We hoped the vaccine would work???? Are you freaking kidding me??!! A desperate Hail Mary wing-and-a-prayer approach was the best answer? "Trust us, we're the government, we know what's best." And lest we forget, altering the course of humanity and obliterating the lives of millions based on something that has all the ramifications of a flu bug maybe wasn't the best strategy? Anybody else getting tired of dealing with the perpetually stupid?

FREEDOM: https://theimaginaryhobgoblin.substack.com/p/freedom

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Open letter:

Dear Mom, I know I wasn't at all expected or planned, but thank you for having me. I've had many ups and downs in life, but to experience love, kindness, hopeful sunrises, grandeur sunsets, the miracle of giving birth and raising three awesome kids have only made me appreciate life more and more with each day. Love, your baby, Lee

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Jun 25, 2022Liked by Jeff Childers

Sen. Ron Johnson is great, but it was Congressman Jim Jordan who held Birx's feet to the fire. Jim Jordan for the next Speaker of the House!

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Candace Owens put out a good live video yesterday, on FB, aimed at pro choice people. She explained how the education system has created the pro choice movement and how it was built on lies.

I just had this conversation with my son yesterday who challenged me 5 years ago on my abortion stance. I am very grateful to him. I was pro-life except for …… Now I am pro life… period.

What I explained to him was that growing up in the 80’s all I was taught was my body my choice. It was all about safe sex and condoms and if that failed there was abortion. It was the law of the land. There was no alternative. I did not understand it was ok to have a different view. If anyone dared to challenge that they were ridiculed and angrily put in their place.

When I became a Christian in the late 80’s my view instantly changed because I now understood the value of a life. However, unfortunately as Christians we are also taught… but what about rape and incest. Therefore as Christians we are still taught to believe in pro-choice, really. I’m pro-life…. Except for….

Either life is sacred or it’s not. A woman raped still carries a life that matters. What do we do with that? The church has failed in this. I failed to understand the ramifications of this thought process that the “church” had taught me.

But, not every pro-choice person is a murderer. We must not lack the compassion to have intelligent conversations about this reality. And we must not lack the compassion to help these women who have grown up being taught that these real life babies are living breathing humans and not a clump of cells to be discarded because of convenience or even coercion from others.

The extreme pro choice people do make me angry still. But I’m trying to choose compassion for them as well, as hard as that is. I do lack compassion because some of the arguments surround birth defects and genetic problems with the unborn. I have been challenged over the last 30 years because my daughter was born developmentally/intellectually disabled. What would I have done 30 years ago had I known ahead of time? I was pro life… except… back then. We did know there was a possibility something was wrong in utero. It was brought up that we could terminate the pregnancy. Without even knowing for sure something was amiss!! That was just a possibility!! And that was in the early 90’s. My daughter is now 29 years old and brings so much joy to our family and everyone who knows her. It has been a difficult and sometimes excruciating journey. But did we make the right decision even though we could’ve terminated and walked away… you bet we made the right decision. Without question. I am a different person today because of the lessons I have learned because of my daughter. And not one person in our family or circle of friends is the same, because of her influence. Thank you Jesus!

Like I said, Candace Owens did a good job explaining her story as a previous pro-choice woman. She now stands for LIFE! As do I…. no exceptions.

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Jun 25, 2022Liked by Jeff Childers

It may shock Joe to hear this given his track record thus far, but Yes. Yes you were wrong to get involved in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Yes you were wrong to leave Afghanistan the way you did (leaving troops and equipment and massive instability behind). Yes you were wrong to close the Keystone Pipeline (further exacerbating our economic instability and putting us in a position of dependence upon Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, etc).

Joe, you’ve been wrong about everything. In fact I can (likely) predict the future of what you’re going to do. ‘Yes, you were wrong’ pretty much sums up your entire presidency at this point.

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I am a member of the Covid-19 vaccine control group. That means I am unvaxxed. I am an 82 year old Delta survivor. Had it in December 2021. I am a person that tests on a regular basis. On January 17th my antibody test showed measurement of spike protein at 205.0. I tested again June 7th and my antibody spike protein has risen to 1026. This shows that natural immunity does not wane like the vaccine immunity, but becomes stronger. I have been exposed to people with Omicron and remained healthy. Testing was done by Labcorp.

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You write that you, "studied this issue closely when I litigated the mask case through appeal. I won that case — the only appellate case in the country finding mandatory masking presumptively unconstitutional —"

Could you please cite that case, so we can look it up? We are litigating now to gets masks off of kids in other states. Greatly appreciated!

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Jeff, I called attention to your McCullough Operation Multiplier in the updates section after the piece I published yesterday (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/i/60878565/stop-the-persecution-of-doctors-and-scientists-like-dr-peter-mccullough-and-dr-pierre-kory). I realize my audience is likely a subset of C&C, but hopefully it helps get the word out :-)

I also have a section where I linked to our past C&C discussions about DeSantis’s effective use of framing with “COVID theatre” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/i/60878565/help-me-viralize-philanthropath-and-philanthropathy).

I would love your and the C&C Army’s assistance with injecting the terms “philanthropath,” “philanthropathy,” and “philanthropathic” into the zeitgeist through repetition and association with Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and any other socio/psychopaths masquerading as philanthropists.

For more details, see my three-part series titled “Anatomy of a Philanthropath: Dreams of Democide & Dictatorship.” The first part is available to the public (the next two parts will be unlocked on Monday and Wednesday respectively):

• Part 1: A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/anatomy-of-a-philanthropath-dreams)

It would be amazing if anytime someone heard “Bill Gates,” for example, they would automatically think “philanthropath.”

Any assistance with this culture-jamming endeavor would be appreciated!

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..."the Government’s pandemic overreach has badly backfired. And the backfiring isn’t done yet".


I also am enjoying 'my body, my choice' blowing up in libs faces yesterday.

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"DR. BIRX: I think it was /hope/ that the vaccine would work in that way."

That should constitute a sufficient confession in this capital murder case, many multiple counts, to warrant execution, IMO.

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The money being generated by the selling of baby parts to highest bidder is highly profitable. A California journalist exposed this on tape and he now faces charges on federal level by democratic party office holders. I guess America will make a choice to live in a state that supports selling of baby parts or a state that values life. This issue is not just about abortion but the industry that thrives on it.

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"the fact is, when the government said that the vaccinated were protected from catching covid, that was a LIE."

The game is over, but neither one of us Met fans watched it. Other guy asks me, "Did the Mets win?"

I say, "Yes"...because I *hope* they won.

That is a lie. "Yes" is a lie, because I *know* I don't know the answer.

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I still don’t understand how trump allowed these people to speak no filter in front of public and let Fauci say the only way out was vía vaccine with no therapeutics or early treatments.

Birx and Fauci are a disaster! Hope? What about the people left at home no medical care until couldn’t breath and then all the hospitals did was vent and run death is near. There can’t be enough exposure to all of frauds.

Jordan should be a multiplier for next month.

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Simply put - Unborn lives matter.

The court had the courage to defend this. May we all do the same in the days to come.

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I am really intrigued by the point about Blue states holding abortion rights yet Inslee here in WA still has fired thousands of employees for not jabbing. Even requiring med documentation of jabs that are neither safe or effective to attend university.

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I thought about the theory from a few days ago that the Russians could be behind the food processing plants being destroyed. One main reason I think that’s NOT the case is that the MSM would be all over it if there were any shred of evidence linking this to them. The MSM LOVES to blame the Russians! So them being quiet about it points to whoever is controlling them being behind this as well. Just my two cents’. If someone sees a flaw in my logic, I’d love to hear more.

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