Great stuff! I'm totally stoked that you recognize this global medical tyranny takeover attempt. Thanks for all your efforts. I've been able to gather lots of relevant and credible information over the last 18 months. If I can be of any assistance feel free to reach out.

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Oct 2, 2021Liked by Jeff Childers

Doves cooing is so relaxing. Jeff, if you need to take Sunday off, please do. Thanks for all your hard work.

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Your newsletters are pure gold. Thank you!

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Your newsletter is a breath of fresh air❤️

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It is Oct 2, not sep 2

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Thank you for all you are doing!! Could you help me with constitutional representation for my daughter being threatened by Xavier University Cincinnati. Thanks!

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I know the local egghead list is long but who do want us gather data about?

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I'm new to the Blog and I would like to help in any way that I can but I don't know how to find out how to help. One thing I can add here to these "case" numbers. They aren't accurate unless you know the Ct value. It shouldn't be more than 25, preferably it really should be 20, but the double injected have a 256 times the viral load in their throat. I don't know the number for the nose but it probably is similar. The standard PCR uses 35-40 Ct so 90% or more of PCR tests are false positive in unvaxxed patients, however, in a vaxxed patient, they are true positives because their viral load is so big.

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For a red state, these folks at the SC DHEC are lock step with the tyrannical DC elites regarding Covid protocol. Here is a link to their disinformation regarding the jab and ivermectin. I honestly do not believe Gov. McMaster is allowing them to publish this, but he is a RINO so say the right things on TV to the population then allow my agencies to act like this.


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Dear Jeff , I need help for my Daughter I’m in NY Nicholle and Her Husband are teachers. They are being forced to take a test every week. I’m scared mandates for vax are coming. Please point me in the right direction to help them. I don’t want them to die or be permanently damaged. Please help me fight this horrible shot of doom. Thank you I hope your well too

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Jeff, THANK YOU for working tirelessly and selflessly !

My latest research has been looking into the "odds of vaccine injury" vs. "the odds of catching/being severely affected by COVID"

This is written with no expertise in statistics or formal training in anything actuarial, so this would require a glance by an expert for sure. HOWEVER, at the expense of my lack of competence in the field:

1. As of right now - there are 752,803 reported CV-Vax injuries


out of 214,870,000 total doses administered in the US


So a ~.35% chance of an adverse reaction for those REPORTED, notwithstanding those unreported reactions. So my odds of NOT being vaccine injured appears to be 99.65% (100% -.35%)

2. The Absolute Risk Reduction based on the Pfizer and Moderna trial data before the efficacy (relative risk reduction) significantly dwindled is as follows

Pfizer - 0.7%

Moderna - 1.1%

So, the likelihood of an un-vaccinated NOT encountering infection is anywhere from 99.3% for the Pfizer product and 98.9% for the Moderna Product. (100%-0.7% = 99.3%, 100%-1.1% = 98.9%) .


3. Since the Pfizer study had both a larger sample size and higher efficacy (95%) reported than that of Moderna and the J&J , Pfizer will be used for inferring severe illness reduction by vaccination:


9 severe CV19 / 21,831 = .0004 = .04%


1/21831 = .00005 = .005%

.035% reduction in severe illness if vaccinated (.04%-.005%). so CV19 vax reduces risk of getting severe Covid illness by .035%


So, unjabbed at baseline health with no pre-existing conditions, my odds of NOT being

- hospitalized for COVID appears to be 99.96% (100-.035), and

- vaccine injured appears to be 99.65%, and

- even infected in the first place appears to be between (89-99%)

So in my NON-expert opinion - I'll take the un-jabbed odds

With The Utmost Respect For Anyone's Informed Consent In Their Personal & Private Medical Choices, Free Of any Shaming, Bullying, Harassment, Threat, Duress, Coercion, Expulsion, or Termination in Arriving At Such Decisions,

- Jeff J In Tampa Bay, Where It's Sunny N' Warm & NEVER The Norm (Florida Populist)

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And I also wanted to say thank you so much for everything that you’re doing! I have an exemption because I cannot wear a mask but I think that’s the wrong way to go. Nobody should need an exemption and frankly nobody’s accepting my exemption. They are starting to ask people all kinds of strange questions about their exemptions that they legally aren’t even supposed to be asking them.

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I have been reading and listening to podcasts that you have been on and I’m trying to get the actual ruling or language in the constitution whatever it is that I can show the people at private businesses who continue to make me put a mask on or leave when I have a medical exemption. Nobody should even need an exemption. People continue to tell me that private businesses have the right to tell you you have to put a mask on or leave. I am trying to find the information that I can share with people to let them understand that they cannot do that to me anymore or anyone.

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Also, if august 2020, maybe " the Alpha variant was already the dominant strain in England." If august 2021, then it's the delta variant. Do appreciate this newsletter and what you and others are doing!!

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Hope it's okay to post links relevant to the topic. My apologies if this is not acceptable.


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