Fun fact - the scientific name of the bacterium that causes Lyme disease is Borrelia burgdorferi - named after none other than the aforementioned DoD bio weapons developer.

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"There was a halcyon time before 2020 when we could afford to think of the world in terms like “republicans versus democrats versus libertarians versus greens.”"

Totally agree.

It seems like a luxury, now, arguing over things like how progressive the income tax should be or EPA milage requirements.

I'd consider myself lucky if, in 10 years, I paid twice as much in taxes and drove a Fiat, but it was universally agreed upon that the events of the past 2 years were crimes against humanity, the appropriate people were rotting in prison, and firewalls were constructed to prevent anything like this from happening again: no more drug company advertising, no censorship on media platforms, no royalties for CDC/FDA regulators, massively scaled back Federal control over grants, etc, etc, etc, and, if we could all agree boys are boys and girls are girls and groomers should be in jail, not our schools.

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You can tell an awful lot about people by watching how they treat others, particularly toward those who could be seen as being at a lower "rank" in life. It's not at all surprising to me that Justice Thomas, one of the most powerful people in the world, knows the names of the "little people" (so to speak) around him. He's a good and decent man who loves God and loves others. God Bless Justice Sotomayor for pointing it out.

Many leftists think having politically correct beliefs show that they care and thus it absolves them of any obligation to be decent people. It's the modern equivalent of the guy who sat in the first row of church to be publicly seen but was out drinking and philandering the rest of the time. Only for leftists their church is "tolerance". Jesus condemned these people (the religious leaders of the day) harshly and in no uncertain terms.

There really is nothing new under the sun.

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"Call it what you want, but we’re all on the same team now. Some people just don’t know it yet, but they will, hopefully before it’s too late. I think it WILL happen; I think it is already happening. It’s just hard to tell because corporate media has been WEFfed and they don’t report on their own losses."

I think you nailed it there! Lots of zombies still need a cold bucket of reality splashed on their noggins. Nap time's over.

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It's funny that no one even expects "Congress" to "make laws" anymore. Congresses only job these days is to stuff the tax dollars into sacks and send them to Ukraine.

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I'm confused....when did Jean-Claude Van Damme become press secretary? And when the hell did he make the switch to black female? Man, I gotta keep up on this stuff. Like, losing Bruce Jenner wasn't bad enough?

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Jun 18, 2022·edited Jun 18, 2022

“If the Court agrees with the Republicans, it could endorse a doctrine called “non-delegation,” which Politico says would stop Congress from handing off big decisions to agencies AT ALL. “A narrow reading of what the federal agencies can do is going to literally handcuff the federal government from taking action to protect Americans’ health safety and the environment,” said Lawrence Gostin, a public health law professor at Georgetown University.“

I would love to believe the SCOTUS would render such a ruling, that would make so many things unlawful that have been going on for decades, culminating in an unlawful pandemic/shutdown, but my faith in our highest court fulfilling their lawful duties has been severely tried over the last decades. Color me speechless and writerless if such a thing occurs. I believe more likely it will be some watered down non decision, sounding official but not really.

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There is a tug of war between good and evil. I am thankful I know which side ultimately wins. But I also hope and pray that God mercifully grants us a victory now, soon enough to save our country from being utterly destroyed by wickedness. May He give the old rope a good yank and let us watch the evil ones’ plans fall to ruin.

“Who will stand up for me against evildoers?

Who will take his stand for me against those who do wickedness?

If the Lord had not been my help,

My soul would soon have dwelt in the abode of silence.”

— Psalm 94:16-17

“Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him;

Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way,

Because of the man who carries out wicked schemes.

Cease from anger and forsake wrath;

Do not fret; it leads only to evildoing.

For evildoers will be cut off,

But those who wait for the Lord, they will inherit the land.”

— Psalm 37:7-9

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Want to see Fauci nemesis, Kary Mullis, tear the little toad (and the establishment in general) a new one?

This is so sweet.


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I join you in bristling annoyance over the ever-increasing misuse of words, especially "literally." I had to inform the radio just the other day as a "journalist" was being interviewed and stated, "The police literally have their hands tied." (In her story, the police were not handcuffed.) Is it possible they really don't know the meaning of literally? Or are they profoundly illiterate to the point of lacking adverbs?

Allow me throw in a bunch of other annoying words and phrases that are repeated ad nauseum: "Like," "Seriously," "In terms of," "Reach out," and Circle back." And anything the WH Press person says while using her pointer finger, like she's literally sending codes.

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“House of Representatives Orders Pentagon to Investigate Whether Ticks Were Once Used as Biological Weapons.”

Key words WERE ONCE USED. What...was magic used and it mysteriously went away? Can't wait for the documentary on this.

But wait..Pfizer to the rescue again. No thank you...

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Jeff's wacky witticisms are clear evidence that AI could never match the human mind! Kudos!!

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I think we better watch very closely for all the digital surveillance like Gates has done with China. I think all of these distractions may be helping the WEF etc. put up all the little cameras like China has to be ready to track us all. all the time. Just a suspicion.

Also, I read that Russia is now working with Nicaragua and is going to be doing some "exercises" there with planes, trains and automobiles. Maybe some troops.

Also, I think Jeff is correct. This pandemic may have just kicked the sleeping dog one to many times. Lets hope so. The mentally ill are mostly in the beltway.

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A Georgetown University edumucation is clearly overpriced.

"A narrow reading of what the federal agencies can do is going to literally handcuff the federal government from taking action to protect Americans’ health safety and the environment,” said Lawrence Gostin, a public health law professor at Georgetown University"

Um, Lawrence, you genius, the SCOTUS isn't going to disband the Congress.

"...which Politico says would stop Congress from handing off big decisions to agencies AT ALL."

That's STOP Congress, not disband Congress or even handcuff Congress. It would handcuff unaccountable AGENCIES. Congress would still exist and would still be able to "take action to protect" yada yada yada.

It's really getting difficult to determine whether so many people are deliberately dishonest or just f'n stupid.

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RE: flooding and thunderstorms. It would be interesting to find the cloud seeding schedule for these recently flooded areas.

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Mr Childers I don't trust the courts on anything. Sorry. Here I am no jab no job due to CMS... we didn't elect CMS! anyone gotta vaxx card lol?? Tyranny has become law. Sad.

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