Trudeau is such a turd. "We've heard your frustrations with Covid." Jackass....the frustrations are with YOU, maggot. Crawl back under your rock.

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“given the current understanding that the virus is transmitted in fine aerosol particles, it’s likely an infectious dose could easily get through and around loose-fitting cloth or surgical masks.”

Yet: “It’s absolutely appropriate to relax mask mandates as cases drop below a threshold,”

Nothing like a good non sequitur.

Masks don’t work, so as we have fewer cases we can get rid of them? If they don’t work, what’s the relationship to cases?

It’s all been bullshit.

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Thank you Mr. Childers for mentioning our case that is currently in the 5th Circuit "Feds for Medical Freedom v Biden et al" -- We need all the love and support we can get. Please consider giving us a shout out - the hearing on the injunction the district court issued is scheduled for March 8th, 2022. However, the new 5th Circuit Panel can rule anytime on the DoJ's emergency request to stay.

Coffee & Covid Readers - Please consider checking us out and supporting us. 100% non-profit , unpaid volunteer, grass roots organization, and all proceeds from merch and donations goes toward the fight for freedom!


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Feb 12, 2022·edited Feb 12, 2022

Pray for those on the Windsor Bridge. Police are moving in. It's so frustrating that law enforcement did zero during the BLM and Antifa riots but these peaceful truckers are about to go down. So wrong! Shame on those officers. They should stand with them.

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Oh my. Where to start on comments?

Shame on those parents not doing due diligence in regards to truly protecting their children. As I have said before, it will take their children dying before they wake up (and as others have said, if they don't deny it was the shot).

I believe the CDC is just setting up the "boosters every four months" scenario by saying they lose their efficacy after four months.

The hypocrisy of "Fudeau" continues. The Freedom Convoy isn't causing nearly as many infringements on rights and freedoms as his mandates/policies in the last two years!

I heard that the French, in order to prevent a convoy from blocking the city streets has--wait for it--blocked off the roads entering the city! 😂

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You're right! The freaks who have gleefully taken all jabs and boosters will still be masked up. That's funny sh**, I don't care where you're from.

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Those tweets are hysterical. This is what were dealing with folks.....Zero, I mean ZERO capacity for logical thinking. The bridge is out!

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We spent two days (because we have friends visiting) at Sea World and Busch Gardens, and there were no restrictions of any kind. That is why we chose those parks. We went to Sea World back in August and never wore face diapers (or else we would have never gone). We never put a mask on the past two days either and probably at least 80% of the park was having fun with no face diapers on.

Our friends went to Disney for one day, face diapers everywhere! Inside, in line, in restaurants, in bathrooms. 🤮

So not sure if Universal is the first theme park to drop their BS or not. 🤔 Major props to Sea World and Busch Gardens!!

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I pretty much assume that the masked are triple jabbed; unmasked = unjabbed

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"...but that would trigger Karen. And then she’d have to pull her mask down to ask for the manager. No bueno."


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you were too kind by saying "feckless Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau". I think of him more as a skinny jean wearing, extra soy in his latte, beta male.

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A little warning, please. When I read Pfizer said it wants to "facilitate a robust, public discussion" I snorted my tea.

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“How little care this country has for children.” Oh you mean like aborting them?

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Thank you for your well written report. I love the way you write.

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Number four denial. Freedom (let my people go) answer no all stays same. Took 10 demands and plagues before Pharaoh said yes even then he did not mean it.

Why don’t they just call a no confidence vote and remove him?

Until we have power back we can’t impeach or we would.

Other routes, there is a tunnel across to Windsor from Detroit. Cars could use it so cars and pickups and rvs could continue to go into Canada. Not sure on truck heights it has a 12 ft clearance. Or there is another bridge at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan/Ontario. However it is 8 hours away on the Michigan side and farther on the Canadian side.

The Blue Water Bridge Pt. Huron/Sarnia is also bottled up. Trucks are backed up 12+ miles on this side and tractors are blocking on the Canadian side.

“Science” is now “political science” and don’t you dare question the Powers That Be. If they say it, it is so.

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