“We face a fundamentally changed security environment where authoritarian powers are increasingly prepared to use force to get their way." Oh, like Trudeau.

And lots of leaders in the West these days.

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Is this the same USA Today that nominated a dude for Woman of the Year? Fact check this; Silly Rabbit, dicks ain't on chicks.

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The "results" of the Moderna trials are bullshit:


Same bullshit number games: no one under 14 days "counts," and most tellingly, NONE OF THE CHILDREN IN THE TRIAL, VACCINATED OR UNVACCINATED, GOT CLINICALLY SIGNIFICANT COVID.

The Bad Cat isn't the only one seeing this research report for the bullshit it is. But as usual, it doesn't matter. Releasing these reports are pro forma.

They're going to do whatever they want, no matter what the facts are and no matter who it hurts. And as usual, they'll make sure you don't have a choice, and are punished for disobedience.

They'll continue doing this. Again and again. To your face. Because that's what they think of you.

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The increasing inflation is going to be devastating to our fancy western quality of life.

But as the petro dollar fades, replaced with ruble and yuan payments, we'll really be screwed.

A destruction of the western world.

I guess I need to step up my preppin...

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Since Jeff can't come right out and say some stuff without getting cancelled, can anyone down here in the comments please explain to me WHY all the war mongering in the US right now? Part of the WEF plan? Next step in the great reset -- a big economic step? Smoke and mirrors before people really freak out about the vaccine side effects and a way to keep the side effects stories and the rise in excess death stories out of the news because now there's no room? Were there planning meetings for these latest events too, the way they met to plan the plandemic years before it was implemented? Or are the events just happening on their own (the conflict over there started years ago, was bound to erupt at some point, etc.), and the media has jumped on it because it makes for the most clicks since people were getting bored with covid anyway?

I confess I have not been paying much attention to the war stuff -- I'm still on trying to make sure some important family members don't get the shot. So maybe I've asked dumb questions. And I'm not asking for an explanation of the conflict -- I know that's way more complicated than can be gone into here. What I'm asking about is the why of these things: the US deep involvement, the media overthrow of covid to make room for war, and the "Putin is crazy and horrible, Ukraine is the land of angels" media spin on everything.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Take it day by day and prepare your hearts . Today is a beautiful day in East TN. Enjoy !

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I feel you are spot on in regards to starting a WW in order to stop an election from happening - not only in 2022, but 2024 also. A little voice inside my head said this the other day when it became apparent that the opposition does NOT WANT any more free elections in our beautiful country, because they have installed the power already and they plan to keep it that way. (Mind you, the clown that’s in there now is only the puppet). There is someone far more evil, cunning and corrupt running the show and more US elections don’t fit into the plan. I can just feel the huge wheel that represents our govt and way of life that we’ve known for over 200 yrs, is churning to an abrupt halt more and more every day. Who can and will go up against this force and stop it?

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Still happy to be living in Mississippi where things are mostly “normal”

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Oh, my. So many astonishing points being made today.

(1) “authoritarian powers increasingly use force to get their way.” Is this some kind of new phenomenon? I seem to recall this being the standard mode of operation for authoritarian powers for all of history. Perhaps the person saying this never studied history. 🤔

(2) “China… spreading lies and misinformation.” Hahahaha. If people had remembered that this is just China’s mode of operation, perhaps the world would have responded with a bit more skepticism when a “new” virus emerged from that place.

I, for one, was skeptical for that reason alone. I mean, when I was growing up, nobody that I knew trusted anything that came out of the Chinese government’s mouth or anything that was permitted by said government to be reported outside of China. So when the virus showed up with reports of people being locked in houses, I figured either it was (1) a convenient excuse for a totalitarian regime to exert yet more control over its people and/or (2) an even more catastrophic disease than China wanted to admit and they were desperate to save face.

So, c’mon, anybody who is awake knows that China is the preeminent example of how to conduct misinformation campaigns. They have it perfected!!!

(3) “Conspiracy theories are doing well these days.” Yes, indeed, they do seem to be doing remarkably well. I pretty much assume that probably anything that sounds too bizarre to be true, probably is going to end up being true after all. It’s really quite strange.

All the stuff our grandparents were warning us about 60 years ago… commies taking over without firing a shot, infiltration of leftism into our educational institutions and thereby throughout our professions and governments and communities, a one world government (although someone named John who was exiled to an island in the Agean Sea foresaw THAT 2,000 years ago and warned us to be watchful and alert because it heralds the imminent return of the rightful King, Lord, Premier of the Universe) - it’s all coming true right in front of our eyes and at an increasingly rapid pace, it feels.

Now, we need that King, that Lion Aslan, to return and to make everything bad come untrue. Come, Lord Jesus, come.

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It’s not true that everybody agrees the pandemic is over. The World Health Organization still hasn’t lifted the declaration of “public health emergency of international concern,” first declared Jan. 30, 2020. President Biden extended the state of emergency declaration for the U.S. on Feb. 18, 2022, indefinitely (no end point). US Health and Human Services is still making amendments to the PREP Act declaration (originally issued March 10, 2020), most recently (as far as I can tell) amendment No. 10, issued Jan. 7, 2022.

The state of emergency is currently permanent, rollbacks and “pauses” notwithstanding, and the cascading legal effects (nullification of civil liberties and federal constitutions and charters) are all still in place, and will be until the US withdraws from the World Health Organization.

Moderna, Pfizer and FDA are working on getting authorization for babies and children to be injected, in order to make the liability immunity on manufacturers and vaccinators permanent, by getting the injections on the childhood vaccine schedule under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

More on the legal paper trails here:


And here:


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If sanctions worked, well they would work. They don't.

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"I’m sure all that WEF stuff is just a conspiracy theory, but one of the group’s publicly stated aims is to eliminate the United States as the world’s superpower. I wonder what they would have to do to accomplish that goal? Just asking."

Just read the COVID 19: The Great Reset and The Great Narrative by Klaus Schwab. It lays out the plan and agenda to crash the current world currency system to bring in a new world order, think UN Sustainability Agenda W/ WEF social policy agenda, and they'll gain public support through a narrative.. since narrative worked so well for covid.

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Awesome report Jeff. Great Epoch Times article!!!

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Zelenksy was elected in 2019, Jeff. In February 2014 the government of Ukrainian Pres. Viktor Yanukovych was toppled after months of popular protests, and in May billionaire Petro Poroshenko was elected president of Ukraine. Just an FYI

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So Psaki, & hence others, are triple jabbed. The dumfuks believed their own bullshit!!! We may outlive them yet!

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Ha! I spit on Fauci's 50%!! PTUI!!! I saved an email distributed by The Worlds #1 Condiment Clinic and Apex Predator Hospital claiming 95% efficacy!!

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