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"Thoughts and reflections. My first thought was that President Trump needs to thoroughly sweep his property for electronics when he gets back. It might not be so much about what the FBI took, as what they left behind. " - THIS!!!

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Hear my voice, O God, in my complaint;

Preserve my life from dread of the enemy.

Hide me from the secret counsel of evildoers,

From the tumult of those who do iniquity,

Who have sharpened their tongue like a sword.

They aimed bitter speech as their arrow,

To shoot from concealment at the blameless;

Suddenly they shoot at him, and do not fear.

They hold fast to themselves an evil purpose;

They talk of laying snares secretly;

They say, “Who can see them?”

They devise injustices, saying,

“We are ready with a well-conceived plot”;

For the inward thought and the heart of a man are deep.

But God will shoot at them with an arrow;

Suddenly they will be wounded.

So they will make him stumble;

Their own tongue is against them;

All who see them will shake the head.

Then all men will fear,

And they will declare the work of God,

And will consider what He has done.

The righteous man will be glad in the Lord and will take refuge in Him;

And all the upright in heart will glory.

— Psalm 64:1-10

“Behold, God is my salvation,

I will trust and not be afraid;

For the Lord God is my strength and song,

And He has become my salvation.”

Therefore you will joyously draw water

From the springs of salvation.

And in that day you will say,

“Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name.

Make known His deeds among the peoples;

Make them remember that His name is exalted.”

— Isaiah 12:2-4


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I'm glad one cruise line dropped their vaccine requirement, but I'm still waiting for a cruise line to offer an unvaccinated only option.

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Trump knew this was coming. According to his son Eric the safe was empty 😂 I think Trump knew it would happen. I hope he set them up and had lots of paper trails and documents that implicate these criminals and then it would have to be entered into evidence if they arrest and charged him. Trump is smarter than this. I think it was expected at some point. But I expect this to get worse until all these sleeping Americans wake the hell up.

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“We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.” 2 Chron. 20:12b.

Indeed, when Jehoshaphat was warned that a vast army was coming against him, Jehoshaphat was alarmed, but he RESOLVED to INQUIRE OF THE LORD before doing anything else, and all the people came together to seek the Lord. Through His prophet Jahaziel, the LORD told them: DO NOT BE AFRAID OR DISCOURAGED because of this vast army. FOR THE BATTLE IS NOT YOURS, BUT GOD'S." And, supernaturally, God fought the battle and won!

It's clear that we are in a battle that we cannot win without the supernatural hand of God. Let us continue to pray and seek Him, for the battle belongs to the LORD!

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This government has Instilled a justified fear of persecution for free speech and demonstrations. While huge protests are happening in many parts of the world, the people are silent here in the US. You are not allowed a voice for freedom and against government oppression. While antifa and BLM riots may be carried on for months and include arson, looting, assault and murder, protesting a stolen election results in solitary confinement for trespassing. The esteemed physician Dr. Simone gold is a political prisoner as we speak.

This corrupt administration, aligned with it’s deep state continues to push the envelope. Selective prosecution is the rule. Hillary Clinton’s personal server stocked with classified documents is given a pass. The Biden family’s payoffs from Ukraine and China are given a pass. The dirty and incriminating laptop of Hunter Biden is hidden by the FBI during the fake impeachment of Trump.

We are ruled by a dirty and corrupt government. The window for cleansing it is rapidly closing if we do not put an immediate stop to further nefarious government actions. I only hope that our kids do not end up cursing our cowardly submission to government’s tyrannical disrespect of the people it was created to serve.

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Kari Lake's take was great, but responses to the raid from DC GOP politicians have been typically wimpy. McCarthy threatened to investigate and "leave no stone unturned"! I'm sure the DEMS are shaking in their boots over that.

We don't need interminable grandstanding hearings "discovering" what we already know and that result only in strongly-worded reports. We need swift impeachments, convictions, and removals from office! Start with Garland, Wray, Myorkas, Granholm, and Fauci. If the GOP were serious, they'd be writing and publishing the Articles now.

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"The raid’s rationale remains unknown." I think we all know the rationale: keep Trump out of office at all costs because they know if he gets back in, their goose is cooked.

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"Get cruising" - Nope. I'll boycott those that committed war crimes (coerced people into a medical experiment) FOREVER.

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As the child of an immigrant from cuba I can tell even Fidel Castro would have done a better job. I don’t hear much reporting on this this am. And this news was suppressed. I have the WSVN app on phone for hurricane reporting and they never sent a push notification to inform about the raid. FBI take paper and will plant paper. You don’t do this without a sinister plan.

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It’s a sad day for our country, but you left us with the perfect ending.

“We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.” 2 Chron. 20:12b.

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Internal polling must be horrendous for the Democrats to throw this deep of a Hail Mary.

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It's probably already been reported by you, but what ever happened with the Dr. Simone Gold "held captive in prison" fundraiser? I sent a few bucks but would like to know anyway. Thanks. When you know please make it a lead sentence as I never miss opening the site each day.

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as a foreigner (English) im gobsmacked at what your government and fbi are doing, if this was reversed the left would have burned the country to the ground by now

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Great words of wisdom, Jeff. Every move they make is calculated. I can’t believe I now live in a country where Gestapo tactics are brazenly used. Where Democrats sit by smugly and say nothing. Our GOP in Washington is the other side of this coin of corruption. Will they actually say something?

They have weaponized every bureaucratic branch. They no longer bother to hide it. They are telling us boldly now we are a banana republic. There seems to be no recourse except to God. Governments have become evil throughout the Bible and through the times up and through today. I am afraid Jeff’s scenario will prove true and we will see a President walked out in handcuffs. The media and the Republican Party allowed this travesty to happen when they allowed an election to stand. “Unprecedented” is the word I have heard repeatedly, like it’s never happened before, but should have, and now we’re making sure, you know it can and will happen. The Rubicon has been air boated across.

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I'll say it: the raid isn't where we crossed a line. It only showcases the line that was already crossed, in highjacking the highest election in the country. The government had already been weaponized against its own citizens (anyone recall the IRS going after conservative organizations? And let's not even talk about how long the FBI and CIA have been targeting politically inconvenient people), some jackals in DC had already lied, contrived, and falsified in order to try to bring down a sitting President, and other jackals have worked diligently to spill American blood all over the world to profit themselves and their owners.

In other words, our becoming a banana republic isn't something that happened yesterday; it's just that some are now seeing the fallout of having already become a banana republic...

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