand, he should lay off imposing any further shot requirements on others. But since he is such a hypocrite I don't expect a helpful response (though he will probably avoid further jabs himself).

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I have yahoo and also did not get today's update. We must be making them all mad!

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I have ATT wireless to my I-phone email. No C&C today. Not even in junk.

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