Info on 'Hospitals Incentive Payments for COVID-19' can be found on www.ProsecuteNow.io

NOTE that CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicade') 'waivers' of liability for violating patients' rights - which include many of our basic rights, like liberty, the right to self-determination regarding our bodies, etc. - DO NOT OVERRIDE your rights. Or the law.

Use Brave or DuckDuckGo to search the internet for the 'Patients Bill of RIghts' in your State.

Print copies and keep them with you at all times. Put some in the glove compartment of your

car(s) - and hand them out to friends, family members, etc.

You may also want to print a copy of The Belmont Report - which goes BEYOND the Nuremberg Code in protecting you from medical experimentation without FULLY INFORMED and FREELY given CONSENT - under the National Research Act of 1974.

From the Dept. of Health and Humans Services website :-)


If any hospital person give you a hard time- tries to deny any of your rights - politely and calmly ask to see the person in charge- ideally the hospital administrator, or the highest ranked admin person available - and ask them to read the relevant porton(s) of the Patient Bull or Rights and/or The Belmont Report.

Remember to politely inform them that you are recording everything - with a smile, of course!

More resources:

CovidPenalty.com - Focused primarily on 'human experimentation' violations - as ALL the 'measures' were and are EUA aka experimental: -the Covid shots, Covid tests, even the masks, 'social' distancing, and lockdowns - and remdesevir (look up the brand name), Paxlovid.



ChildrensHealthDefence.org - Not just for children! Check out their Legal Resources page, and articles on 'The Defeltjllp.comnder')

https://fltjllp.com/2021/09/13/jacobsen-v-lausd-2021/ - A California attorney explains:

'What Does Jacobon v. Massachusetts Really Mean?' This 1905 Supreme Court ruling is often

cited by lawyers and judges to support 'mandated' vaccination. Yet that is NOT what this court

ruling says.

fltjllp.com - Check out the 'Resources' and 'Blog' pages for more information on your rights, and how to defend them. Lots of info here about fighting city and county 'mandates' and unlawful actions (prolonged "emergency" declarations when there clearly is none, violations of Constitutionally protected rights, etc)

https://lc.org/ - Liberty Counsel has an excellent record of successful law cases standing for religious freedom - including the RIGHT to religious exemptions, as protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and other law.

'The Real Story' at www.ProsecuteNow.io gives and easy-to-read and well-documented history of the Covid debacle, in case this info may help you or your lawyer fight school boards, local/county/State officials, etc. Or if you want to 'enlighten' your representatives in Congress.

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Powerful important information. Found you via Epoch Times article. I am sharing a link in my blog and internet communities. Working through all our documents now! Preparation! Feeling grateful.

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Here’s the example form for the State of Florida: http://www.myfloridalegal.com/desigsurrogfaq.pdf

This link does not work. Get an error message.

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Jeff - can this be updated to reflect the most recent protocols that hospitals might be using?

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