☕️ Coffee & Covid ☙ Friday, November 19, 2021 ☙ BOOSTERS ALL THE WAY DOWN 🦠

DeSantis signs a blockbuster Covid law; $5M bucks if Newsom can prove he wasn't vax-injured; the UK's spike in cardiac deaths; Fla. sues Biden over the CMS Mandate; & the Narrative dies, suddenly.

Good morning, C&C family. It’s Friday! Our blockbuster roundup includes: a report from Governor DeSantis’ signing ceremony in Brandon; someone puts up the cash daring Gavin Newsom to prove he DIDN’T get injured by his booster; UK’s excess deaths are bursting with cardiac events; Florida sues Biden over the CMS Mandate; the Narrative is completely destroyed now and Fauci and his sycophants desperately try to knit together a new narrative; it’s a pandemic of the un-boosted now; boosters become part of the fully-injected regimen; Biden buys five million dollars of Pfizer’s new inelegantly-named Covid drug; and fully-injected Michigan colleges start playing Whack-A-Mole with the flu.


🔥 LET’S GO TO BRANDON. Brandon Honda, where Governor DeSantis signed the new Special Session bills into law, is a shiny, modern dealership with a full coffee bar in the showroom. It was also standing room only yesterday, as folks involved in getting the bills passed gathered to watch the Governor sign them into law yesterday in Brandon, Florida. I would like to shake the hand of whoever in the Governor’s office came up with the idea to hold the historic signing in that delightful unincorporated community.

The new laws do five main things: (1) ban mask mandates in all government-run places, including schools, (2) strip forcible vaccination from the Surgeon General’s powers, (3) ban vaccine mandates in schools and by government employers, (4) gives the Attorney General $5 million dollars to deal with injection mandates and litigation; and (5) provides extremely broad exemptions for private employer injection mandates.

The Governor made some stirring comments to the crowd, the media, and the cameras. He pointed out that the new laws were the most freedom-oriented on these issues in all fifty states. I think that’s right.

Some hostile media attended and when the Governor took questions they tried to skewer him with conservative talking points. When asked if he violated principles of small government and home rule when he overrode local governments and schools, he said, “Yeah these local jurisdictions wanted to lock people down, impose mask mandates, close schools; yeah, you’re damn right I put my foot down on that.” You should watch it. Great stuff.

When pressed to explain a principled conservative basis for using state government against counties and school boards, DeSantis said, “It’s the United STATES of America. Not the United School Boards or County Commissioners of America. The states are the primary vehicles to protect peoples’ freedoms, their health, their safety, their welfare, and our Constitutional system.”

I’m still gathering my thoughts about what all this means and how the new laws will work in practice, but one thing was clear to me about the meeting yesterday. The Governor was full-throated in defense of individual rights over collectivism. And the Speaker of the House was there. And the President of the Senate was there. And the Attorney General was there. And the Surgeon General was there. They all agreed with Governor DeSantis.

In other words, a completely-unified state government came together and got on the same page about not just upholding the IDEA of individual rights but PUSHING BACK against overreaching federal intrusion into our historic liberties. How many other states have this kind of a unified pro-freedom government? Maybe Texas and South Dakota.

This could only have happened under strong leadership and it felt like they were making history.

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🔥 QUESTIONS ABOUT THE NEW LAWS IN FLORIDA. I’ve already started getting swamped with questions about the new laws. I’ll let them accumulate for a few days, and then early next week I’ll write up a primer for Florida employees about their new rights and how to use them.

🔥 I’ll be speaking at the Florida Coalition For Health Awareness’ event in Clearwater tonight and tomorrow. Unfortunately, it’s completely sold out. I’ll post links to the video when they’re available.


🔥 Well, well, well. Steve Kirsch, executive director of the Vaccine Safety Foundation, has thrown down the cash-stuffed glove. He’s publicly betting FIVE MILLION DOLLARS that Gavin Newsom can’t prove that he wasn’t vaccine injured after getting his booster shot a few weeks ago, right before he mysteriously disappeared from public, missing his swanky climate conference on short notice. He didn’t even Zoom in for ten minutes.

All Gavin Newsom has to do to get the money is sign a short form authorizing his doctors to release any and all information about treatments for a vaccine injury in the period following his booster. That’s it. If he does it, he gets $5 million bucks.

In a Substack article describing the bet, Kirsch points out that (1) Newsom’s kids aren’t injected; (2) his kids were in school during the period he was supposedly spending time with them; (3) the posh climate conference for elites ran for two weeks, and Newsom could have but didn’t attend any of it; (4) he was completely absent from all public events even though lots of important stuff is going on; (5) his wife deleted a tweet that kind of, sort of, covered for him; (6) he was never seen walking in the videos of first public appearances after he came back; (7) a bunch of doctors have looked at before/after videos and noted signs of Bells Palsy; and a few other less-well-corroborated points.

To date, Newsom has ignored the offer for easy cash. So. Your move, governor.

🔥 The UK Telegraph ran an article Tuesday headlined, “Alarm Grows As Mortuaries Fill With Thousands Of Extra Non-Covid Deaths.” It reports that “Nearly 10,000 more people than usual have died in the past four months from non-Covid reasons.” And, “In the most recent week, there were 891 excess deaths at home that did not involve Covid-19 – that’s about 127 a day.” It’s just SO weird, right? What could be causing all those excess deaths? The experts are baffled again.

I’ll give you one guess as to what kind of cause of death features strongly in the data. That’s right. Heart failure.

The ambulances can’t keep up. The article notes that “heart attack sufferers [are] now waiting an average of 53 minutes before help arrives - nearly three times the NHS target.”

The article avoids mentioning the painfully obvious possibility, because mentioning it would get them canceled, and instead speculates about delayed treatment. Uh huh. If that were true, there would be a corresponding dip in deaths before this bulge. There’s not. So it’s a silly idea. But that’s all they’re allowed to go with, isn’t it?

The UK is about a month and a half ahead of us in injections. I wonder what we’ll see here? Or, is the CDC even tracking excess deaths any more?

🔥 Florida filed a new lawsuit yesterday challenging the Biden CMS injection mandate. This is the mandate affecting healthcare workers by threatening hospitals with withholding Medicare reimbursement dollars if they don’t inject all the doctors and nurses who probably already got Covid last year anyway. The new lawsuit was filed in Pensacola division — where my Ascension case is pending — and was assigned to Magistrate Judge Hope T. Cannon, a University of Alabama graduate who was appointed in 2019.

🪳 The cork is completely out of the test tube now, as Fauci continues to talk about “waning” injection effectiveness against — not just infections — but hospitalizations and deaths. An Epoch Times article yesterday was headlined, “Fauci: COVID-19 Hospitalizations Rising Among Vaccinated People.”

You don’t say.

Epoch reported that Fauci told NBC News that “What we’re starting to see now is an uptick in hospitalizations among people who’ve been vaccinated but not boosted.” He claimed that despite the waning effectiveness, the injections can still “protect you, your family, and your community.” Yes, but HOW?

The paper then noted that on Wednesday, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said during a briefing that “Although the highest risk are those people who are unvaccinated, we are seeing an increase in emergency department visits among adults 65 and older, which are now again higher than they are for younger age groups.” Adults 65 and older are the MOST highly injected group.

The injections had ONE JOB. So what are we going to do about this failure of the injections to do their ONLY JOB? Well, inject more, of course. “We’ve got to start right now getting anybody who’s eligible … to get them boosted,” Fauci told NBC. And then he called for people, REGARDLESS OF THEIR VACCINATION STATUS, to wear masks.

Haha, that’s not happening in Florida, since the Legislature just banned mask mandates.

It’s boosters all the way down now, ladies and gentlemen. In an interview with Axios this week, Fauci said “boosters are ultimately going to become a part of the standard regimen and not just a bonus.” Bonus? Who thinks boosters are a “bonus?” What rubbish.

Then yesterday, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont (democrat) said that eligible people who haven’t received a booster within six months are no longer “fully vaccinated.” “If you were vaccinated more than six months ago, now is the time to get that booster,” he said in a press conference. “Get it before Thanksgiving, before Christmas, before all those holidays.” It’s like a present. A bonus present.

In a related story, Epoch also reported that UK Prime Minister Johnson announced at a press briefing yesterday that the British people must get a booster to be “fully vaccinated” — and that the term “fully vaccinated” will be an “evolving term” subject to periodic adjustments. In other words, we’ll let you know when you’re good and fully injected. And then, you might not be, ten minutes later. You never know.

“As we can see from what’s happening, the two jabs sadly do start to wane, so we’ve got to be responsible and we’ve got to reflect that fact in the way we measure what constitutes full vaccination,” Johnson explained sadly.

And then, in a remarkable press conference about rising cases, New Mexico Governor Michelle Grisham (democrat) explained that people who were vaccinated six or more months ago may be the ones responsible for the increasing number of cases in that state.

Think about that.

They’re blaming cases on the INJECTED now. In other words, according to Governor Grisham, it’s not a pandemic of the unvaccinated any more. It’s a pandemic of the unboosted, or unboostered, or booster-deficient, or something.

You see what this means, right? The Narrative just tipped over and slid off the cake tray, splattering into a big gooey mess right next to the Thanksgiving table. It’s inedible now. They’re trying to bake up a new narrative.

But this new narrative isn’t going to work. They number of folks who’ll sign on to boosters every six months for life is extremely low. It’s laughable. Most sane folks took the shots to help out, be part of the solution, and avoid offending their friends and relatives. They weren’t looking for chronic lifelong medication that can possibly make you sick for a week at the best, or maybe give you Bells Palsy or even worse.

I took a look into the article’s comments, and it was just as I expected. The top comment said, “I nearly died with the first two shots, and now you want to finish the job with a booster. When are these folks going to be held accountable for tyranny and treason?”

Yep. It’s all tipped over now. Who’s going to clean up the mess?

💊 Sloppy trial-running Pfizer announced early this morning that the incoherent Biden Administration has agreed to buy FIVE BILLION DOLLARS worth of its new and improved Covid treatment drug Paxlovid. The big spend buys ten million doses of the unproven drug. According to its press release, the FDA “recommended” that Pfizer stop enrollment in the drug trials due to “the overwhelming efficacy demonstrated in these results.” Well, if the FDA says its safe and effective, that’s good enough for me.

Pfizer’s press release says its drug is “the first oral antiviral of its kind,” intended to be used at home to “reduce illness severity, hospitalizations, and deaths, as well as reduce the probability of infection following exposure.” How do they know this? They say it “has demonstrated potent antiviral in vitro activity.” So, “in vitro” is good now. That used to be a way for ivermectin skeptics to write off that drug’s demonstrated efficacy. In vitro isn’t the same as “in vivo,” or something.

Anyway, here’s a link to today’s press release, you link junkies: https://tinyurl.com/4v45sk3a. Get help.

🔥 Finally, ABC News reported yesterday that the CDC is investigating a FLU outbreak at a Michigan university — nearly all in the past two weeks. The outbreak at the fully-injected school includes over 500 influenza cases. According to ABC, several other Michigan schools have also seen flu surges. Twenty-five percent of the infected had gotten their flu shots, too. Safe and effective ones, to be sure.

”This outbreak comes at a time when COVID-19 infections are again surging in Michigan, with case rates, positivity rates, hospitalizations and deaths all increasing,” the state health department said Wednesday. Safe and effective! “State and local public health officials are concerned with the potential for increased strain on health systems if COVID-19 and influenza cases surge at the same time this winter.”

The article doesn’t say anything about recent studies suggesting that the Covid jabs can interfere with the body’s immune response. Probably just a coincidence; ABC doesn’t know about those studies or something. Probably.

Have a fabulous Friday and I’ll see you back here tomorrow. Thanks for helping with Operation Multiplier! You’re going to feel SO GOOD after you pitched in.

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