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They’ll call it “youngheimers” and I’m sure there will be a new pill out soon to combat it😏

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May 28, 2022Liked by Jeff Childers

All New Yorkers should choose “X” and subvert the whole dang thing.

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Again Jeff!! Your humor is wonderful….” I still know what you’re thinking! People, please. Give them a chance to explain.”

Totally makes my day!!!!!

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The memory fog thing... now as common as heart attacks but probably because of global warming cooling climate change crisis. Certainly not the the thing that shall not be named

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Jeff, re the UK data, where are all the deaths in the folks within the 21 day period? (and 21 days? why did they pick that figure?)

Here's what is likely happening:

People who die within 21 days of getting the first shot are counted as "unvaccinated"

People who die within 21 days of getting the second shot are counted as "one shot"

and so on.

Which would make those numbers even more damning than they are.

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Historians give names to times in human existence.

We had:

-The Middle Ages

-The Renaissance

-The Victorian Age

-The Roaring 20s

I think our current time will be named:

-The experts are baffled again

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How about "Jabnesia"?

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Dr David Martin: "You Are Now on Notice of Felony Violations" - About the best ammo we can use against the freaks:



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@Jeff Childers - we desperately need an “Experts are Baffled” shirt in the Coffee & Covid shop!! So many baffling things! 😉

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Thanks Jeff for the news about the navyman who fought The Covid Borg and won. Huge news!


"A 22-year Navy Lieutenant, Billy Moseley, unanimously won a review board hearing over his refusal to take the jab. He opted neither to retire or even to submit a religious objection form, since he’d heard that the Navy was just denying religious exemptions anyway. Instead he refused to comply with what he decided was an unlawful order.

Ultimately, the board voted 3-0 that Moseley’s refusal to follow the covid vaccine order was not misconduct, and he should remain in the Navy. He and his lawyers hope Moseley’s case will be precedent for thousands of similar cases pending in that branch."


Please help us follow how the other cases hopefully benefit from this breakthrough. Can we do a multiply operation for their defense team?

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"It was never easy for me. I was born a poor black child." - Steve Martin, The Jerk 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Gotta admit, I've never heard of this dingleberry Rebekah Jones, but then again I don't watch stupid people on MSM TV, so that eliminates about 99.8% of the programming. When I saw the picture with her and a wide eyed and strung out Cuomo, that's really all I needed to know.

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"when she courageously signed a new law permitting people to put an “X” on their driver’s license under the word “Sex,” instead of “male” or “female.”"

So? I want the right to put 'yes' on mine!

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Good post today…maybe China hasn’t invaded Taiwan because the virus is out of control?

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re: kathy "apostle" hochul, x doesn't just mean unfit for public consumption. it also means "eliminate."

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Speaking of Senior Moments, I just realized I had forgotten what LGBT stands for so I Googled it.

LGBT is an initialism that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. In use since the 1990s, the initialism, as well as some of its common variants, functions as an umbrella term for sexuality and gender identity. Many variants exist including variations that change the order of the letters, including LGBT+.

Of course nowadays there are so many added letters and + marks that it's almost some kind of new coded language. But only weirdos and mental midgets understand it.

I'm feeling discriminated against. How come regular people don't have initialisms?

Mine would be NAFAPOI. Translation: Normal as fuck and proud of it.

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