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Florida crushes Covid; Vanity Fair exposes Fauci as another lying liar; Governor DeSantis is saving Christmas; excess deaths in young people are acting pretty weird; a troubling finding from UK...

Happy Monday! Today’s roundup includes: Florida crushes Covid; Vanity Fair exposes Fauci as another lying liar; Governor DeSantis is saving Christmas; excess deaths in young people are acting pretty weird; the British disclose a troubling finding about natural antibodies after injection; and an undisclosed serious adverse event in the Pfizer clinical trials in kids comes to light.


🔥 Here are Florida’s Covid statistics compared to the ten states with the highest vaccination rates, using their infection rates per 100,000 people:

Most Elderly State (cases/100K):

FL (15)

Most Vaccinated States (cases/100K):

NJ (35)

CT (39)

MA (60)

NY (67)

RI (82)

PA (87)

CA (102)

VT (109)

NH (165)

NM (172)

So. I guess Karen will be calling all these high-vaxx state governors “Governor Death-whatever” soon, right? Okay, I won’t hold my breath.

🪳 A Vanity Fair article published Saturday is headlined, “In Major Shift, NIH Admits Funding Risky Virus Research in Wuhan.” The article gingerly but definitely questions Fauci’s truthfulness to Congress, and even features an unattractive black and white picture of Fauci looking very stressed out.

The article begins with a quote from Fauci to Rand Paul: “I I totally resent the lie you are now propagating.” That sets up the rest of the story. There are two critical documents: a letter from the NIH trying to explain a missing report, and a research status report from the EcoHealth Alliance to the NIH that was absent from previous government public record disclosures to Congress.

According to the NIH, they just got the missing report in August of this year — two years overdue. It was a fifth and final progress report that EcoHealth Alliance had been required to submit at the end of its grant period in 2019. In other words, the NIH just saw it. They never saw it before. So there’s no way they could have known what it said, or something. They just accidentally overlooked the fact that the report was overdue. They don’t track that kind of stuff. It just showed up, unexpectedly, in the mail this August. You know how the postal service can be.

The thing is, the report — which describes the enhancement by EcoHealth to make a coronavirus up to 10,000 times more infectious and make mice sicker — contradicts Fauci’s testimony to Congress, where he called it a “lie” that the NIH had funded ANY gain of function research on coronaviruses. So, the NIH explainer letter from last week is now saying that Fauci WAS telling the truth to Congress, because he’d never actually SEEN the report, since it was so tardy. Not his fault, in other words. He lied, but technically it wasn’t a lie, because you can’t prove he knew. Or something.

Vanity Fair doesn’t seem to be buying it. The article reported, “the NIH letter—coming after months of congressional demands for more information—seemed to underscore that America’s premier science institute has been less than forthcoming about risky research it has funded and failed to properly monitor.”

Less than forthcoming. That’s a nice way of saying they are lying liars.

“It’s just another chapter in a sad tale of inadequate oversight, disregard for risk, and insensitivity to the importance of transparency,” said Stanford microbiologist Dr. David Relman. VERY sad.

Vanity Fair wasn’t done. “The disclosures of the last four months … present an increasingly disturbing picture.” So they asked Fauci about all this. And his spokesperson (he has a spokesperson now) said you can’t call it “gain of function research” because, even though it DID increase transmissibility and DID increase virulence in humans, the original experiments “were not reasonably expected to increase transmissibility or virulence in humans.”

In other words, Fauci’s saying that the genetic modifications EcoHealth Alliance was doing in the Chinese military bioweapons lab in Wuhan weren’t SUPPOSED to be gain of function. Nobody ever could have seen that coming. It was just a happy surprise!

The article then reminds us of the leaked 2018 grant proposal by EcoHealth where they had proposed to partner with the Wuhan bioweapons lab to make SARS-related bat coronaviruses with “human-specific cleavage sites” to “evaluate growth potential” of the pathogens.

According to the government, EcoHealth’s proposal was scotched. Rejected out of hand. Way too dangerous. Uh huh.

Apparently I’m not the only one feeling skeptical. “If I applied for funding to paint Central Park purple and was denied, but then a year later we woke up to find Central Park painted purple, I’d be a prime suspect,” said Jamie Metzl, an official on the W.H.O.’s Covid advisory committee.

Gilles Demaneuf, a data scientist in New Zealand working for a worldwide team researching Covid’s origins (called DRASTIC), told Vanity Fair “I cannot be sure [whether COVID-19 came from] a research-related accident or infection from a sampling trip. But I am 100% sure there was a massive cover-up.”

Me too.

🔥 Something really weird is happening with the excess death statistics in younger people. Euromomo.eu reports that in Europe, 2021 deaths in this age group (15-44 years old) are TWICE AS HIGH as 2020, which itself set records for recent years. In 2019, deaths by week 40 were only around 500. This year, it’s 4,349. And they are still trending up.

According to USMortality.com, 2021 deaths in the U.S. in ages 25-44 have been elevated over prior years for most of the year, but suddenly are now launching upwards like a rocket. US Mortality says the baseline for deaths in this age range is usually around 2,600 in the U.S., but is now around 4,600. It’s basically trending straight up.

These aren’t deaths from COVID. But it’s happening on both sides of the Atlantic. What on earth could it be? Experts are just baffled.

💉 On page 23 of its Week 42 Vaccine Surveillance Report, the UK’s health security agency reported that “N antibody levels appear to be lower in people who acquire infection following two doses of vaccination.”


We already know the vaccines don’t stop infection or transmission of the virus. The UK’s report confirms this, even suggesting that injected adults are now being infected at HIGHER rates than the uninjected.

The report suggests that the injection is somehow interfering with people’s natural ability to make antibodies after infection. Not against the spike protein, but other more important parts of the virus. The reference to “N antibody levels” suggests that injected people aren’t making antibodies to the nucleocapsid protein, the shell of the virus, which is a CRITICAL part of the durable and long-lasting immune response in unvaccinated people.

Safe and effective. Thanks experts!

🔥 12-year-old Maddie de Garay was enrolled in the Pfizer clinical trials for kids by her parents, Stephanie and Patrick. They trusted the science. Unfortunately, their decision has turned into a nightmare. Maddie was healthy, energetic, and full of life. But within 24 hours of her second dose, she felt crippling, scream-inducing pain that landed her in the emergency room, where she described feeling like someone was “ripping [her] heart out though [her] neck.”

Over the next several months the nightmare continued, and Maddie was hospitalized several times, suffering numerous systemic injuries that now require a tube through her nose to carry food and medicine. She is now confined to a wheelchair.

Mrs. de Garay documented every detail of Maddie’s injury and reported it to the lead investigator for the Pfizer trial at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where the trial was held, and where Maddie was treated for her injuries. The hospital first said Maddie was “a mental patient,” telling the family it was psychological and all in Maddie’s imagination. Then they claimed it was totally coincidental, unrelated to the vaccine. When that argument failed, Pfizer finally listed Maddie’s profound adverse event as “functional abdominal pain” in its report to the FDA.

Here’s how Pfizer reported Maddie’s crippling injuries:

> “One participant experienced an SAE reported as generalized neuralgia, and also reported 3 concurrent non-serious AEs (abdominal pain, abscess, gastritis) and 1 concurrent SAE (constipation) within the same week. The participant was eventually diagnosed with functional abdominal pain. The event was reported as ongoing at the time of the cutoff date.”

Functional abdominal pain. Terrific.

Mrs. de Garay tried to raise the alarm. She reported Maddie’s injuries in VAERS, because the hospital didn’t do it. No one followed up. She wrote to Dr. Nath, head of the NIH’s National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, who responded saying he was “Sorry to hear of your daughter’s illness.” Great bedside manner, doc. SO sympathetic. Then Dr. Nath added, “We have certainly heard of a lot of cases of neurological complications from the vaccine and will be glad to share our experience with them.”

A lot of cases of neurological injuries. A lot. THEY have heard of a lot, or at least, Dr. Nath has, but have you? Anyway, Maddie’s mom says she’s never been contacted by ANY AGENCY to find out what happened to her daughter as a result of taking the injection. Nobody called. Not interested.

Now here’s the thing. First of all, there were only about 1,100 kids in the trial. So we know that at least one of them has suffered a devastating life-altering injury. Obviously the de Garays are not anti-vaxxers — they enrolled their three kids in Pfizer’s experimental trials, for Pete’s sake. But even more sinister, if Pfizer and the FDA would bury THIS case, what else have they buried? And why?

According to a recent Johns Hopkins study of about 48,000 children under 18 years old diagnosed with Covid, the mortality rate was ZERO in kids without a pre-existing medical condition such as leukemia. So do the math. Zero deaths out of 48,000 for Covid. One devastating, life-destroying adverse event out of 1,000 for the injection.

But … Safe and effective! Science! Shut up!

Maddie’s lawyers sent a demand letter to the FDA asking among other things that “Every parent offered the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine should be informed of Maddie’s experience prior to giving or withholding consent on behalf of their child.”

Seems like the least they could do. Well, I suppose the “least they could do” is what they’re doing right now: nothing. So let’s just say it’s the “second least thing they could do.”

🚢🎅 Governor DeSantis was on Tucker Friday night calling for more container ships to re-route to Florida to unload their cargoes. Most of the hundreds of mired container ships sitting off the West Coast will be waiting up to five weeks to unload, at slow Biden speeds. But it only takes six days for one of the ships to sail to Florida and unload at, say Jacksonville, where there is plenty of spare capacity, even though the port set a new productivity record in May.

All the ships and suppliers would save tons of money by unloading now in Florida. When ships and containers are bobbing around at anchor, they aren’t working. Which backs up even more future shipments and costs money. Put the ships back to work!

The Governor is saving Christmas.

Have a terrific Monday, and I’ll see you here tomorrow morning for more.

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