1) Corrected the spelling of Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi's name.

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Jun 5, 2023Liked by Jeff Childers

“But first, a disclaimer. As I am constantly reminded by critics, I am a lawyer, not a microbiologist.”

I am a trained molecular biologist with a background in micro. You are representing the literature appropriately. I am constantly amazing that tou can grasp the concepts and present them.

REMEMBER: this poison was created and disseminated by supposed “microbiologist”. Also anyone who thinks this is microbiology is not knowledgeable. This is molecular genetics which uses bacteria, viral components, genes, and cells.

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This couldn't have been an accident and all I can say about this is...

They came with their Doctors and their lockdowns. Torched our economies, suffocated our lungs with masks, destroyed the minds of our children, killed and maimed us for life with poison filled needles…

And now they want us to be thankful to the WHO and the CDC and the FDA for being saved…

from a cold.

Once the psychopaths responsible for this are swinging from lampposts, we must never forget this tyranny, and never allow it occur again.

Always remember, it's never been about safety.

https://tritorch.com/safety.jpg [image]

Dr. Christina Parks seems to explain this plasmid problem well:

https://bitchute.com/video/Xrg1O9SsnNou [4:03 minutes]

If you want a behind the scenes look at what is really going on with this COVID military operation, give this a watch: https://bitchute.com/video/Pf1r9xX6Gyb5

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If McKernan’s vials are typical of what was injected into billions of people, we are looking at a pharmaceutical blunder .


blunder implies innocent stupidity.

how about malevolent catastrophe.

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Re: McKernan’s discovery- how would this explain Long Covid in the UNJABBED like myself? I’ve had unintentional weight loss over 60 lbs, severe fatigue and brain fog since my only so called Covid infection in Dec 2020. My life has been forever altered since that time. 29 months of no answers from physicians in my area, I have been stuck in a NIGHTMARE feeling like I know more about what’s going on than THEY do, yet when I speak to them about even just the Spike Protein being TOXIC, they look at me like I am crazy. I stopped going to all doctors, I will NEVER trust healthcare providers again. My brother in-law is a Physicians Assistant and is absolutely CLUELESS. What a lonely place to be, yet I will FIGHT with every last bit of strength I have, in my 100 lb body. If you haven’t already done so, my best advice is to get closer to the Lord and REALLY understand his WORD. Not one person will miraculously save us. I used to think that. NOBODY IS COMING TO SAVE THE WORLD. Only He.

God help us all. 🙏

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Jeff....I'm speechless 😮

Quite a bit of information to assimilate, presented in an easy to comprehend way and in a language that we can all easily understand.

It would seem that if the facts support that the jab test results are accurate and representative of the materials that have been injected into folks, there's a bunch of problems.

Many innocent people were lied to.

Many will suffer needlessly.

Statistics already show shortened life expectancy since the jabs.

Statistics show sterility, increased miscarriages and lower birth rates.

Increased heart issues.

Increased stroke issues.

Increased autoimmune disorders.

While it sounds cliche, this/these are crimes against humanity on a global scale.

Jeff I support you in your prosecution of all legal cases to bring justice ⚖️ to this matter.

Fellow C&Cr's...this just might be the most substantial article showing malevolent forethought regarding vaccines and the mass enforcement of coerced injections.

The truth will set us free and the good need to keep on doing good.

God Bless.

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None of this was done by accident, please remember this. ALL vaccines created by this industry are poison, whether for humans or for animals. STOP injecting yourself, your children and your pets. The accumulation effect of the poisons along with the increased EMFs being pumped at us are killing us by the millions. Start by freeing yourselves from the Medical Industrial Complex and research alternative ways to get and stay healthy. ❤️

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She must have trillions of mRNA delivery pods nuking her body - Former Pussycat Dolls member Jessica Sutta admits that she is injured from the Moderna mRNA vaccine:

"I’m vaccine injured by the Moderna vaccine. Three days later, after my first shot, my life has not been the same. It’s been two years of hell. I feel like I’m dying every single day...

Anyone injured out there - http://react19.org


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I am not any type of scientist yet I was able to understand much of your explanation. Interesting that as I finished my C&C, I opened Daily Mail and this is the lead article.


There may be a link, correct?

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Sounds like 5.2 billion injected people are well and truly hooped.

This information is tragic. Astounding.


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Let’s not forget that our government funded this- GoF at Wuhan. The entire Covid scheme was DoD and and all of this is still continuing to this day. Yikes.....We need to stop giving these bastards the benefit of the doubt.

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Amazing deep dive today Jeff! So the immunity system destroys transfected cells, including endothelial cells. These tissues in the brain don't heal. So are The Vaxxed literally losing brain cells?

How much does this affect a person as they lose brain capacity?

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Jun 5, 2023·edited Jun 5, 2023Liked by Jeff Childers

A friend who wouldn’t listen to me when I warned her about this experimental garbage finally stopped after the 4th shot. She has been to Drs. Regarding a “gut” issue. They didn’t find anything & she is still wondering what is wrong? I want to send her this article which might explain her problem but in the past she has been terribly opposed to any of the so called “conspiracy theories”. Further, she would probably shoot the messenger, ME, too! I finally got to the point of not saying anything to people about this nightmare & hoax on humanity because too many people got royally pissed at me for doing so. I just keep hoping one day the truth will be wide-scale exposed to the public.

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I just thought of something reading your mrssage today....e-coli is a gut bac, ivermectin works in the gut, i understood, but it was dangerous, so bad it was BANNED for covid treatment.

HMmm. So somebody maybe KNEW ivermectin would maybe interfere with....maybe...


Too many blanks to fill in...

Nah. Couln't be.

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"The reason Pfizer used mRNA in the first place is because mRNA is temporary, transient. Each mRNA strand normally gets consumed in the process of creating whatever it’s coded for."

Jeff - perhaps an add is needed to clarify they psuedouridinated the mRNA to make it more stable and it is not breaking down in the body as normal, natural mRNA is.

Interesting aside: at the FLCCC conference, Dr Cole mentioned he believes re injuries and health issues there are 2 syndromes: 1) the obvious spike issue and 2) the non degrading mRNA issue. I asked a question at the conference if there anyone was doing any research to figure out how to degrade the psuedouridinated mRNA. Dr Been answered no.

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May be off topic but wanted to share here. Re. President Trump not disavowing the jabs, this woman writes an interesting perspective.


Nellie Elizabeth Palmer-strawn on FB

Just to clarify briefly because I am still seeing many are still blaming President Trump for the fallout from the vaccines. Trump had no choice but to release the vaccines in order to stop their great reset. It was always meant to happen under Hillary Clinton. The original plan was to keep nations shut down until a vaccine was made. Multiple deep state leaders told us this. They also said it could take years to develop. A central element of the cabal strategy was to hide all treatments. The WHO ordered all governments, news media, and social media to censor and ban information about treatments. Trump smashed this plan by shouting from the rooftops that there were treatments. He posted 26 tweets (!) about hydroxychloroquine and promoted doctors who use it. Essentially Trump removed the need for a vaccine by saying there were cures. Who needs a rushed vaccine if there are proven drugs? He promoted these drugs for many months. The significance of this evades most of us. This is where many of us KNEW not to take the shit, and tried to tell all of you NOT TO TAKE THE SHIT and tell people to f&ck off!! The vaccines were not his idea. They were the cabal's plan. He released them 1.5 years sooner to end lockdowns, which saved the world. That was the key to the original plan. Under the guise of a public health crisis, shut down the economy long enough to kill it completely. 99% of the people that took it were also going to take it, regardless of what Trump said or did. This is evident in the fact that despite his endorsement of the vax, the intelligent of the world adamantly refused. (More in comments) 👇

If he had come out against the vaccines, they would have simply used it to destroy him and still introduced it but on their own timeline. It was the only option. Nothing could prevent the vaccines. Mankind demanded them. They would have been released anyway. All he could do was thwart their plans.

The genocide is not his fault.

The adverse events are not his fault.

All of this would have happened anyway, & far worse - on top of the total wipeout of America & all nations, followed by a tyrannical Great Reset.

Go back and watch Trumps rally in Alabama

He was booed for mentioning Warp Speed...

Thus ending his promotion of it

He was waiting for the People to acknowledge the dangers of the vax

How many Doctors were censored from all forms. Of media for telling, you the dangers?

Researching just the risks of 1 vaccine opens the Door to. All research and questioning all of the Lies.....Since that day Trump. Dropped

Warp Speed talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eA306aNtvmk

More comments on FB if interested

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