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The special session bills clear the Florida Legislature and head for the Governor’s desk; Fauci destroys the Narrative; the FDA seeks to bury the Pfizer clinical trial data; and more...

As the frantic week winds to a close and we approach the second anniversary of the pandemic, Covid continues to dominate the news. In today’s roundup: the special session bills clear the Florida Legislature and head for the Governor’s desk; Fauci destroys the Narrative; the FDA seeks to bury the Pfizer clinical trial data; more good news about the OSHA mandate; Disney wants kids jabbed to go on its cruises; parents sue a Tallahassee school after it transitioned their daughter; outbreaks in Ireland; outbreaks in nursing homes; outbreaks in the NHL; outbreaks in the Netherlands; and more!


Great news! It was a contentious day of lawmaking in Tallahassee yesterday, as Democrats pulled out all the stops and used every parliamentary and persuasive technique to try to stop the special session bills from passing. One democrat lawmaker even compared passing the proposed bills to Florida seceding from the United States during the Civil War to protect organized slavery. I am not making that up.

But, at the end of the long day, the Florida Legislature handed Governor DeSantis a victory yesterday night, passing the bills meant to blunt federal injection mandates through a new state exemption policy. They also erased the state health officer’s long-standing ability to forcibly vaccinate people. And they banned mask mandates.

The session also gave the Florida Attorney General’s office $5 million to help fund the state’s legal challenges against federal injection mandates. The Senate voted 24-14 last night to pass the main bill, HB 1B, which passed the House 78-39 in the early afternoon.

It’s ALREADY working. One of my contacts, who works in Florida for a big international pharma company, sent us a letter she received from her employer late yesterday. It starts out by noting that her exemption request had been denied:

“[W]e notified you that your request(s) for an accommodation had been denied and that your employment would be terminated on December 6, 2021, unless you came into compliance with the Policy. “

Then it says, “things” have changed:

“However, in light of current governmental and/or applicable legal developments, [employer] has decided to withdraw that decision and temporarily grant your accommodation request(s) for approximately 6 months, until June 6, 2022.”

Jobs saved!

I am LITERALLY looking forward to watching the Governor sign these bills. Literally. You’ll see what I mean.


🪳 I’m sure you’ve noticed that The Narrative mutated into “of course the injections don’t stop infections, but they prevent serious illness and death.” Well, it looks like that variant of The Narrative is finally dying out. Over the weekend, Fauci was on the Daily Podcast and said this:

“We are seeing something that is really interesting … We are starting to see waning immunity against infection, and waning immunity … against hospitalization — and if you look at Israel, which has always been a month to a month and a half ahead of us … they are seeing a waning of immunity not only against infections, but against hospitalizations and to some extent, death. Which is starting to now involve all age groups. It isn’t just the elderly.”

Of course, Fauci then advocated for boosters as the solution. But boosters have yet to be proven to have any lasting effect against infections, hospitalizations, or deaths. The booster science is all based on an Israeli study showing increased antibodies during the first seven days after the third injection. Needless to say, that’s not quite long enough to “prove” the boosters have any lasting benefit.

But more importantly, Fauci is now admitting that The Narrative’s theory that injections “reduce serious illness and death” is kaput. Not only don’t they do that, but now the virus is killing younger people, which wasn’t true pre-injections.


🔥 The FDA asked a federal judge to give it 55 years — until 2076 — to produce records from Pfizer’s clinical trials. I am not making that up. The FDA says it has 330,000 pages of documents from the trials, and it wants the court to approve producing 500 pages per month. So it wants to produce the documents over the next 660 months. That’s 55 years. See, the poor, sad FDA just doesn’t have the staff to review and disclose all those pages. It’s a just an awful burden on an already overloaded federal agency that’s just trying to help folks. It’s the best they can do. Citizens don’t need to read that stuff anyways. It’s boring. Just trust us.

Honestly, I can’t believe they actually filed this motion in federal court. We’re talking about a drug that the federal government is trying to force on every man, woman, and child in the country by January 4. But the FDA thinks that we shouldn’t be able to see the data supporting the drug’s safety and efficacy for 55 years? Are you kidding me? The whole premise of the motion is the FDA has to carefully review every single page before it’s disclosed. There might be some confidential patient information in there or something. You never know.

The attorneys requesting the documents made a great point. They said, hey judge, the FDA somehow managed to review all these EXACT SAME pages over just a few months to approve the drugs and make sure they were safe for U.S. citizens. So, how come it takes so long now to review the EXACT SAME PAGES to produce them under FOIA? It kind of seems like the burden in releasing documents would be even easier than originally reading them to say the injection was safe for human use.

Not so, said the FDA, not so. In its motion, it told the court that “the review conducted by FDA scientists when considering to approve a product is entirely different from the review conducted by FDA government information specialists when considering whether FDA must keep certain information confidential.”

Oh, well, alrighty then. What a compelling argument. It’s “entirely different.” That’s their whole argument. They didn’t say HOW it was “entirely different” or WHY reviewing documents for confidential information is harder and takes longer than it does to study the documents to confirm drug safety. It just DOES.

Got it. I guess fifty-five years makes sense. Thanks FDA!

The truth is this information should have been public from day one. The FDA’s motion is a pitiful disgrace. It suggests they are trying to hide something. It’s isn’t a good look.

🔥 All the various OSHA vaccine mandate cases have been consolidated into the Sixth Circuit in Ohio. This is a court with an 11-5 conservative majority, thanks to Trump era appointments, which turned it from center-right to ‘hard right’ with six (6) new judicial assignments. That’s good news, suggesting that the OSHA mandate may have its days numbered.

🔥 OSHA has now halted the injection mandate for companies with 100+ employees. On its website, the agency now says, “On November 12, 2021, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit granted a motion to stay OSHA’s COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Emergency Temporary Standard, published on November 5, 2021 (86 Fed. Reg. 61402) (‘ETS’). The court ordered that OSHA ‘take no steps to implement or enforce’ the ETS ‘until further court order.’ While OSHA remains confident in its authority to protect workers in emergencies, OSHA has suspended activities related to the implementation and enforcement of the ETS pending future developments in the litigation.“

So! One down, two to go.

🐭 Disney Cruise Line expanded its injection requirement yesterday. Now, children ages five to 11 have to be injected to go on its cruises starting January 13. Disney already requires all eligible guests aged 12 and up to be fully injected. Meh. Disney cruises are overrated, in my opinion.

Disney’s rule doesn’t violate Florida’s vaccine passport ban because a federal judge blocked the law in August. The state has appealed the decision.

The CDC said in October that it intends to lift its mandatory safety requirements for cruise ships starting January 15. We’ll see. The federal court has said that Florida cruise lines didn’t have to follow the CDC, but all the major lines said they would comply anyway.

🔥 Parents of a 13-year-old girl have sued Tallahassee’s Deerlake Middle School and its officials in federal court after the school officials secretly “transitioned” her into a “transgender male,” including letting her use men’s bathrooms and choosing her own pronouns without telling the parents. The complaint includes some pretty shocking allegations including that the school district and its loopy superintendent Rocky Hanna created a guide for “helping” students transition while keeping the whole thing secret from parents, including instructions to use the student’s correct pronouns when talking to parents but the “chosen” pronouns at school.

Makes sense. I mean, what do parents know about raising their own children? Isn’t it better to let unaccountable politicians do it in secret? Come on, people.

🔥 New York City has announced that anyone who wants to attend the ball drop on New Year’s Eve must be fully injected. Outside.

🔥 Speaking of loopy politicians, teacher’s union president Randi Weingarten whined about the new special session laws that outlaw mask mandates in schools and local jurisdictions. She tweeted, “This is just disgraceful. Instead of encouraging Floridians to keep themselves and their communities safe in the most basic way–with masks–Gov. DeSantis is upping fines on those that require them, including schools.”

I can think of lots of other things that are much more disgraceful than bans on mask mandates. Like, most of what teacher’s unions have been up to for the last two years. Just saying.

🔥 Ireland — 93% injected — is locking down again. The Emerald Isle’s government is encouraging people to work from home, ordering bars and clubs to close at midnight, expanding the use of antigen tests, and asking contact-traced folks to lock down for five days, according to The Irish Times.

In Waterford, Ireland — 97% injected — one in a hundred people have tested positive over the last two weeks. That’s an astounding infection rate of 1,000 per 100,000 people. By comparison, Florida’s rate is currently only 5 per 100,000.

But during the second wave in late summer 2020 and the third and deadliest wave during January and February this year — before the injections were widely available — Waterford consistently had the lowest infection rates in Ireland.

Safe and effective.

💉 A local NBC affiliate in Connecticut reported that eight people are dead and about 100 more are infected after an outbreak at a Connecticut nursing home. The nursing and rehab center houses only 70 residents. Of the 89 total infections, 87 people were fully injected.

In other words, eleven percent (11%) of the fully-injected residents died from Covid anyway. Safe and effective.

What should we do? “Family members of residents in long-term care facilities should also encourage their loved ones being cared for in these facilities to get a booster vaccine,” a department of health spokesperson said.

Jab more. Third time’s a charm!

💉 Over the last month or so, the Vancouver Sun has also reported Covid outbreaks in several nursing homes. Kelowna had 70 confirmed cases (staff and residents) and 17 deaths. Burnaby, 100 cases and 12 deaths. Cannan, 89 cases and 8 deaths. Safe and effective!

💉 The NHL postponed three Ottawa Senators games this week amidst a Covid outbreak on the team. I probably don’t need to tell you this, but they were fully injected. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Company, this is the first time any of North America’s major professional sports leagues have been hit by rescheduling this fall because of the coronavirus.

🔥 In the Netherlands — where freewheeling liberal Amsterdam is located — the “Outbreak Management Team” just recommended the new lockdowns responding to a dramatic rise in case rates. The new restrictions would include cancelling events, closing theaters and reintroducing curfews. This would be on top of the mask mandate and vaccine passport already in place.

🔥 Now that we are witnessing the failure of the injections to stop the spread or protect people from dying, new rationales are popping up everywhere. Just to recap:

When lockdowns failed, they blamed it on us for not masking.

When masks failed, they blamed it on us for not getting injected.

Now that vaccines have failed, they’re blaming it on us for not locking down.

When the lockdowns fail again, they’ll blame it on us for not masking.

When the masks fail again, they’ll blame it on us for not getting boosted.

Are you starting to see any pattern here? I feel like there must be SOMETHING, a common element of some kind, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…

Have a terrific Thursday! We’ll be back tomorrow with more hot, fresh coffee & covid.

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