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A short special session update; another huge narrative fail; the detailed findings from a federal judge in one of my cases about the injections; New Hampshire's lawmakers go wild; and more...

Happy Wednesday, coffee lovers! Today we have: a short special session update; a gargantuan narrative fail emerges from the bowels of the FDA’s Corminaty report; more states sue Joe Biden over his CMS injection mandate for healthcare workers; House Republicans demand answers from AG Garland after some whistleblower documents suggested Garland lied to Congress; New Hampshire’s lawmakers pass bills banning injection mandates and defunding public schools; I clarify an earlier report about the case and give you the Ascension judge’s seven precise findings about the injections; fully-jabbed Gibraltar goes full Grinch; and Florida keeps handily winning the Covid competition among the states.


🔥 All the Florida Special Session bills easily passed the various debates yesterday, with democrats making a ton of amendment proposals, and republicans quickly rejecting them, irking some dems. “If the Governor wants to be so bold as to put forward these proposals concerning vaccine requirements, then he also should be so bold as to listen to our ideas about things and how to make these bills better,” Democratic Rep. Fentrice Driskell told reporters after the meeting.

Outside the capitol building, supporters of the bills held a massive rally. Today the bills head for the house floor (8am) and then the senate (2pm) for final discussion and votes.

While there were a few conservatives at the rally protesting that the bills didn’t go far enough, the rally was remarkable for the absence of folks protesting the bills in general. Meaning, pro-vaxxers. Where were they? Could their absence be another sign of things tipping? I imagine that if this session had been held in the summer, the capitol would have been completely infested with masked protestors chanting, “You’re killing grandma!”


🔥 In another huge fail for The Narrative, newly disclosed FDA documents show that more people died in the key clinical trial for Pfizer’s Covid injection than the drugmaker publicly reported. Pfizer publicly reported that only 15 people who got the injection in its original trial had died as of mid-March. But new documents show the real number was 21 deaths. That is very significant, because only 17 people died in the uninjected control group.

On page 23 of the FDA’s tardy November 8 “Summary for Basis of Regulatory Action,” which explains why it approved Comirnaty in August, it says “From Dose 1 through the March 13, 2021 data cutoff date, there were a total of 38 deaths, 21 in the COMIRNATY group and 17 in the placebo group.”

In other words, seven more people died in the injection group than the placebo group. That is NOT GOOD.

Now remember. Pfizer’s trial included only healthy folks. Only three of the people in the entire trial died from Covid-related symptoms - one who got the injection, and two who got a saline shot. All the other deaths were from other causes, mostly CARDIOVASCULAR. In fact, nine injection folks died from cardiovascular events like heart attacks and strokes, compared to six in the placebo group who died from those same causes.

At best, the results showed that the Pfizer drug did nothing to reduce overall deaths — the single most important measurement. At worst, it suggests that “something” may have actually caused statistically-significant numbers of excess deaths in the injection group.

It’s not clear why there is a discrepancy between Pfizer’s original claim of only 15 deaths in the injection group and the FDA’s disclosure of 21 deaths. There could be some explanation, I suppose, like the timing of reporting data or something. But obviously, 15 deaths makes Pfizer’s drug look better, since it is under the 17 who died in the placebo group, whereas 21 makes it look HORRIBLE.

If only we had some kind of government agency devoted to studying the safety of drugs in this country. That would be helpful at a time like this, huh? Oh well!

🔥 A second group of U.S. states has filed a federal lawsuit challenging the Biden administration’s injection mandate for health care workers. Remember — there are currently THREE Biden mandates: the OSHA mandate, currently enjoined by the Fifth Circuit, the Executive Order Mandate for federal workers and contractors, and the CMS Mandate, which is the one for health care workers in institutions that receive Medicare funding.

This latest suit, dated Monday, was filed in Louisiana on behalf of 12 states and comes less than a week after another lawsuit challenging the rule was filed in Missouri by a coalition of 10 states. So that’s almost half.

In addition to Louisiana, the suit includes Montana, Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah and West Virginia. The earlier Missouri suit includes Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

The Biden administration has not responded in either of the suits.

The new Louisiana-based lawsuit was assigned to U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty, a Trump appointee. Appeals from a Doughty decision would go to the 5th Circuit. And we already know what the Fifth Circuit thinks about the OSHA Mandate. So.

🔥 In a letter sent to failed Supreme Court nominee and Attorney General Merrick Garland yesterday, House Republicans announced having new whistleblower documents that show the FBI is currently using its counterterrorism division to investigate and add “threat tags” to parents — contradicting Attorney General Garland’s sworn testimony before Congress. He’d said that was NOT happening. So now he has some ‘splaining to do. I suspect he’s not looking forward to his next testimony before Congress.

At least Garland’s son is still selling those CRT books, so it’s not all bad news for the beleaguered Attorney General.

🔥 New Hampshire’s legislature is on fire. Yesterday it passed a late amendment that would ban private businesses from mandating vaccines and expand vaccine exemptions to include natural immunity and philosophical objections in its House Education Committee, on an 11-8 vote (one democrat supporting).

“It is my constitutional right to either be vaccinated or not. It’s my choice, not that of the government,” NH Rep. Rick Ladd (R) said. “To be denied employment based upon not being vaccinated is nothing short of discrimination.”

“We don’t confuse low odds with low stakes,” NH Rep. Betty Gay said. “The stakes can be your life. It should be your choice to take a vaccine. I know lots of people who’ve taken, but I’m not going to.”

“In a last ditch attempt to deny science and promote conspiracy theories, House Republicans disrespected the legislative process today by amending an unrelated education bill with language undermining public health and safety during a pandemic,” said NH Rep. David Luneau (D). Oh.

The bill goes before the full NH House for a vote in January. It’s a great start, but Governor Chris Sununu has previously said he doesn’t support vaccine mandate bans. We’ll see. Things are tipping, after all.

🔥 New Hampshire’s legislature also voted in a contentious party-line vote yesterday to defund public schools, kind of. According to reports, NH dems accused the republicans of ambushing them with a surprise amendment that completely replaced a previous educational savings bill. Assuming the new approved version of the bill is signed by the governor, all families — regardless of income — will be able to take their children’s local education dollars to the education provider of their choice. It would include not just state funding, but also local funding from property tax revenues (if approved by voters in each local district).

Maybe Florida should do something like that.

🎯 CLARIFICATION. We received the excerpt from the judge’s ruling in my Ascension Hospital case yesterday, and I need to clarify one point. When I described that ruling last week after the hearing, I said that the judge had found several things, including that the Covid injections were the most dangerous vaccines ever created. That was an overstatement. He DID mention that fact, but here, for accuracy, are his seven remarkable findings:

Based upon the unrelated medical testimony which I find to be credible that I have in this case:

First, although the COVID threat has not completely dissipated, the case numbers are down significantly and are continuing to decline particularly here in Florida.

Second, most people who get COVID have mild to no symptoms.

Third, the mortality rate is only half a percent, and it’s ten times less than that for people without other health conditions or risk factors.

Fourth, there’s significant and legitimate bioethical concerns about mandating the COVID vaccines because there’s growing evidence that the relatively low benefits of the vaccines are not significantly outweighed by the associated risks. Indeed, one of plaintiff’s medical experts testified that, statistically, the COVID vaccines are, quote, ‘the most dangerous vaccines ever created,’ unquote, because their adverse event incident rate is nearly twice the rate of other diseases,

Fifth, the vaccines are unnecessary for persons who have previously had COVID because they have natural immunity that provides equivalent or greater protection against severe infection than the vaccines. And, according to one of plaintiffs’ medical experts, quote, ‘if you have had COVID, there is no legitimate reason to be vaccinated,’ unquote.

Sixth, unlike other diseases for which a vaccine is the only effective treatment option, there are multiple effective outpatient treatment alternatives available to prevent or treat COVID, including ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies.

And perhaps most importantly, the unrefuted evidence in this case shows that the vaccines simply do not accomplish the purpose of the policy that it’s aimed at achieving; that is, quote ‘keeping everyone safer,’ because, again, they do not protect people from contracting the virus, nor do they prevent people from getting the virus.”

The findings by a U.S. federal judge are extremely significant. We’re getting there. Tipping.

🔥 According to Global Travel Industry News, 118% of Gibraltar’s population is fully injected against Covid-19 (it’s over 100% due to doses given to Spaniards who cross the border to work or visit the territory every day). So, they’re all good, right? Pandemic is over? Nope. Gibraltar’s Grinch-like government just canceled Christmas, announcing that all parties, official receptions and similar gatherings have been nixed. For safety.

“The drastic increase in the numbers of people testing positive for COVID-19 in recent days is a stark reminder that the virus is still very prevalent in our community and that it is the responsibility of us all to take every reasonable precaution to protect ourselves and our loved ones,” Gibraltar’s Health Minister Samantha Sacramento explained. So … the injections they took to protect them … don’t actually … you know.

Gibraltar’s entire adult population has been “fully vaccinated” since March, and masks are still required in shops and public transportation. It’s SO weird. Experts baffled, and so forth. But don’t worry. They’re getting on top of the situation, jabbing everybody with boosters and injecting kids. That should do it.

In Ireland, where around 92% of the adult population is “fully vaccinated,” cases AND DEATHS from the virus have roughly doubled just since August. Deaths. But, Safe and Effective.

🦩 Florida continues to lead the nation in Covid performance. You wouldn’t know that by watching Corporate Media. Just a few weeks ago when Florida was weathering high case numbers, the Corporate Media couldn’t say enough about the Sunshine State. Now, crickets. Freaky!

Anyway, Minnesota now leads the charts with 90 cases per 100K, Michigan is right up there with 77 per 100K. Guess Florida’s number. Go ahead. Oh, I’ll just tell you. Florida has only five (5) cases per 100K right now. FIVE. So!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and we’ll pour more java into the Erlenmeyer flask tomorrow.

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