I was diagnosed with covid pneumonia in December 2021. I had no fever or any other symptoms. But I did experience two days of severe respiratory distress. I treated it myself with deep, though painful, breathing. I also used saline nasal spray to keep the passages clean and open. I used a standard mouth was to gargle.

I contemplated going to the hospital but did not for several reasons.

- I refused the jab so I probably would not have been treated anyway.

- I did not agree with the standard treatment being given for covid


- I would rather die at home with family than

die at the hospital...ALONE!!!

As you can tell, I survived and am doing well. I went into this condition having been supplied with daily doses of vit. B, vit. D3, zinc, tumeric, and a multivit. Although elderly, my immune system withstood covid.

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I may have shared this before, but I, for one, need to read it, pray it, believe it…on repeat:

Who will stand up for me against evildoers?

Who will take his stand for me against those who do wickedness?

When my anxious thoughts multiply within me,

Your consolations delight my soul.

Can a throne of destruction be allied with You,

One which devises mischief by decree?

They band themselves together against the life of the righteous

And condemn the innocent to death.

But the Lord has been my stronghold,

And my God the rock of my refuge.

He has brought back their wickedness upon them

And will destroy them in their evil;

The Lord our God will destroy them.

— Psalm 94:16,19-23 NASB1995

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Don't be surprised if Alex Berenson comes after you for your accurate assessment of his reporting on Ukraine. He has a very thin skin.

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My sister had Covid (Delta) and was scared to go to the doctor or hospital. She was unvaccinated and had heard stories about how she would be treated. She eventually got so sick, her family called paramedics and they took her to the hospital. Her family was told they could not come in with her. By some miracle, she had her phone. She was able to come to and call her family to come get her.

The next day, my brother-in-law went into the hospital and insisted they were able to visit her. When they said no, he got louder and made somewhat of a scene. So again, by some miracle, they said that someone could come be with her for an hour a day.

My niece was the one to stay with her during most of the following days for the next month. This is what she found out was happening during the hour (sometimes a little longer) that she was there.

1) They dropped my sister’s food off at the door of the room and wouldn’t let the patient know. They would pick it up about an hour later. So if the patient doesn’t know it’s there and can’t walk (like my sister), they don’t eat. This is why my sister kept telling her family that she hadn’t eaten and she was hungry. My niece finally caught them doing it and called them out. They said they weren’t allowed to come into the room.

2) No one would give her a bath because “she had covid.” They wouldn’t even wipe her down. Nothing. For a MONTH.

3) She didn’t have a catheter but was given a pee pad and told “to just go.” The pad was clean when my niece was there but again…no bath.

4) Her hair was matted and hadn’t been brushed or put up. Her hair is down to her waist so my niece spent her time for several days just brushing it.

5) They kept moving her to other rooms and would leave her phone chargers behind so her phone (the only line of communication with the outside world) would go dead. Thankfully, my niece would just show up with new chargers.

6) She had a nurse who yelled at her and threatened her that if she didn’t lay on her stomach they would intubate her. The nurse slapped her hand.

7) They put an alarm under her body so if she got out of bed they would know.

8) They gave her Remdesivir and lied about it being the same as Hydroxychloroquine.

9) Her IV bent backwards so she told the nurse but the nurse told her if she moved she would die. So my sister ripped out the IV. She was then labeled as a problem patient. She was then given drugs to sedate her. Apparently something for Bipolar Disorder, which she doesn’t have. She was hallucinating and hearing voices. My niece caught it and took her off them.

10) She has PTSD from everything.

The list goes on. And get this…it all happened at Baylor. BAYLOR!!!!!!

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It's terrible that Dr. Stephan Guffant and others were treated so terribly in the hospital. Sadly many share similar stories of negligence, mistreatment from our hospitals.

Hospital protocol kills--


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Aug 2, 2022·edited Aug 2, 2022

I so appreciate your daily encouragement! Because the covid/vaccine issue is "controversial" and "divisive", I have been advised not to mention it in my Bible study class at church, however, I WILL NOT stop mentioning it to individuals in one-on-one conversations. A close friend got a booster shot in May and is now seriously vaccine injured. Another church member I met recently told me that her pulmonologist has confirmed that her asthma is due to the shot she received. I have helped people get ivermectin. I encouraged our niece not to get jabbed while pregnant, when her entire family was pressuring her to do so. How can I be silent? I refuse to live by lies.

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Regarding the Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH) story, I have some additional details.

This spring I was at SMH for a kidney stone...my impression of SMH was appalling. Excessive long waits for ER service, lack of beds (they actually have 3 "pods" of ER beds, but due to lack of doctors & nurses - wonder why? - they don't open 2 of the 3 pods until after 9am, so visitors to ER sit in the waiting room/lobby for HOURS)...many of the nurses quit when forced to jab and turned around and were hired as "Travel Nurses" at triple the pay and no requirement to be jabbed.

At a recent Republican candidate event in Sarasota, two incumbent hospital board candidates were at a table at the event. I introduced myself, described my experiences, and asked them why they allow this to happen at SMH under their watch. What was their response...?!?!?

They responded first that SMH is the "greatest hospital in Florida and everyone knows that"...my response was so what if patients can't get treatment. They then described at length how great and important they (the two incumbents) are...I again asked about patient experiences like mine. Guess what their answer was...? Wait for it...

They suggested I should find another hospital if/when I'm sick.

Let's C&C multiply these folks into office!


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The cost of Pelosi’s carrier battle group bodyguards. Incalculable. I used to fly F4 Phantoms from an aircraft carrier in the 1980s. For an airplane that initially cost $4M (in 1970s dollars) the cost per flight hour was reported to be $20K. The carrier battle group is WAY more than the carrier. Each carrier will have dozens of other ships with it - cruisers, destroyers, replenishment ships for food and fuel, multiple submarines, and satellite support. Now consider the fighters today cost $100M or more. Just their operating cost per hour is close the entire annual income of someone working for minimum wage. The CBG budget for one day of operations would deplete most billionaires nest egg within a day or two. Her bodyguard cost is incalculable. I just don’t get why we’re going through the charade. The CCP controls American politicians, all the way up to the President, and all the senior leaders in Congress - including Pelosi. They are all controlled by CCP blackmail and bribery. Nothing under the control of these American traitors is going to happen without the approval of Beijing. Watching this all play out gives me the same feeling I have when watching pro wrestling. It’s all scripted. I just don’t see the end game yet.

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Aug 2, 2022·edited Aug 2, 2022

Actually, Alex Berenson is the useful idiot. He’s been very useful in finding the truth about COVID, the effects of pot, and uncovering the collusion between the Feds and Twitter in censorship. But for everything else, Trump, election fraud, ivermectin, early treatment, Dr. Malone, Ukraine, and bio labs, he is a useful idiot for the ruling class. Alex thinks that history will prove he was right all along about COVID, and that the Twitter blue checks, and all of his former upper crust Manhattan colleagues and NYT cronies will accept him back into the fold. He apparently sees himself winning a Pulitzer and magically rising from the ashes to become the editor of the NYT. HE, along with you, Jeff, Dr. McCullough, and Dr. Malone, could be on the “Mt. Rushmore” of truth tellers in this most bleak moment of human history, if only Alex would turn his considerable critical thinking skills and reporting instincts to the truth on these other topics. But, he patheticly grovels on these topics before his ruling class masters in the vain hope he will be returned to the club.

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URGENT - South Africa National Health Act

If this act passes, someone who becomes a disease case, suspected case, or contact, they will be forced to isolate in government institutions, forced medications, and will not be able to leave until the government says so.

Public comments until Aug 5.


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So sick of pelosi doing whatever the hell she wants with zero accountability for any of it. Insider trading and using taxpayer money to gallivant all over Asia for reasons that have zero to do with what her actual job is in this country. WTH are WE paying for this! She’s a criminal. And we all know it. I know this sounds bad….but at this point…..Let China shoot her down. Do us all a favor. 😒

We have zero say about where our tax money goes. We have no representation! This is all criminal. This regime writes blank checks to whatever they feel like.

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I was just about to leave the post and comment about the enormous financial cost of the military buildup for Pelosi’s visit, and then you said it yourself!

What a joke.

And as if people aren’t smart enough, if they know about her recent investment and legislative activities, to recognize that this visit is 100% self-serving. There is absolutely no other reason for her {her, of all people} to be poking the beast right now. None.

It’s almost like she and the former VP are TRYING to start another war, or something. Maybe o deflect attention from Ukraine and from the disastrous economy here at home. Of course, a war in the South Pacific won’t hurt our economic woes or supply chain or anything, so no worries about that.


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The knives are really coming out for Berenson now, aren't they? I don't agree with many of the things he says outside of his vaccine work but let's not forget who we should really be mad at, the perpetuaters of this whole scam. Hang those people.

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Aug 2, 2022·edited Aug 2, 2022

An observation on the Apocalyptic—which Mr Childers also offers from time to time with an “I’m just sayin’” tone:

1st Horseman—white horse, crown, bow. White is the color most associated with the medical profession. “Crown” in the Greek here is “stephanos”. The Latin? “Corona”. “Bow” is “toxon” whence we get “toxic” and “toxin” because archery was a delivery system for poison in John’s day (heavy Greek armor kept arrows out of most vital spots, so flesh wounds were made much worse by stuff like snake venom.) Corona, toxic punctures, allusion to things medical. Also, the First Horseman goes “conquering and to conquer”, probably meaning “unstoppable”—as the mad jab campaign was for so many who didn’t want it but had to submit.

So I’m just sayin’. First Horseman.

The Third Horseman is famine and inflation. Both of which are brewing now and will, in the estimation of Michael Yon, claim a billion lives. That’s biblical proportions. And there’s no stopping that either, at this point.

So before the Third comes the Second, of course. He is war and bloody mayhem having to do with the West (his sword is a Western-style blade from John’s day, unlike that of the Fourth Horseman, whose blade is associated with Eastern militaries).

IF, therefore, we are living Revelation 6, it seems that the war and mayhem must begin quite soon.

We all can see how that is lining up as we watch.

Just sayin’.

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Bravo to these brave 4 individuals running for the Sarasota Hospital Board, They seem to be fine people and well qualified to sit on this board. I hope they win in a big way. Jeff if you do find out any way we can donate please post tomorrow. One step at a time taking over from people who have lost their way.

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WWIIIsteria: Nancy Pelosi Does Taiwan Memes (The Face That May Launch 1,000 Ships!)

- Move over Debbie and Dallas: America’s favorite stock-trading granny & Helen of Troy checks up on her chip investments (on taxpayer's dime), let's hope she doesn't embarrass us (or worst) and more Nancy Pelosi does Taiwan memes!


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