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I got a note recently from We the People of the United States of America. It said, “do something.” And as somebody said yesterday around the coffee station, I can’t remember who — maybe Bob — we can either hang together or we’re all going to hang separately.

If you’re here, it’s because you — like me — feel super over-caffeinated about everything that is going on these days, and you are all done with standing on the sidelines watching regular folks be ground up like over-ripe coffee beans. Let’s roll! By supporting me, you are supporting everyone. As you know, or maybe you’ve been told, I have been totally invested in the mission for 18 months now to help people and bring reason and a little rationality to the world in this greatest battle of all our lifetimes.

I don’t need to tell you that things nowadays seem more dangerous than a two-year-old with a permanent marker. You aren’t blind. Or an “expert.” You can see it for yourself.

Please consider enlisting in the C&C Army at a level as high as you can afford or that your conscience calls for. All our resources will help fund our “battlefield operations” and build out a national strategy. Your recurring donations in particular will help me plan for longer-term goals and objectives. Strategy is critical. We have to stop playing “whack a mole.” As an iconic movie space captain once said, I aim to misbehave. You can, too.

We have already gotten lots of real results in the real world, and not just getting a message out there. We can do a lot more if we work together. In the last eighteen months of daily posts, I have never asked for help from you. But things are obviously getting bigger and more urgent now. We have to think bigger than we have before. I can’t do it without you. Join me.

(* Not a “real” army. Nobody’s sleeping in the woods or anything. Just a figure of speech. Don’t panic!)

Here’s how to get involved…

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