A poem.

There lives in Florida a dude named Ron

Who certainly knows what’s right and what’s wrong

His son is a boy, two daughters are girls

But Disney would rather they be transgender squirrels

But Ron is no dope, He simply said "nope"

To the Creeps and the Freaks that make us all hurl

See, the Mouse unmasked was revealed as a rat

Non-binary furries and political hacks

Twisted and kinky and mutants quite stinky

With a CEO Ding Dong that's also part Twinkie

But never to fear, Ronnie Boy is here

To keep girls as girls and boys sporting winkies

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The trap is in the middle:

"vaccines are working"

No, Nikki, they're not. They think they're letting us breathe today, with the intention of mandating jabs tomorrow.

Celebrate the win, but don't be fooled. It ain't over by a long shot.

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Apr 21, 2022·edited Apr 21, 2022

Jeff,,maybe we can multiply you for once !! Taking on those cases and then some

cray-cray-cry- baby who loses takes you to court.. I bet you would get multiplied bigly!!

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For a mother of a toddler who flew often during Covid, including when I was 8 months pregnant, thank you lawyers. I will thankfully multiply you and wish I could shake your hand and would gladly have been a part of your lawsuit.

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Just watched a video of Captain Bob Snow. 31 years a pilot. American Airlines said inject or you’re fired. Under duress he got injected. 6 min after landing a plane with 200 people aboard at DFW, he went into cardiac arrest. Hospitalized with wires everywhere. Will no longer be allowed to be a pilot. His life forever changed for the worse.

I hope he sues the life blood out of American Airlines and everyone connected to this travesty. 😡

Imagine being a passenger with these pilots injected against their wills and trusting them with your life! Ugh

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The democrats face on that video is so funny. He was determined to defend reedy creek that he inadvertently became a libertarian conservative. That democrat may need PTSD counseling. He was snorting into the microphone with nostrils flaring. lol 😂

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Thank you for reminding me to cancel Netflix! Haven't watched it eons. In the comments I wrote"Too woke for our tastes". And I'll send the money we're saving to Coffee and Covid or Jeff Childers if he would please multiply himself!

Big thank you for all you do- with grace, dignity, kindness AND humor.

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Hey we already have a woke filter it’s a face diaper! Whoever you see someone wearing one filter yourself as far away as possible! BLM and love is love yard signs work for this too.

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"the mandates are dropped, vaccines are working" - Ah the new mantra of the left. Of course the vaccines are working, just not the way they think. If working equals destroying immune systems of people and leaving them MORE susceptible to disease then yes they are working great.

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A thought: watching the normal, hardworking, (with decency + common sense!!) Americans wake up and realize that a huge portion of their government, educational system, and the corporate boards, have all been taken over by a group of deviants, child molesters, (the proper description of those writers and producers who made "Cuties!") and flat out sociopaths, (Anthony Fouci, IMO) has been is some ways incredibly gratifying!

God Bless the moms and dads who have taken on these corrupt, chlid abusing, grooming, anti-educational school boards!!! God Bless every doctor fighting their state medical boards and politicians trying to prevent them from providing safe and effective early treatment to their patients!!

God Bless the Army of Attorneys now gathering for the fight of the millennium to protect human freedom!!!

And God Bless the judges who still respect our Constitution and the Rule of Law!! And God Bless the rare politician fighting the agenda!!

Finally, if you have not canceled Netflix yet, watch "Jimmy Savile, a British Horror Story." It only scratches the surface a tiny, tiny bit. But if you go "down the rabbit hole," the information about our (humanity's) "elite" (who are nothing of the sort,) is truly stunning.

So, so many pedophiles, child abusers, and even satanic ritual abuse. I am sorry to say this is real, but I now have heard enough from people I trust to know the unthinkable is real.

We must align with God, and move away from the darkness. This is not a new evil, it is a very ancient one, and we are fools if we believe it is gone. Today, it shows it's horrible face everywhere.

The hyper sexualization is only one facet. Man-boy love, "sex before 8, or it's too late!" Is another. (Most gay men got that way from sexual abuse by adult men, while they were children,, though the blue checks will lynch you for saying it.) Also, if you are a woman, and courageous, watch the recent Playboy Expose. All in plain sight, yet no one spoke out.

But no more!! The population is waking, and this wickedness is out in the open for all to see. It is time to take our home back from this evil and banish it from all our lives. Amen.

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There are consequences that follow behavior. Disney is starting to figure that out.

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“I had to double-check the date to make sure that it was actually April 20th and not April 1st.”

There are two “fools days” in April: the 1st and Earth Day.

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The problem with the "woke filter" idea is that, between the takeover of Netflix by 'progressives' and the slow bleeding out of their third-party content library by other greedy media entities looking for their own slices of the streaming pie, the woke filter would show close to zero results.

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Regarding the USPS having a 'covert operations' branch: Perhaps you could investigate to see how many US agencies fund and populate SWAT teams. Seems to me I remember learning the Dept. of Education (!) has a SWAT team.

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Reading today's C&C I stopped and just smiled as I thought about the Saturday Night Live back in the days when Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, Laraine Newman, Gilda Radner, Dana Carvey, Will Farrell, and so many other real comedians would take the world news and events and make us laugh until we cried. That was entertaining entertainment! I suppose this is why I read The Babylon Bee today. It's better to laugh with pleasure than to cry with sorrow.

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Apr 21, 2022·edited Apr 21, 2022

Omgosh. You are too funny. The music is exactly what was needed for the clip!

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