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You’re forgetting some major news


we won.

With the NDAA it has language that orders the sec def to abolish the mandates.

They’re gone.


Now time to go fight for those already discharged and forced to take the shot

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Hooray for Governor Desantis! Hooray for the 7:15 am arrival of C and C in my inbox! Thank Jeff.

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Right on, Jeff. Right now, I'm working with Steve Kirsch and his Vaccine Safety Research Foundation team to develop a short 6-question survey for embalmers to anonymously report on the large "white fibrous clots" that they have been seeing in corpses over the last several years. Like you, I'm trying to bring out the TRUTH. Jeff, you can contact me at thomashaviland@sbcglobal.net if you want to know more. And thanks for all that you are doing!

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Corporate Media has always been in the sack with pharmaceutical companies. A match made in hell. They've manufactured billions of dollars by concocting a myriad of miracle pills and shots that do more harm than good. They call them side effects, but in reality are "direct" effects. The damage they have inflicted - by design - is unforgivable. ("Side" effects for depression meds include suicidal thoughts, which is code for suicidal follow through. That should clear up those pesky bouts of depression). Check this out from a gem called RINVOQ: WARNING: Serious Infections, Mortality, Malignancies, Torn Stomach Lining, Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events, and Thrombosis. SERIOUS INFECTIONS. Sign me up.

I used to envy pharamceutical reps, now I loath them.....and their advertising specialty pens, mugs and frisbees. There are several heads on this Medical Mafia beast deserving of medieval justice.

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Governor DeSantis, as a local pastor in Interlachen FL, I support your efforts to bring accountability for fraudulent mRNA business practices.

In our church, we had the 1st recorded case of Covid-19 in Putnam County. Back then in the 1st months of the pandemic, The county health department threatened to have me locked up if I would not submit all 200+ names and phone numbers of our congregation for contact tracing. This type of overreach needs to stop.

Thank you for your courage.

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" I promise you, right now those mendacious reptiles are scrambling to figure out how to accuse Governor DeSantis as being literally 1,000 times worse than Adolph Hitler, for challenging their precious, lucrative jab narrative. "

It should be interesting seeing the spin put on this when the media finally _does_ cover this speech. I'm sure it will be pretty much what you said. And stuff like this is why I'd so much rather see DeSantis stay as governor - because he can keep leading the way on this sort of thing. I know Abbott just had another speech about wanting to pass laws against mandates, but if he's true to form - it will be weak and likely not include everyone. Florida really has been leading the way so much more lately.

Now to draft an email of support..... (and that email link may need some attention - it seems to go to the governor's website instead of it being a "mailto" link for the governor's office)

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I love you AND Governor DeSantis along with MY Governor Abbott! Here's what I just sent Governor DeSantis...

THANK YOU!  It's fun (in a morbid way) to watch you and MY Governor Abbott sort of compete!  But both on the same side!  Hallelujah!

I work for BAE Systems Inc. who complied with the unconstitutional and unclear federal mandates on federal contractors.  I was one of about 15% who stuck to my guns and was "exempted" on religious reasons.  I will say kudos to BAE for what looked to me like dragging their feet in the enforcement of these illegal directions from the White House.  I heard they also "exempted" 100% of the folks who submitted religious exemptions.  Good for them.  However, that didn't stop those with less fortitude from succumbing to orders from the lead Washington scumbag.  I was actively training for a second career while awaiting the "exemption" decision.  

I put quotes around "exemption" because WE NEVER NEEDED AN "EXEMPTION"...THE ONLY "EXEMPTION" WAS EXEMPTING US FROM OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS TO MANAGE OUR OWN BODIES...I know, preaching to the choir!  

I have an employee in her 50's who went ahead and took the shot.  As far as I know, Thank You Jesus, she has not suffered injury.  I know prayers have a LOT to do with that.  Sadly, her husband in his 50s and her HEALTHY, ATHLETIC DAUGHTER in her 20's, who both took the shots, were BOTH induced with blood clots!  THIS IS INSANE!  THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

I just found out my nephew, who is a Freshman in college, was just diagnosed with "tiny clots in his lungs"...Good Grief!  His mom works in a hospital and she recently collapsed at work shortly after taking MORE shots to get her new position...YOU BET THEY TOOK GOOD CARE OF HER!!!  Can't have hospital staff collapsing AT WORK DAYS AFTER RECEIVING "REQUIRED" SHOTS!  They could not find anything wrong...Or more accurate to say, they didn't look for what was really wrong.  


God IS watching and KEEPING TRACK.  Absolutely He'll forgive and forget but ONLY THOSE WHO REPENT!  I'm pretty sure I'm interpreting His Word correctly where He says...

"Get out of here you evil doer...I NEVER knew you."   I didn't say it...I read it...Don't cancel me!

God bless you and yours!

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Would be a significant boost to this “Battle for mRNA Accountability” to start including the “Deadly, Fundamental Flaw” in “All mRNA Pseudo-Vaccines” in the dialog being used by Governor DeSantis and others. Doing this is very important, because too few Americans are currently aware of this life-threatening fact, and the “Criminals” are planning to use "mRNA Technology" in most "Future Vaccines." Should also be hard for crooks to get around this fact in court, since it is covered in medical textbooks.

The “life-threatening danger,” from mRNA use, comes from the fact that the proteins made by a cell, in response to the mRNA message, are foreign, non-self-proteins, which cause the cell that made them to be attacked -- and die a violent death, with high inflammation -- by “complement” (killer system #2). Dr Bhakdi MD explains this, in layperson terms, in this excerpt from CHD TV 2022.10.21 -- (00:45-29:00 of https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/chd-tv/shows/friday-roundtable/worrying-developments-with-michael-palmer-m-d-sucharit-bhadki-m-d/ )

Given this, any MD who uses, or advocates for the use of, mRNA pseudo-vaccines is guilty of malpractice and/or gross incompetence, and could thus be sued for damages to those injured, without having to prove anything but mRNA use. MD’s relying solely on “official guidance” (eg, from CDC, NIH, etc) are dangerously out-of-touch with reality these days.

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Thank you for posting!

Consider it done. I have passed on to numerous others.

Just met a woman last night whose husband was murdered in the hospital - University of Maryland, Baltimore with Remdesivir. She totally got it! She said " they got their $ 30,000. and they gave me $ 9,000. "

Nuremberg 2.0

Do Not Comply

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It’s up to people like us (ya know, the uneducated conspiracy theorist crazy right winger blow hards) to help spread this news. The media won’t. And the citizens with their heads in the sand refuse to research or think for themselves. We The People need to share this news far and wide and force people to take notice. That’s why we are an army! We will settle for nothing less than the actual truth! Let’s do this! Time to call AND email the governor. Then time to spread the news. 💪🏻 🇺🇸

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Truly outstanding news about Gov DeSantis picking up his sword to fight Big Pharma.

And what a great way to separate himself from Donald Trump who, for some reason, continues to tout this poison. For all his tough talk, Trump did absolutely nothing when they fortified the election from under his nose. He left us at the mercy of a pack of ideologues. Never forget that.

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Done. I had a reaction to the vaxx and have a record. I left my name and said I am wiling to share. I frankly spent these past three years thinking surely at least the vaxx mandate will go away, surely it won’t continue, but it is becoming entrenched, especially in colleges. My son is applying this year, and so many doors are now closed to him because he won’t take a booster. We have to fight.

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Should we boost Mat tabbi. He is really sticking his neck out like Snowden or assange or greenwald...

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Jeff, God bless you for making time for this huge rally cry today before jumping on a plane. We don't know how you manage to do all the good that you do. You're like the Energizer bunny!

And may God Bless Gov. DeSantis, his family, his staff and all of his supporters in this battle. Let's lift them up in prayer today and every day!

Jesus said, "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them." -Matt. 18:20

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What Would DeSantis Do.

He'd kick ass and that's what he's gonna do. We need politicians that stand up for THE PEOPLE and not the interests. I hope that he never changes that even whenever he gets to the White House and the lobby sharks start to circle him.

God bless you DeSantis for standing up for us.

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Such great news. I just shared it in my FB group of almost 10,000 conservatives. I hope it helps.

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