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Actually a transition to manure and compost is a great idea, though it will take time and a shift back to smaller farms. The less we're dependent on policy and corporations for our food, the better.

Do these folks understand that for manure you need animals? not sure how this fits into the "cattle are the root of all climate evil" narrative.

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Does anyone know if the vaccine court established under the 1986 act would be considered an administrative court? If that court is declared unconstitutional, even in just 3 states, then we would have vaccine injury plaintiffs in the jury court system and everything would blow open. It would take a few years, like Monsanto, but essentially the entire vaccine program would be ended.

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There will never be a fertilizer shortage as long as Biden is in charge

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Europe will fight Russia with every last dollar they can extract from the American Taxpayer.

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As a farm wife I can tell you that when natural fertilizer is used the city people that have moved to the country freak out because it stinks or a little bit has spilled on the road and then the cops are called and then the state Department of Environmental Quality gets involved! People are idiots! They think food comes from the grocery store!

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It’s so interesting that the Experts would model a tabletop exercise after a new form of a disease never before known to spread between humans. Or at least not enough between humans to matter. I mean, why bother taking the time to model based on a disease that’s not even a concern in the first place? It just doesn’t make sense.

I’m sure they haven’t done any gene editing or tinkering with this one though, not like they did with the ol’ common cold one. Nobody would EVER do a thing like that.

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Re the monkey issue...the satirical artwork has begun...title of the work is "Apesh*t" and features someone whose last name begins with the letter F....we'll see if the artist moves on to the letter G.


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Well, I can tell you that the only way we can get enough BS is from DC! I can't even get manure for my small farm in Nebraska. Any farm or feedlot that has it wants a lot for it or just will not release it. I believe we just read about another country trying that last week, and they have massive crop failure. With the cost of green energy, and processing human "sludge" with compost a cob salad will cost about $100. The transportation even for a short distance is immense. I do think this may be a perfect opportunity for the entire country to "retro". Get away from big business. Regenerate small communities with butcher shops, locally grown everything instead of shipping it from coast to coast and importing. But to do that people will have to get their hands dirty and "quit texting" every 10 seconds. HA! Small business would flourish and take back control of their own future rather than DC and huge corportations.

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Interesting about the Administrative courts. They should all be abolished. If we don’t give the bureaucracy a haircut, we’ll lose our country.

And you could smell that green manure a continent away.

As for the baby formula, we need to stop thinking that the people who approve of abortion after birth give a crap about babies. They don’t care if they starve. The support for abortion tells us everything we need to know about the progressive position on sanctity of life. We better not get calloused to this issue.

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4O billion to protect the Ukranian border and ensure their politicians get paid.

zilch added to protect US borders.

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Do McConnell and those other Senators do THEIR laundry in Ukraine TOO?? 😳

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Sweden, where I live, is for better or worse already an EU member. It is not part of the Eurozone, however.

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So congress was so scared they hunkered in the basement on J6 but can visit Ukraine while bombs bursting in air with no fear or protective clothing? Was this really taking place at Universal Studios?

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"Russia can offer 25 million tonnes of grain for export via the port of Novorossiysk starting from August 1 and until the end of this year, Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya said, speaking at UN Security Council meeting on conflicts and food security Thursday.

According to Nebenzya, Russia "continues to remain a responsible supplier of food and energy."

"This year, we expect a record high wheat harvest. In this regard, we can offer 25 million tonnes of grain for export from the port of Novorossiysk starting on August 1 and until the end of this year," the envoy said.

"We can also discuss other procurements, including considering that, between June and December, potential export of fertilizers will stand at least 22 million tonnes. But, if you have no intention to withdraw your sanctions, imposed on your own initiative, then why do you accuse us? Why the poorest nations and regions have to suffer because of your irresponsible geopolitical games?" the diplomat underscored, addressing the representatives of Western states.

According to Nebenzya, in the current circumstances, attempts to "groundlessly shift responsibility" for deteriorating food situation in the world on Russia "are not just absurd, they are sacrilegious."."



RUSSIAsteria: Best Putin Invades the Ukraine Memes (And News the Western MSM Won't Tell You)

Freudian slips by neocons, truth bombs away, the latest news the western MSM won't tell you about the war and more Putin invades the Ukraine memes!


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Totally irrelevant to this excellent info, and to shamelessly nudge you to my Substack, did anyone know about the game between the Libs and the Conservatives?


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We farm 11,000 acres of dry-land winter wheat in Oregon. We use as much biosolids (human manure) as we can get (from Portland). The issue is that the "product" has to meet standards (heavy metals, no medical waste, etc.) and has to be spread carefully or you can "burn" the crop. Not too much, not too little. In today's environment, the 2000 acres we are using it on this year (that's all we can get... we may not be able to buy enough dry fertilizer for the other 3500 acres) saves us $120,000 or more.

I asked my husband (the real farmer) what our yields would be without fertilizer. "About 20 bushels of wheat per the acre, versus the 80 bushels we get now." I was shocked. It's easy to presume and proselytize if you aren't directly involved and don't have facts... it take 50-70 pounds per acre, and fertilizer is now $1 a pound, up from 23 cents two years ago...


(And to the naysayers who think biosolids are gross, they are. They smell. But Swedish farmers have been using it forever. And that's on lettuce and produce that is much "closer" to the poop than our wheat that grows on stalks... )

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