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In today’s roundup: CNBC actually quotes a doctor admitting the vaccines are just a warmup to natural infection and we should “let her rip”; Pfizermectin developments; a theory about Covid ...

Good morning gang. In today’s roundup: CNBC actually quotes a doctor admitting the vaccines are just a warmup to natural infection and we should “let her rip”; Pfizermectin developments; a theory about Covid that is so crazy it might just be sane; New York City pushes back on mandates; New York State lays off a bunch of healthcare workers, at the worst possible time; and a late August preprint study from Japan suggests that Delta may be poised to break completely free of the injections. If it hasn’t already, that is.


☎️ 5DAYers: you didn’t get orders yesterday; it is taking a little longer than we thought to re-tool for private employer calls. We are adding more staff to help, but in the meantime, this is what we’re looking for: internal numbers or cell phone numbers for managers, HR directors, or executives at private companies with injection mandates. If you have them or can get them, message me with “5DAYNUMBERS” in the message, and give me the company, person’s name, and number.


🔥 CNBC was spinning like a rocket-fueled top yesterday. I’m not going to tell you the headline first, I’ll tell you what CAUSED the headline. The situation is that Singapore is seeing record daily Covid cases. That’s a story because it is seeing record cases despite the facts that Singapore has been super locked down and is at the top end in the world at 82% injected. With me so far?

Here’s CNBC’s headline: “Singapore is seeing daily record Covid cases. Here’s why it may not be a bad thing.”

Hahahaha! Record cases USED to be bad! But if you have a high injection rate it’s NOT bad any more! Okay, to be fair, I guess it isn’t ALL good:

> “The country’s health-care system and workers have been strained by the increase in cases.”

Oh, okay. So the injections aren’t preventing CASES and they’re not preventing HOSPITALIZATIONS, and they’re not preventing strain on hospital capacity, so, what’s the good news, exactly? You’re going to love it.

> “Medical experts told CNBC that the latest virus wave may not be a bad thing since Singapore’s population is highly-vaccinated. Many of the patients with Covid-19 have avoided severe illness and will gain further protection against future infection.”

Haha again! See that? The injections get you READY to get your REAL infection! See how great they are? There’s the usual babble about how — even though your case is bad enough to put you in the hospital and strain the hospital system — it always could have been worse without the injection or something. How much worse? Who knows? Who cares? Injections!

Here’s a great part:

> “For these people, infection will not have any short-term or long-term consequence to their health, but may additionally trigger a natural immune response which reduces the chance of subsequent infection,” [Teo Yik-Ying, dean of the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health] said in an email.

There you go. He said it. Once you get your post-injection infection, you’ll have natural immunities, and THEN you’ll be good as new! They work together, the virus and the injection. Hand, meet glove.

Next, I bet you didn’t know this fact:

> ”Letting the virus transmit slowly through the population is ‘not necessarily a bad thing,’ said Ooi Eng Eong, a professor in Duke-NUS Medical School’s emerging infectious diseases program.”

Oh. Um. Guys? I thought “letting ‘er rip” was a bad thing? Like, a REALLY bad thing. That was like, killing grandma and stuff…? Haha! Not anymore! Try to keep up! Things are moving fast!

But seriously. Where do the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, who were deplatformed for saying the EXACT SAME THING, go to get their reputations back? Oh media, at this long last, have you no shame?

After letting us know that, in his view, spike protein is completely “harmless,” I THINK Eng Eong then said the unsayable. And CNBC reported it:

> “If we get a natural infection, our immune system will be able to recognize a larger part of the virus as opposed to just the spike protein, Ooi said, adding that it could make a person more resilient against future variants.”

Wait, did he just say what I think he said? “If we get a natural infection … it could make a person more resilient against future variants?” So … natural infection IS better? After all? But … but … but what about what Dr. Fauci said?

Oh, never mind.

And finally, the dessert course. Eng Eong admitted the quiet part out loud:

> ”Instead of infection followed by vaccination, we’re going to get vaccination followed by infection, which I think is EVEN BETTER[.]”

It’s even better! You get to navigate BOTH sets of risks! It’s. Totally. Awesome. Plus Pfizer and Moderna and the NIH patent holders make a ton of money. Plus it makes the public health industrial complex look good. And the pandemic never ends, which makes all the politicians happy. So everybody wins!

Thanks, CNBC, for making me laugh so hard I stumbled over a faux-leather armchair.

💉 Meanwhile, over at Harvard, where injection rates are even higher than Singapore (96%), the virus is breaking out ALL OVER THE PLACE. CNBC reported the story in a piece headlined, “Harvard Business School temporarily moves some MBA classes online to curb Covid outbreak.”

“Outbreak.” COVID outbreak. But wait! I thought the injections were supposed to … oh, never mind. Well, the Ivy Leaguers only have to watch a few classes online, right? Whatever! Small price to pay for safety!

Except … not so much. Check out this little fact, buried late in the article: ”The business school is also mandating Covid testing three times a week for all students, regardless of vaccination status.”

Three times a week! And I bet it isn’t the handy-dandy home rapid test kind. I bet it’s the brain stem sampling kind. So … all those “smart” kids who fell into line and fell for the pitch that this “would all be over” when they got their injections, now have to submit to invasive testing three out of five class days. Per week. Until further notice.

So … who’s the smarter one? The kids? Or the public health experts repping for big pharma? Or … the virus?

🔥 I read an article yesterday that got me thinking. The author theorizes that SARS-Cov-2 is the most successful virus in all history. Unlike previous kinds of viruses, he posits that Covid has infected the brains of most of our political classes, making them implement policies like lockdowns and masking that help the virus spread and thrive, and has deluded our scientists into making an injection that promotes the virus’ own signature feature (the spike protein), and caused a close majority of people to favor injecting that signature feature of the virus into every man, woman, and child on the planet.

It’s a miracle of evolution. If the author is right, then Covid’s most successful feature is its ability to CONTROL THOUGHT to help it survive and thrive. It’s not science fiction. There are examples from nature where viruses can control the brain activity of infected animals and even humans.

In 2019, Business Insider published an article with the bizarre headline, “A fungus causes cicadas to lose their limbs and ‘try to mate with everything they encounter,’ researchers found.” The subhead: “here are 10 real examples of zombie animals in nature.”

They call them “zombie animals” because viruses hijack their higher-order thinking and make them slaves to the viruses’ need to spread and evolve. For example, rabies virus can make animals act aggressively or mutilate themselves, both of which promote viral spread. The movie World War Z featured a rabies-like virus that replicated by hijacking humans and making them incredibly violent.

A 2004 study titled, “Virus-induced neurobehavioral disorders: mechanisms and implications,” discusses the biological mechanisms by which viruses might exert control over behavior — in other words, thought. The study says, “These … were … observations from the 1918–1919 influenza virus epidemic, during which many infected patients developed psychiatric disorders similar to schizophrenia or depression.”

Schizophrenia. Being REALLY crazy, in other words.

Famously, president Woodrow Wilson’s personality completely changed after he recovered from the Spanish Flu. One Smithsonian article reported it like this:

> … says biographer A. Scott Berg , [after recovering from 1918 flu,] the “generally predictable” Wilson started blurting out “unexpected orders”—on two separate occasions, he “created a scene over pieces of furniture that had suddenly disappeared,” despite the fact that nothing had been moved—and exhibiting other signs of severe disorientation. At one point, the president became convinced that he was surrounded by French spies.

> “[W]e could but surmise that something queer was happening in his mind,” Chief Usher Irwin Hoover later recalled . “One thing was certain: [H]e was never the same after this little spell of sickness.”

So, what do you think? Is it possible that Covid has a psychological / behavioral component, hijacking many scientists and politicians and making them into some kind of paranoid, injection-pushing zombie slaves to further the viruses’ own aims?

Just asking. It’s only a theory, calm down.

🔥 Yesterday, New Yorkers gathered for the second time this month at Foley Square in Manhattan to protest vaccine mandates. It was a pretty good turnout. Protestors say the movement is gaining steam. Meanwhile the Mayor has decried an epidemic of fake “vaccine passports” being used by citizens to enter clubs and restaurants and stuff. So.

🔥 New York State’s vaccine mandate took effect Monday after the Second Circuit reversed a temporary injunction on its injection ultimatum. Therefore, thousands of nurses and other health care workers across New York state have lost their jobs or been suspended because they are refusing to comply with the injection requirement.

Brilliant, right? In the middle of an endless pandemic featuring biannual panics over lack of hospital capacity, New York is laying off thousand of hospital workers. Right before the state’s seasonal spike gets going.

Nothing could go wrong with THIS plan.

Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo suspended elective inpatient surgeries and has stopped accepting intensive-care patients from other hospitals as it prepares to fire hundreds of unvaccinated employees, spokesman Peter Cutler told Reuters.

At NYC Health + Hospitals, the New York City-run safety net hospital system, more than 3,000 unvaccinated workers have been put on unpaid leave, but are “free to return to work if they change their minds on the vaccination.” You get the picture.

Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester announced a two-week pause to some elective procedures. “Patients can expect longer wait times for routine appointments, some employees will be asked to take on new responsibilities, and temporary bed closures are possible,” said the University of Rochester.

But hey, at least the state is making a point, right? And, don’t worry, Governor Hochul — who thinks she’s the Covid messiah and has instructions from God for you — plans to bring in the New York National Guard to help out short staffed hospitals. So. That’s a thing now. Using the National Guard to help fix an emergency that SHE MADE. What, are we supposed to thank her or something?

🔬 A late August preprint study published in BioRxIV by a team of Japanese researchers is titled “The SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant is poised to acquire complete resistance to wild-type spike vaccines.” The gist is that the researchers believe that Delta is one or two small mutations away from acquiring “complete” resistance to the injections, which would then be “completely” useless.

Remember two things: first, since the injections are “leaky,” they are allowing the virus to develop resistance, much like how bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics. Second, since the mRNA injections only manufacture a SMALL PART of the virus (the spike protein), antibodies to them don’t broadly recognize other Covid strains — they only work best against the original “wild type.”

What I’m wondering is, aren’t we ALREADY seeing vaccine escape? Despite the media’s attempts to spin and conceal it, it is pretty obvious that the injections offer zero protection against infection. So the virus has escaped to that extent. And injected people are still getting sick enough to go to the hospital, and I don’t care what the hospital CEO says. We can see it for ourselves. So hasn’t Covid already escaped? Or, was it ever captured?

💊 Great news! Pfizermectin in entering its final stage trials. On Monday, Pfizer announced that it’s launching an accelerated Phase 2/3 trial for a daily prophylactic pill designed to ward off Covid in folks who may have come in contact with the disease. So, Ivermectin includes a “protease inhibitor” which researchers speculate “could be the biophysical basis behind its antiviral efficiency.” In a completely random coincidence, Pfizer has described its new drug as a “potent protease inhibitor.” But don’t worry — the drug is TOTALLY different from Ivermectin and that’s why it’ll get a patent and be super expensive.

The really good news is, maybe once fearful Covid people can start munching on Pfizermectin they’ll lay off trying to jab everybody?

Well, I can hope, can’t I?

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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