Jeff, I know your speech today will be informative and inspiring! I know we all wish we could be there!

And now here are some good words from God via King David who hadn’t even met Joe Biden:

I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord

In the land of the living.

Wait for the Lord;

Be strong and let your heart take courage;

Yes, wait for the Lord.

— Psalm 27:13-14

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"I sympathize with their plight, I really do. But America needs folks in the federal agencies to DO SOMETHING. Speak up if you can. Whistleblow. Leak when you can, legally. Find a way to help. Don’t just complain about it. Don’t just wait out your retirement and punch your ticket."

Jeff, you are so right about this (as well as many other things). These people need to speak up. By sitting by and watching things unfold, things have really escalated. Covid shots for 6 month olds have been authorized. People have been mandated (and the military and healthcare workers are still under mandates) to get these shots. Some areas (NYC, for example) are planning to mandate covid shots for all school kids and daycare kids to attend this fall.

Silence has allowed this to snowball. Maybe these federal agency workers are not getting the Vax and not letting their kids get it. Maybe they are telling close friends and family members not to get it. Maybe they have fake vax cards, etc. But if they continue to sit by, things will also continue to progress. Eventually this crap could be given to us all by force. AND their fake cards, etc will no longer protect them because "the powers that be" will know (by a scan or somehow) if a person has really gotten the covid shots. They must speak up!!

Many of these federal agency workers are probably horrified by the atrocities of the Holocaust. They may wonder how that could have happened. Well, it happened because people like them saw things that were wrong and didn't speak up.

Too many sit by and wait for someone else to do something. They wait for a hero to swoop in and save the day. You don't need super powers to stop wrongdoing.

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Feds 4 Medical Freedom sent out an email yesterday thanking Jeff and the Coffee & Covid Army for raising $86,116.59 in one day! They also provided a link to Coffee & Covid so I expect Jeff will gain more followers to this substack. Thanks to all and it's never too late to donate if you missed this Operation Multiplier. Donation link provided in their email: https://secure.givelively.org/donate/charitable-allies-inc/feds-for-medical-freedom

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By the way, Novavax used aborted fetal cells in testing phase. https://libertyjournal.substack.com/p/novavax-used-aborted-fetal-cells

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But America needs folks in the federal agencies to DO SOMETHING. Speak up if you can. Whistleblow. Leak when you can, legally. Find a way to help. Don’t just complain about it. Don’t just wait out your retirement and punch your ticket.

If you take action to help, you’ll like yourself more, and things will work out fine, one way or the other. Just think about it.


A coward dies a thousand times. Will you sleep soundly with your government pension knowing you could have prevented pain and suffering?

Where are the FDA drug reviewers like Frances Oldham Kelsey, who kept Thalidomide due to safety issues off the American market and saved babies from being deformed and handicapped? Kelsey was the second woman to receive the President's Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service, awarded to her by John F. Kennedy in 1962.


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Ivana went into cardiac arrest. They found her at the bottom of her stairs and don't know if that contributed to her death. But for sure she went into cardiac arrest. So it's interesting to me that Epsteined is trending on Twitter, but clot shot is not. And you're not thinking about the cardiac problems related to the injections either Jeff? Sincere question.

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Some good news from behind the Blue Curtain in the Liberal World Order Capitol...

NYC Teacher fired for refusing to get jabbed gets reinstated WITH BACK PAY by NY judge...


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I am a new arrival to Coffee & Covid. Love it! I share it to my FB feed.

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Putin nailed it……”The ruling classes of the Western countries, which are supranational and globalist in nature, ……..a model of totalitarian liberalism”.

We aren’t supposed to be nodding our heads in agreement with his statements, are we? And yet I am. So sadly.

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Jeff, thank you for leading with the military story. I am working with many deserving service members who are hoping for the injunction to be granted. We are talking about some of our most experienced Air/Space Force members, most who have been to combat for our country. They deserve our support!

With that, please keep in mind that this potential injunction and the one in place against the Navy only protect those with religious accommodation requests (RAR) submitted and USMC/Army members remain unprotected from this un-Constitutional medical tyranny. While the RAR is a vital right of our service members to serve while protecting their faith, we have tens of thousands more who did not feel they had a religious basis for accommodation and are being summarily removed from service as we speak (er, type, or something). Many of them with a decade or more of service. It’s a tragedy and a true national security crisis when our nation can little afford it.

Please, everyone, keep them in your thoughts and prayers and, Jeff, if you find one of these groups still fighting in court who are worthy of a multiplier that would be another truly noble and needed cause!

Thank you for your daily words, Jeff!

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If you are an FDA or CDC employee keeping your head down and your mouth shut to keep your job, shame on you. Here you are whining and complaining yet continuing to collect a bribe as a paycheck when so many of the rest of us have become unemployed because of the corruption you support. You are the only people who can stop the 'liberal totalitarianism' by whistle blowing and leaking what is truly happening which only you have access to and yet you are worried about retirement. Guess what, if we continue in this direction you won't be able to retire anyway, so man up.

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Since today's C&C quotes a Russian, I will quote another...Anton Chekhov..."laughter through tears"...that's my reaction to all the "Good Times" Sir Jeffrey so eloquently characterized. Great read. "Good Times" carries the same irony as "Epsteined". I have been calling the CDC the Center for Disease Continuation and Perpetuation. I think we could all come up with new monikers for the FDA, given that first initial. But I cannot imagine the inner turmoil the true scientists are enduring with all their tacit approval of lies, lies, lies. I agree with Sir Jeffrey. Do NOT comply. Speak up and reclaim your self respect and love for your compatriots and fellow human beings! When you obey the Word of God there is NO TELLING HOW YOU WILL BE BLESSED!!!! My prayers will target growing God's courage in these individuals. I know Jeff Childers will inspire his audience today, as he daily inspires this army of Freedom Lovers!! God bless and THANK YOU!!!

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i have zero sympathy for any employee of any government agency. they have participated in mass murder and the destruction of life on the grandest skill the world has ever seen.

however, i will have empathy for them if they speak out and suffer the consequences as I and many others have done.

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"... that means NOBODY believes Epstein killed himself. Nobody."

Well, nobody that is except Bill Barr, who also saw no election shenanigans.

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totalitarian liberalism... of the "Liberal World Order"...Putin hit the nail on the head!

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Inspire those attending the MomsforLiberty. It will be great. Thank you as always and a big fist bump.

For those on here living in Michigan, SUM is releasing a video interview of all five GOP candidates running for Governor. August 2 is the primary. I urge every Conservative out there to watch and decide for yourself who you want to vote for in the primary. I know who I am voting for. 4 of the 5 candidates would all be good choices and they share more things in common then not, but you need to be informed. The only way we beat Whitmer in November is to unite behind whoever wins. The media has given almost no time to the GOP candidates so everyone should take the time to listen to the interviews and then vote.

I thank God, for Jeff rounding up the available news because social media does nothing except fear monger and the msm really just wash, rinse, and repeat. It is astonishing to me that I didn’t see it earlier, but the same politicians appear 7 years down the road complaining about the same things.

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