This "we're in an emergency" coupled with "just because you don't feel sick that doesn't mean you're not asymptomatic" narrative is REALLY wearing thin. Can't imagine living my life viewing every human being as a 2 legged walking germ/virus. What a life! Somehow I've managed to dodge every imaginable bird flu, swine flu, zika virus, mad cow, agitated beaver, etc....and since playing Vaccine Russian Roulette isn't really my thing, I'll take my chances carrying on as is.

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I’ve credentialed (been granted privileges) at many hospitals and one of the things through credentialing is always vax status. As an older millennial when they ask about varicella I say (had the disease) and typically it ends there, although some hospitals want titers (antibody responde to vaccinations or to my chicken pox disease which I had over 30 years ago). So my question would be, since there’s already precedent of these hospitals accepting titers (antibody response) to disease or vaccination, couldn’t there be a lawsuit that for ‘some reason’ (government money) they’re not following that same logic for covid? Because all the sudden that logic just drops off with Covid and all anyone cares about is that card

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"The 2-judge majority found that emergencies justify broad government powers."

Ah, but what if there is no emergency? Hint: there isn't. Do the honorable judges believe that simply declaring an emergency constitutes actually being in one? If heath authorities declared it an emergency that too many kids were missing school due to colds, would that justify "broad government powers"?

Question for Jeff: is DeSantis considering a major revamp of state emergency powers laws, including a restrictive redefinition of "emergency"?

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Jeff - (borrowing from Alex Berenson's tag) URGENT - we have been reading 'free' for months but jumped in full boat with a subscription just now; in part to publish this call-out to ask for your help to get this in front of the Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo, MD, PhD and/or the state AG Ashley Moody - namely the news reported by Dr. Mike Yeadon's telegram channel that certain lots of the C vax are causing a disproportionate % of the SAE in VAERS, that the FDA/CDC know about it and are ignoring it, he calls it a crime; the following is a part of his note from Telegram and a link to a video by one of the people who is reporting/revealing this; and other commenters here, please like this so Jeff sees it (assuming he may not read all these comments but maybe the ones with large likes):



Text from Dr. Yeadon

This email was just sent to the offices of the inspector general of the department of Health & Human Services (HHS).

It relates to the issue of HUGE variability, lot-to-lot, of outcomes after vaccination with any of the covid19 vaccines (in USA).

There’s no doubt that a very serious crime is taking place.

Even if you believed everything that government is telling you, we have a MAJOR problem. It’s impossible that they don’t know about this. The extent of variability is so large, very different from flu vaccines, that an idle scroll through the VAERS database (imported into XL & subjected to the simplest filter, numbers of serious adverse events against lot number) has the main finding leaping at you.

Roughly once in every hundred lines, you come across a lot number with which is associated an incredibly high number of SAEs, spread across the majority of US states.

It can be stated with certainty that, whatever is in the vials of those lot numbers, IT IS NOT THE SAME MATERIAL AS IN THE OTHER LOTS OF THE SAME VACCINE.

Additionally, the manufacturers & all the regulatory agencies ALSO KNOW ABOUT THIS.

The reason(s) for this extraordinary degree of variability is not immediately relevant to the next steps.

There is in the code of federal regulations, a CFR number relating to the legal obligation to produce only consistent product. A failure to adhere to the requirements results in product which is deemed ADULTERATED. It’s a very serious crime. Not only is it an issue for FDA , but it’s a legal matter for everyone involved in administering these products.

If it turns out that FDA, under the guise of EUA, has waived the consistency requirements, this in no way absolves the manufacturers from this crime. Note that the indemnities they’ve secured from governments (that alleged injured parties cannot sue) are of absolutely no relevance. They CAN be sued for deviation from federal regulations relating to adulterated product (independent of the consequences of product variability ).

I’m reminded that certain Mafia bosses were jailed for years, not because of murders, but because of tax fraud.

This lot-to-lot variability MUST be told to the public & to vaccinators.

They should be horrified at what is happening in real time.

Best wishes,


Dr Mike Yeadon

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I don’t know if the photo will appear, But my friend is in Thailand. He says everyone is masked and when they enter an establishment, they all happily comply with the requirement to scan this barcode (in photo) so that they can be tracked. How is it that the entire world, all these disparate nations can be in on the exact same narrative and imposing this tyranny on the people in lockstep? There is an evil one world government “conspiracy” in motion. Can it be defeated?


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"DeSantis announced the “Stop Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees Act” — “Stop W.O.K.E.”...a package of amendments that prohibit Critical Race Theory in K-12 schools..."

That's good. Meanwhile WHAT is DeSantis DOING to stop his Dept of Health from tricking parents into vaccinating innocent children?

"Effective 11/2/2021, CDC authorized the Pfizer vaccine for children 5-11. Contact your pediatrician to discuss vaccinating your child and to schedule vaccination. You may also schedule at pharmacies, county health depts & local clinics...WHO classified a new Variant of Concern called Omicron, and is coordinating with a large number of researchers to better understand it...The most effective way to protect yourself and loved ones from variants is to get vaccinated. As of July, over 99% of new COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations & deaths nationwide are unvaccinated. While it is possible to become infected even if vaccinated (“breakthrough” case) it is exceedingly rare, and rarer still that vaccinated people require hospitalization or die due to COVID-19. Other mitigation including frequent handwashing, social distancing & wearing a mask in public places also greatly reduce your chance of being infected." --Florida Dept of Health automatic reply to email inquires about covid

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3 Purveyors of Medical Logic and Reason at Hillsdale College: Scott W. Atlas, Martin Kulldorff & Jay Bhattacharya


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Natural Immunity lasts a Lifetime. That’s why I can’t get Measles or Chickenpox, because I was exposed during my childhood

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On the rise of COVID in Florida, hoe many of these cases are illegals'? Or maybe we can not get this information because that would be racist?!

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I'll be honest, too much legal talk for my brain .. So that's the cliff notes? Good or bad for Florida when it comes to banning 100 employee and CMS mandate?

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I’m curious, since hospitals are being rewarded for labeling patients as “Covid” patients, what is there incentive to actually delineate between someone who is hospitalized for a primary condition that is not covid? I would suspect that these numbers are heavily inflated as it’s good for the bottom line?

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Dec 16, 2021·edited Dec 16, 2021

really enjoy this newsletter

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DR. ROBERT MALONE ISSUES EMERGENCY -- "Before You Inject Your Child.." Warning In Video: "My Strong Recommendation To You Is To Resist And Fight To Protect Your Children"

"The Reason They're Giving You To Vaccinate Your Children Is a Lie. Your Children Represent No Danger To Their Parents Or Grandparents"


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INFORMATIVE VIDEO -- David Martin Celebrates 5th Circuit Appeals Court Decision (12-14-2021)


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my company send out an updated covid policy- because you know the new strain and uptick in cases.....it's like back to summer of 2020 or 2021, it will never end. :(

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What are your thoughts on Kroger’s new $50 monthly charge for the non-union salaried that haven’t taken the shot?

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