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We have a lot to do today. Shands engages with the Covid Challenge. Governor Abbott swats away the FDA’s approval of Comirnity. The WHO shades Covid boosters while the CDC ramps up for a massive booster push. Vaxx efficacy withers again. The Epoch Times claims another genetically engineered super virus has, oddly, been found in early Wuhan patient samples. The UK sees some strange things happening in its all-cause mortality data. And more.


(* “army” as in large numbers of irresistible, attractive, positive people for change. Not an “actual” army. Don’t freak out.)

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✍️ Medium jailed yesterday’s post. It appeared that they objected to the title, which I edited, but it remains unavailable. Too bad, I was enjoying using Medium. Stand by, Medium readers, for further instructions.

💡 After my mom was threatened this weekend, and I posted about it, Shands CEO Ed Jimenez posted a gracious comment of sympathy and offered — if able — to help bring the malodorous jerk to justice when we identify that person. We got to chatting and he agreed to help get us some answers to the “Covid Vaccine Challenge Questions.” Here are the questions again, cleaned up, just as I submitted them:

1) Can the vaccine-induced spike proteins escape the injection site?

A. If so, can they travel to: (i) major organs? (ii) the heart? (iii) the glands? (iv) the ovaries and/or testes?

B. Can they cross the blood-brain barrier?

C. If the answer to any of the above is “yes,” what risks might I encounter as a result?

2) What is “Antibody Dependent Enhancement?” How much risk of encountering ADE do I have in the future after taking the Covid vaccine?

3) What is a “leaky vaccine?” Are the Covid vaccines “leaky?” If so, what risks might I encounter because of the “leakiness?” Does the “leakiness” prevent us from reaching herd immunity with the vaccines?

4) I am a 54 year-old white male, in excellent health, who has recovered from a prior Covid infection. What is my mathematical risk of dying from Covid-19 as a member of the general population?

5) They say the vaccines lower the risk of serious illness and death from Covid. Exactly how much do the vaccines lower that risk, and how did we figure that out?

6) Israel and some other countries are reporting very high rates of patients with serious cases of Covid-19 who were vaccinated months before hospitalization. Is it possible that will happen here in the U.S.?

Ed suggested that we might have some responses from his team by the end of the week, schedules permitting. My plan would be to review the responses, suggest how they might be clarified or streamlined, if necessary, and publish them in full here at the blog. My thoughts will follow. Stay tuned!

💉 After a lawsuit challenged Texas’ existing vaccine-mandate ban this week, arguing that it only applies to “EUA” vaccines, and not to the newly-approved Comirnity vaccine, Governor Abbott of Texas promptly issued a new order renewing and expanding the policy to include approved vaccines yesterday. Checkmate! The new executive order mooted the “EUA” lawsuit. So.

Abbott also announced that he was adding the issue of private vaccine mandates to the agenda for the current special session. The SPECIAL SESSION. You hearing this, Florida legislators??

💉 The incredible shrinking vaccines shrank again yesterday, as the Wall Street Journal reported that the period for booster shots deflated from eight months, announced last week, to six months, disclosed yesterday. We lost two months in one week! The WSJ’s source said the new booster guidance is for all three approved vaccines.

The flu vaccine, which is also a non-sterilizing vaccine like the Covid vaccines, is known to be only effective for about three months. Regulators of the annual flu vaccines fret about jabbing people too early during the flu season, since protection wears off so fast. Here’s the thing: we’ve never beaten the flu using vaccines. Can we beat Covid with the same approach? What do you want to bet that we’ll land on three months of efficacy for the Covid vaccines by the time the rates stop shriveling? Just like flu?

💉 The W.H.O.’s director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus — say THAT three times, fast — officially gave boosters the raspberry yesterday. Ghebreyesus questioned whether boosters were even “effective at all.” It’s a fair question. None of the clinical studies are finished. And, just a few days ago, the agency’s chief scientist announced that the “data today does not indicate that boosters are needed,” adding “data on the benefits and safety… are inconclusive.” Weird. Maybe we should put him in a cage with Fauci and see who comes out.

But on the other hand, why listen to the W.H.O., right? These are the same delicate geniuses who confidently announced in January 2020 there was no human-to-human transmission of Covid, thwarting a critical chance to lock down travel with Wuhan. You may recall the Chinese immediately closed Wuhan to domestic travel, but international travel with Wuhan continued for weeks. Thanks, W.H.O.!

Honestly. It’s really hard to decide which of these expert health agencies is the dumbest. It’s been a very close race to the bottom. Well, leastways these scientists are all well-paid by taxpayers, which keeps them off the welfare rolls. It’s a kind of welfare for mentally-handicapped “experts” who’d probably be unemployable otherwise. It’s nice to see them busy, at least.

🐤 Dr. Robert Malone, MD, who is credited for having developed the mRNA technology used in the most-widely administered vaccines, tweeted this yesterday, referring to CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s announcement of the US booster-shot program that starts September 20:

“I don’t know quite how to respond. Why is she still in this job? A third jab, with attendant risks, and no data to justify it? We are now officially just winging it, folks. It has come down to this.”

He’s not wrong.

❓ The New York City Journal asked the question everybody is wondering about this week: “Will Policy Makers Let the Pandemic End?” Stupid question. Of course not, silly. The Journal notes that the goal posts have moved a few times:

Making vaccines available to every American adult is no longer sufficient; now the crisis cannot end until the entire population has been vaccinated. Instead of focusing efforts on vaccinating the vulnerable, officials obsess on compelling universal obedience, even if that means squandering vaccines on people who already have acquired natural immunity or are at minimal risk of serious illness.

Well, yes. Exactly. They’re starting to figure out the game. The Journal noted:

When researchers from the CDC compared Covid-mitigation techniques at 169 elementary schools in Georgia, they found no statistically significant reduction of infections in schools that required masks for students, enforced social distancing, or installed barriers between desks. Those were important findings because it was the first such large study, but the CDC did not even mention them in the summary of research that it published. Instead, the agency went on recommending masks for all students.

So. Weird.

The article ends with this pointed explanation from our own Governor Ron DeSantis: “Politicians want to force you to cover your face as a way for them to cover their own asses.

Finally, somebody said it.

❓ I have a question. If somebody dies within two weeks of getting the jab, are they counted as “unvaccinated?”

🦇 The Epoch Times reported that scientists found that early samples from the first Wuhan Covid patients included genetically modified Henipah virus. Henipah virus was one of the two types of viruses discovered to have been sent to China by Chinese-born scientists from a Canadian laboratory in late March, 2019. It’s more lethal than Ebola. I wonder how that genetically-modified virus could have got into those very first Covid patients? Maybe they ate a rabid squirrel from the Wuhan Squirrel Market, and the squirrels had been dabbling in gain-of-function research? That’s the only logical answer I can come up with.

It definitely couldn’t be contamination that got into the Covid virus in a lab or something. That wouldn’t make ANY sense. Perfectly preposterous notion. And who cares about that lab thing anyways?

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Starting in July, the UK’s “all-cause” mortality is strangely trending upwards, and at increasingly faster rates. Since the beginning of July, all-cause deaths are up 12% over the 2020 average, and up 9% over the 2015–2019 average. For the latest available week ending August 13, it’s up 16% over 2020. That’s a lot.

The UK Telegraph reported it like this: “Deaths in Britain Above Average for Sixth Week Running.” Experts are guessing that it is a result of delayed care. Maybe. It’s not good, either way.

Fauci couldn’t be reached for comment about Israel or the UK. The important thing is those countries are doing an excellent job of jabbing everybody. That’s what’s important. Never mind the other stuff. Just go get the safe and effective vaccines and stop worrying about what everybody else is doing. Sheesh. You people.

Have a terrific Thursday! I’ll see you again in the morning tomorrow to wrap the week, as always, for your Friday C&C fix.

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