Does anyone know of a resource that tracks Jab injury in pregnant women and babies? I'm suddenly having close friends of childbearing age develop Preeclampsia, and losing babies at 20 or 25 weeks. It's happened to about 6 friends, and almost happened to another. Most (if not all) of them had taken the shot.

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I've been saying it's the lipids forever. Just like with the issue of adjuvants of traditional (and equally useless) vaccines, these are things that the body cannot get rid of.

This is why moderna had issues with gene therapy years before con-vid. Both moderna and pfizer use the same license, but moderna lied that they made their own lipids (called sm102)

mRNA doesn't work and spike protein is just a made up partial genome...

And virus theory is bullshit.


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We need to end the emergencies.

Covid19 was a scamdemic. The 'vaccines' are worse than the virus, and very likely the whole intent to cull the population.

So why does the original covid emergency keep getting renewed?

There must be a reckoning for this war on the people, but we first have to admit that our own government is killing us.

We have been in a constant state of emergency since 9/11.

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Dr Sherri Tenpenny has written on 40+ mechanisms of injury way back when this started. Now we are seeing everything she said come to pass and others acting like it’s a new revelation.

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Thanks for the great summary and super interesting papers you linked here. Lots for everyone to consider - we need to force congress to ban these dangerous covid vaccines and especially for our children.

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Good read here on some theories. I feel like something is missing on his theory but interesting


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May 7, 2022·edited May 7, 2022

I hate to allow myself hope because it's a sucker's bet but I can't help hoping against all hope that Dr Yeadon & Dr Zelenko (and others) are wrong about this being an intentional cull of humans.

If you had to design a "delayed onset, multi cause" bio-weapon I don't think you could do better than this one. Aside from the horrific short term adverse reactions you have ADE, mad cow, Alzheimer's, right side heart failure due to micro clots, cancer and lots of other bad stuff from telomerase synthesis disruption and VAIDS, OAS, etc from messing up the immune system. All kicking in sometime after 18+ months.

If the bio-weapon they developed in 2014 (the one that got gain of function banned) had got loose 2/3rds of humans would have died in 3-6 months. That would be a big problem because nobody would be able to shut down all the reactors in time etc. Too many dying too soon.

So instead we have the very real possibility that we will see a reduction in life expectancy by a decade or two over the next 5-10 years. Much more manageable and plausible deniability because there are over a dozen conditions that will kill people so no single one will stand out.

I can hear it now: "It wasn't the vaccines. It was covid".

God I hope they are wrong but this does not bode well.

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Thanks for all of this information. Even with many of our concerns we do have to remember to keep things in context as well.

I've been looking into the LNPs and I looked at some of the Pfizer documents in the past. Hopefully we can collect more information and start to piece things together, but we all do have to remember to keep our heads on straight, look for evidence, and try to examine everything through the proper scientific lens.

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