β€œOr, should we maybe multiply a reliable water-testing company to go in there, test folks’ wells for them, and post the results online? β€œ


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Dr Mercola offers an independent water testing option. We’ve done it for our well water. Maybe we should contact him (He was on an FLCCCA conference call recently and he lives in Florida).


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If you live in East Palestine and you evacuate, take your guns! We had a flood in a nearby town a couple decades ago and when the National Guard came through evacuating people, they entered property and confiscated guns. They also arrested people for marijuana grow rooms they discovered.

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The expression of their faces bears witness against them,

And they display their sin like Sodom;

They do not even conceal it.

Woe to them!

For they have brought evil on themselves.

Say to the righteous that it will go well with them,

For they will eat the fruit of their actions.

Woe to the wicked! It will go badly with him,

For what he deserves will be done to him.

β€” Isaiah 3:9-11 NASB1995

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Kamala Harris as " anti-impeachment insurance " ............... that is RICH, Jeff. Just beautiful.

And a whole lotta truth, too!

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This is well written as I am familiar with some of these past disasters. Whoever gave the order to blow up those train cars is either crazy, stupid or just plain evil

I was in the hazmat cleanup business for 10 years.


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While vaccines (mRNA in particular) are the new glamour drug of the Medical Industrial Pharma crime cartel, the old money lies in the chemotherapy poison which has made investors along with oncologists exceptionally wealthy. A neighbor of mine was diagnosed with leukemia a number of years ago and proceeded to go in for those chemo treatments approximately 10 days later. He died the day after his first session. So whenever someone dies so quickly from β€œcancer” I just assume it was because they took the poison.

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THANK YOU for the continued focus on "The Jabs". Hazmat & UFOs are distraction, morbid and criminal but a distraction for the crime of Covid. Between the Jabs + Hospital protocol- have you seen Dr. CAMPBELLs video on rumble titled Feb 13 2023- HOLY SMOKES, hospitals literally murdered people with med combos. 😳 And Johns one to report only what's printed/ no speculations.

EYES ON THE TARGET, global genocide.

Grateful for Switzerland, Thailand, Japan and Ecuador for DOING something, getting the ball rolling on atonement of some sort. We need A LOT more of this.

Keep the Faith πŸ™

Hold the Line ✝️

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Even if the water is safe for drinking - for now - it may not be safe for anything else. The largest organ on the body is the skin and if there are chemicals in the water, they can be absorbed through the skin in a shower, washing hands, get into clothing in the wash/rinse cycle, etc. Further, the chemicals may or may not take time to get into wells as they leach into soil, although hopefully that won't affect deep wells, but I don't know. As Jeff pointed out a few days ago, that water goes to the Ohio River, then the Mississippi, then the gulf. Hello.... test along the way! The state absolutely should be testing and publishing online the results of that area and surrounding areas. And no, as an Ohioan, I don't trust a single organization in this state at all. I was skeptical to begin with but the scamdemic put the nail in the coffin for me. We'll see how they handle or don't handle the remainder of this problem.

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If your distrust in doctors couldn’t get any worse, check this out, as masked Columbia University medical students chant the mantra of critical race theory.


Comments include:

- Never a better time to be a malpractice lawyer.

- Don't ever get a physician under the age of 40 anymore. You'll regret it.

- I saw two white males in that crowd.

- The body count bout to huge, yo.

- Best part is when she demands that everyone bow their heads, not in reverence of God, but in devotion to the tenets of critical theory. 1984.

- β€œLet us bow our heads in recognition of the gravity of this oath…” Totally not a cult.

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Nothing says expert as much as a white lab coat and a bow tie. Costumes are always the first consideration when bamboozling the masses.

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Dear Mr. Vanderhoff:

1) The title "Doctor" disqualifies you from being trusted. Drop it.

2) God provides clean air and water - the government screws it up...

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Trust Dewine???? I remember the little weasel spewing β€œ2 weeks to stop the spread” 🦜 HAVE WE NOT LEARNED ONE SINGLE LESSON??? Do your own investigation. We have our own Coffee & Covid truth warrior ... aka Jeff Childers

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A woman 10 miles from East Palestine, Ohio found all her chickens dead. They were fine the day before. "If it can do this to chickens in a night, imagine what it will do to us in 20 years"


I this is clearly an attack on conservative America's population and food supply.

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Well, at least he stopped short of saying that you should drink your water, bottled or otherwise, through a mask. Incidentally, I'll choose the virus over an experimental injection everytime. At least the virus gives me a fighting chance

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The Kenny Rogers line is pure gold

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