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C&C celebrates a new milestone; practical suggestions for people in accommodation Hell; Biden backs off the December 8 deadline; Andrew Cuomo faces sex-crime charges; and much more...

Good morning, C&C people! And, Happy Friday. Today’s roundup includes: C&C celebrates a new milestone; practical suggestions for people in accommodation Hell; Biden backs off the December 8 deadline; Andrew Cuomo faces sex-crime charges; the feds try to rescue Florida counties from sanctions for breaking the law; a new study shows infected people pose risks to infected people; UK experiences a pandemic of the vaccinated; another state school board association drops out of the NSBA; the Times questions boosters; and much more.


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A new group I’m often hearing from these days are folks who have received injection “accommodations” for their religious or medical status, and now find themselves in Dante’s Fourth Circle of mitigation Hell. Normally the Fourth Circle is reserved for the Greedy, but now, apparently, it’s also for folks who have a sincere religious objection to the infection injections.

For example, some people are being forced to wear badges disclosing their uninfected status. Others must mask, double-mask, or mask plus face-shield. One group I advised is no longer allowed to eat lunch in the company cafeteria but now may only eat lunch outside. Another group has to use porta-potties outside, since they aren’t allowed to use the company’s indoor facilities.

First of all, the NINTH Circle of Hell is now open wide to all these managers implementing these ridiculous policies. They aren’t going to like it much either. This final, deepest level of hell is a special kind of resort, prepared for traitors, betrayers and oathbreakers. According to Dante, its most famous resident is Judas Iscariot. So.

Eventually we’ll get around to dealing with all these discriminatory policies, don’t worry. But in the meantime, I have some suggestions if you find yourself mired in the Slough of Discrimination.

I tell folks, Own It! If they give you an “uninjected badge” to wear, bling it out! Put flair all over it. Decorate the damnable thing. Put little flowers and puppies and butterflies on it (if a uterus-person) or AK47s and rocket ships and stuff (if a testicular-person). Show them how PROUD you are to wear that badge.

In fact, I suggest people get another button made to put right next to their “badge of uninjection.” The other button might say, “Proud to be Unvaccinated!” Or it might just be a big yellow smiley face. Pin them side-by-side. Show them you are joyful about being uninjected and are delighted to admit it.

Same with the masks. Decorate the you-know-what out of them. Go completely over the top. Match them to your outfit or your shoes. Get ones with pearl borders or camo-styling and stuff.

For the guys forced to eat outside, I said come in on the weekend and build out the best outdoor eating area ever, with awesome lawn chairs and a fire pit and tables with umbrellas. Build a horseshoe range. Run power out there if you can, or keep a portable generator handy. Make it twice as nice as whatever the crappy cafeteria looks like.

For the porta-potty nonsense, I said get creative. Put fancy welcome mats in front of the units. Install hand-soap dispensers filled with swanky salon-quality soaps and other nice products. Put uplifting, encouraging posters all over them. Over the tops of the doors, put signs that say, “Winner’s Entrance!” Put giant potted plants and flowers on either side. Line the entrances with tiki torches.

You get the idea.

And then watch how fast they drop the discriminatory policies once you show you are enjoying all the additional attention and “benefits.”


🔥 Under-reported comments from the Biden Administration late Wednesday suggest that it is backing off its previously-announced “drop-dead” December 8 injection mandate deadline. The White House’s coronavirus response coordinator suggested Wednesday evening that federal contractors actually have significant flexibility in enforcing Biden’s Covid-19 rules. Contractors will NOT be required to immediately lay off their workers, but will have “time for education, counseling and other measures” before potentially ending employment.

“We’re creating flexibility within the system … There is not a cliff here,” coordinator Jeff Zients said, emphasizing the goal is to get people vaccinated, “not to punish them. So we do not expect any disruptions.” They don’t expect any disruptions. Zients added: “These processes play out across weeks not days.” Well, okay then.

My guess is somebody at the White House finally realized that laying off a significant part of the U.S. workforce just before the Christmas holidays is not a good look. Well. SOMEBODY figured it out. Not BIDEN, of course. Obviously.

🔥 The State of New York criminally charged its mass-murdering, inappropriately-touching ex-governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday for groping his executive assistant’s upper pillowy parts. Without permission. In New York, “forcible touching” is a misdemeanor, with a possible sentence of up to one year in jail. It’s also a sex crime, which, presumably, would land Cuomo on the sex offender lists if he’s convicted. Wouldn’t that be terrible?

Just to remind you, the corporate media and the Covid experts swooned over Cuomo for most of the pandemic. Cuomo even wrote a “bestselling” book DURING the pandemic about his awesome accomplishments BEATING the pandemic. They called him the “Luv Guv.” When his lying fake-Covid-surviving brother, CNN’s Chris Cuomo, asked him about the nickname, the former governor said, “I’m the Love Gov. I’m a cool dude in a loose mood, you know that. I just say let it go, just go with the flow baby, you know.”

Well, SOMETHING was flowing, that’s for sure. And whatever it is seems to be still flowing and pooling up in gross puddles.

📚 The federal Department of Education filed an administrative complaint with the State of Florida’s Office of Administrative Law Judges yesterday, asking the ALJ to stop Florida from docking Alachua and Broward counties’ state budgets. The feds cited a rule that says the state can’t take federal grants into consideration when generally allocating school budgets. This seems weak to me, because the state wasn’t allocating a budget. The decision to withhold the money was a sanction to punish the school districts for breaking the law.

There’s no telling what will happen at the ALJ. It has historically been a very tough venue for anyone challenging anything the schools are doing. But any appeal from the ALJ goes to regular courts. So.

🔬 A new study published yesterday in the Lancet concludes that injected people are JUST AS LIKELY to spread the delta variant of the virus to other household members as folks who haven’t had the shots. The scientists found that peak viral load was similar regardless of injection status. The research also showed that immunity from full injection waned in as little as TWO months. Just like all the other studies. There aren’t ANY credible studies supporting Fauci’s bogus claims that injection immunity is “durable and long-lasting.”

The study also admitted that injected people were dangerous to other injected people: “fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, INCLUDING TO FULLY VACCINATED CONTACTS.” So. I guess we’d better segregate all the injected people.

Safe and effective!

💉 The UK’s Week 42 Surveillance Report shows that injected people are now 75% of the hospitalizations for the virus, and, get this, OVER 80% OF THE DEATHS. It’s a pandemic of the vaccinated.

👩‍🏫 The New Hampshire School Board Association just withdrew from the National School Boards Association (NSBA), effective immediately. I guess the apology letter from the NSBA wasn’t good enough, or soon enough. The New Hampshire association wrote this to its members: “NHSBA has decided to withdraw its membership from the National School Boards Association, effective immediately. NSBA’s recent actions have made our continued membership untenable.”

So far, five state associations have withdrawn from the NSBA because of its “domestic terrorism” letter. Not to mention the completely-believable Loudon County bathroom-rape-coverup scandal. Don’t forget THAT.

🔥 The Washington Post reported yesterday that the Vatican “abruptly canceled the planned live broadcast of Joe Biden meeting Pope Francis.” The Post said “the Vatican press office provided no explanation for why the live broadcast of Biden’s visit had been trimmed.” It’s a mystery. As far as we know.

Well. Not THAT much of a mystery. We know why. You don’t have to tell us. It was probably for the best.

🤡 Various medical pundits are pointing out that the study I reported on yesterday about how fluvoxamine could reduce almost ALL Covid deaths actually finished up on August 5 — months ago — but the Lancet only just published the study this week. For some reason.

🔥 Earlier this week, the New York Times published an astounding story headlined, “Are Vaccine Boosters Widely Needed? Some Federal Advisers Have Misgivings.” Uh-oh. Narrative fail. The sub-head said, “‘In our hearts, I think people don’t quite agree with this notion of a booster dose,’ said one leading vaccine expert.”

Well, that’s not good for business.

The Times reported that there was “significant dissent and disquiet among those advisers about the need for booster shots.” SIGNIFICANT dissent. The data supporting extra doses of the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines was “of very low quality,” said Dr. Kathleen Dooling, a C.D.C. scientist and committee member. Advisory Committee Member Dr. Sarah Long said, “These are not evidence-based recommendations.”

Well, that’s obvious. But, if the recommendations aren’t based on evidence, what ARE they based on?

Still, Dr. Long still voted in favor of booster shots, due to her “concerns over how a vote against the boosters would be viewed by anxious Americans” who might think that the injections aren’t safe and effective. She also referred to Biden’s premature announcement of a federal booster policy. “We are in a very difficult position to do much of anything other than what everybody has already announced that we’ve done,” said Dr. Long.

“You can see the hesitancy in all this,” said Dr. Paul Offit, blockbuster committee member. “It’s because in our hearts, I think people don’t quite agree with this notion of a booster dose … The door just got bigger and bigger and bigger, it got wider and wider with each step,” Dr. Offit added. “The companies got what they wanted, the administration got what they wanted.”

Possibly the most interesting quote in the article, to me, was from member Dr. Camille Kotton. Look how she described the REASON people are taking the boosters: “People are using it because they’re so anxious about Covid, and anxious about the state of affairs in the world.”

Because anxiety. Fear. Oh wait! Sorry. Science! Shut up!

🔥 Ireland now has the highest numbers of Covid-19 patients in its hospitals since March, despite having injected over 91% of its adult population – the highest jab rate in the EU. A double record. So safe and effective! Waterford City district in Ireland has the actual top record for injections in all of Europe: 99.7% jabbed. Can you guess what other record it has? Ireland’s highest rate of Covid infections. How about that? Weird, huh?

According to the Irish Times, Dr. Anne Moore, a vaccine specialist, heretically said that cases would keep increasing until we have a “transmission-blocking vaccine.” What?? The current injections aren’t working? That can’t be true. The CDC says they work great. They’re safe and effective.

🍔 California has closed down another In-N-Out Burger restaurant for refusing to make hamburger customers show injection passports. “We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government. It is unreasonable, invasive, and unsafe to force our restaurant associates to segregate customers into those who may be served and those who may not,” In-N-Out said in a media statement.

A Guardian article about the store’s closing warns that the franchise is owned by “conservative Christians.” Those danged Christians. Have a safe and effective burger today, especially if it comes from In-N-Out. The pro-jabbers are just making another Chic-fil-A.

Have a fabulous Friday, and we’ll knit the threads back together tomorrow morning.

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