I don't know how to possibly add to this, but I'll try:

Just give us 2 weeks to slow the spread.

2 years later; now on deck, Load of Crap Variant #3

Lockdowns will work

Lockdowns will help

Lockdowns are not the answer

Let’s try it again just to be sure

Toilet Paper is the answer

We need more toilet paper

Where the hell is all the toilet paper!

Wear gloves.

Don’t wear gloves.

Wear a mask.

Don’t wear a mask

Wear a mask

Don’t wear a mask

Wear a mask

Wear 2 masks

Don’t wear 2 masks

Wear a mask

Masks are stupid

Wear a mask inside

Wear a mask outside

Don’t wear a mask outside

Wear 3 masks

Wear a mask while you're standing

Remove your mask if you’re sitting, except while driving.

Cloth masks are useless

All masks are useless

Surgical masks work

Surgical masks are only useful in the operating room

Use a surgical mask

Use hand sanitizer frequently

Using hand sanitizer doesn’t work

It spreads on surfaces

It doesn’t spread on surfaces

Stay 6 ft. apart

Stay 10 ft. apart

Stay 12 ft. apart

Stay 3 ft. apart

We must protect the children

Plexi-glass should do it

Well, that was dumb

Walk single file in retail stores

Also dumb

We will never force people to get vaccinated.

We are mandating that everyone get vaccinated

My body my choice

Your body our choice

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

A doctor a day keeps the apple away

Get vaccinated and things will go back to normal

Get vaccinated wear a mask, stay 6 ft away from each other, limit travel and produce a vaccine card if you want to continue to enjoy your McNuggets

Aaron Rodgers

The vaccine is 97% effective

The vaccine is no longer 97% effective

We’re unsure of how effective the vaccine is

The vaccine will prevent you from getting covid

The vaccine will not prevent you from getting covid

The vaccine will prevent you from spreading covid

The vaccine will not prevent you from spreading covid

The vaccine will reduce the severity of covid

The vaccine may or may not reduce the severity of covid

The vaccine only works if everyone takes it

If everyone takes the vaccine they’ll be no one left to do yard work

The vaccine will do your yard work

The vaccine is completely safe

Vaccine injuries and deaths are within acceptable limits

You won’t need any boosters

You’ll need one more booster

You won’t need a 2nd booster

You will need a 2nd booster

You’ll need a 3rd booster

You’ll need a 4th booster

You’ll need more boosters²

Natural immunity is baloney

We’re still investigating natural immunity

The CDC is baloney

Twitter is baloney

Facebook is baloney

MSM is baloney

Brandon is baloney²

There’s a lot of baloney out there

Stop eating baloney

Ivermectin is dangerous

Ivermectin is for horses

Saddle up, Ivermectin saves lives

Ivermectin must be put out to pasture

Boosters will prevent you from getting sick

Boosters won’t prevent you from getting sick

The vaccinated do not need to be tested regularly

The vaccinated have the same risk as the unvaccinated

The vaccinated are doing the right thing

Aaron Rodgers

Regular testing is the answer

Regular testing is not the answer

The testing works

The testing is not always accurate

False positives are low

False positives are higher than expected

False positives are off the freaking charts

Quarantine for 14 days

Quarantine for 12 days

Quarantine for 7 days

Quarantine for 5 days (NFL in jeopardy)

Quarantine for 16 minutes

Our patients needs come first

We will fire every doctor and nurse who does not comply

I love beagles

It wasn’t me, it was the sand fleas

Follow the science

“I am the science.” (Uh, oh)

Bill Gates is good

Bill Gates is bad

Bill Gates is bad

Bill Gates should have watched Bob Ross

Bob Ross would say that Bill Gates is a “crappy little accident”

Omicron is like a cold

Omicron is deadly

The unvaccinated are making everyone sick

The unvaccinated are going to die this winter

The vaccinated are going to die this summer

We’re all going to die

Only some of us are going to die

We have no idea who’s going to die

Common Sense is dead

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Dec 31, 2021Liked by Jeff Childers

The YIR segment was absolutely FANTASTIC!! What a recap! THANK YOU!!! Now, with PCR test almost behind, DeBlasio pretty much gone, let's see if 2022 is indeed a new, good year, or turns into #2020TOO. Meanwhile, in my Florida household of 2, after 2 years of living life, my wife finally tested positive 2 weeks ago and both of us were able to get the monoclonal treatment before they ran out. After 2 weeks of doing nothing different at home, no mask/sleeping together still, and occasionally drinking out of the same cup/glass, I also tested positive for whatever it is the PCR test says I have when if concludes I'm SARS2-COVID19 positive. What a fun ride indeed. Just to be sure I dont pass this "cold" to anyone, which is all it's been for us (although she did get a fever and loss of taste/smell and I didnt - possibly due to the array of vitamins I do take - C, D3, Zinc, Magnesium, Selenenium, Applepectin and anything Dr Ardis and the like recommended), we decided to celebrate the new year at home. A tradition we've heard about and never followed is to pack a suitcase and go around the house with it, as a symbol of new adventures and travels to come. Let's see how it turns out. We missed visiting her family in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2 years ago and friends in Malaga Spain last year, because of the world's stupidity. Let's see whether 2020 can be fixed in 2022 in the US, and whether it results in a different 2024 outcome than what we ended up with in 2020. Just the same, I do pray for Newyorkers and those in PA, MA, WA, etc., to have learned a thing or two, and elect better representatives, before they begin calling them "leaders". God bless America and bless every single reader of your blog, every patriot and level-headed person regardless of religion, creed, gender, or whatever the left wants to impute upon us. Above all, Thank you, Mr. Childers for all the work you do and, although I'm looking forward to speaking with you soon in Jan, 2022 about my employer and what to consider for next steps, I bid you thanks and blessings from the most high, and our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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In Jan, on hearing the description of the vax I wondered, "How long will that lipid-enveloped mRNA last?" Couldn't find a definitive answer, just vague assurances.

A couple weeks later I awoke to the question, "what if the spike causes the disease!" & figured if I, retired med lab tech, thought of that question, surely some researcher somewhere also did. I mentally put myself at the end of the vax list, happily granting my position to anyone & everyone who wanted to go ahead.

Then in early May, I learned that some researcher at Salk *had* thought of that same question & had found the answer I kind of expected!

Still at the end of the list, determined to be the last person on earth to get jabbed...& they'll have to kill me to do it!

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Thank you Jeff for going where most others in your position fear to tread. You are the Ted Nugent of “Attorneys with Cojones”, The Grand Poobah of the Lodge; destined for the Mt. Rushmore of something, something. (wink, wink) Seriously….thank you.

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Dec 31, 2021·edited Dec 31, 2021Liked by Jeff Childers

‘Then cruise lines sued Florida and got an injunction of the passport ban, thereby getting compliant with the CDC. They kept requiring jab passports to cruise, until yesterday, when the CDC recommended that NOBODY take cruises because so many vaxxed cruise passengers are catching Covid.’

When you lie down with a dog you wake up with fleas (and maybe even sandflies). Beware cruise lines

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It has been a pleasure reading your newsletter all year long. For this Oregonian it gives me hope that one day we will live in freedom like the Floridians. The Oregon State and Local governments have locked down, masked up and ruined the lives of citizens and continue on in their tyranny. Please remember there are many of us in liberal states that are still held as slaves by liberal lunatics. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We have a long way to go to get to where you are now!

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Dec 31, 2021·edited Dec 31, 2021Liked by Jeff Childers

Happy New Year! Glad you drove. Sounds very nice.

I'm staying home, driving, flying myself around, boycotting airlines that don't lobby for liberty!

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I laughed aloud at least five times reading this!!😄 And in Canada, there's not a lot to laugh about, so thank you so much for this wonderful summary of a year which I dub absurdly insane! So glad to hear your opening story of normalcy on your family holiday. How we long for return to normal.

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Mr. Childers Thank You! Your straight forward info with a hint of sarcasm has help me stay sane. I start 2022 hopeful our country will move in the right direction. Will be a new start for me, as my company (they even granted religious exemption) now decided to terminate me. May God Bless us all!

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Dec 31, 2021Liked by Jeff Childers

Happy New Year. Thanks for all these C & C's

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Great year-end recap! I’d forgotten about many of these milestones. My family of four purebloods had a Covid outbreak that started just before Christmas so we’ll be spending a quiet evening in. Happy to report that we all had/have only mild symptoms, and grateful that we were prepared with all of the FLCCC early treatment protocol supplies, including horse paste. Happy New Year to all and best wishes that the jab narrative continues to collapse into 2022!

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Dec 31, 2021Liked by Jeff Childers

Lol and I’m in Biloxi. No real signs of pandemic here…

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Dec 31, 2021Liked by Jeff Childers

Happy New Year! 🎉🥳

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Dec 31, 2021Liked by Jeff Childers

Happy New Year, Jeff!

Three states away would be Louisiana? You live in Florida. Why go to a beachy resort town in another state???

I've been up in PA for several months (family obligations). I can't wait to get back to my beachy place in Florida.

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Dec 31, 2021Liked by Jeff Childers

Thank you for all you do. Heal quickly!

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Thank you for sharing a snapshot of normalcy, it’s far from that here in Seattle. I wish there was a way for kids/teen impacted by this to hang out in person or online without that looming question ‘are you vaccinated?!’ Our kids have lost friends and extracurriculars over this, so any attempt at ending the isolation would be a true gift this new year

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