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I know that after the much ballyhooed "red wave" that the Republicans are going to do everything in their power to expose certain 3 lettered government agencies as the corrupt and loathsome entities that they are. But, we better, by God, locate the brakes on this runaway locomotive we call the pharmaceutical industry and push HARD. There are more pharmaceutical lobbyists in Washington then members of the Senate and Congress combined. I assume they're not exchanging popover recipes. WE NEED NEW LAWS.

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DeSantis is wise, yet again, to keep Trump at arm's length while simultaneously remaining cordial toward him. You don't want Trump as an enemy, nor do you want him as an ally. DeSantis knows how to walk that fine line and distance himself from the self-proclaimed Operation-Warp-Speed-Savior-of-the-World, whose liability for crimes against humanity is becoming increasingly evident with each passing day.

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Bio labs: What you saw in the CBS report is how the tyrants always operate. 1) That’s a lie; there are no bio labs in Ukraine. 2) well, there are bio labs in Ukraine, but they aren’t doing anything dangerous or illegal. 3. Yes, there are bio labs, and they were doing research that might have been dangerous, but they’re not doing it any longer. Nothing to see here. 4. Yes, there are bio labs in Ukraine, and in many other countries, and, yes, we are still doing research, and some of it might be dangerous, but it is for your safety. We have to get ahead of the terrorists. 5. Yes, the dangerous pathogen escaped from our bio lab and caused millions of deaths, but that is just the cost of trying to prevent wiping out all mankind. We had your best interests at heart the whole time.

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Lots of comments here critical of Trump, and I do understand. Yet Trump didn’t know enough virology to be able to singlehandedly defeat Fauci, Birx, the CCP, the Democrats, Big-Pharma, FBI corruption, The Lancet, and the CDC. But his gut instinct to shut the border was likely correct at the time. His instinct that those who spoke of HCQ were right was accurate and brave. His withdrawal of funds from the culpable WHO was better than any other western leader.

Energy is the life blood of EVERY economy, and the entire CAGW doctrine and policy is based on poisoning that life blood. The motive? The goal? Apparently some combination of malthusian ideology, crossed with the desire to rule the world. “Blue Planet in Green Shackles”

The US GEBs “ Greedy Evil Bastards” (working closely with the European GEBs,) appear to be maniacally desperate to harm Russia precisely perhaps because Putin won’t play their One World GOVERNMENT games.

And Trump was a beacon to all nations to also not play their “Rule the World” games, and exercise strong self interest. Keeping Trump and Russia apart appears, in retrospect, to have been the deeper benefit of the “Russia Russia Russia” manufactured attack on Trump. The number one goal was to remove Trump and an independent nationalist USA, and two, aligned with that goal, keep the nationalist US and nationalist Soviet Union apart, punish them, and you crush Nationalism everywhere.

Trump’s economic success, and beacon call to rational Nationalism made his removal necessary, made Covid 19 ( almost certainly a man made manufactured crisis) necessary. And Trump’s success was massive and growing!

He had dragged China, against their declared will, back to the trade negotiating table. India was fully aboard with 150,000 citizens giving Trump

standing ovations, and Mexico was cooperating, Asia was cooperating, Eastern Europe was cooperating, ANTI indiscriminate immigration ideology was growing. Bi-lateral and Tri-lateral trade deals were rewriting global trade with the number one economy and super power in the world, a strong USA.

Canada was being dragged, also against their will, to the trade table. Even North Korea was bowing to the Trump doctrine, rocket man had cooled his jets, and was talking with South Korea.

Trumps moving the US embassy to the heart of Israel was called a great threat to world peace. Instead, only months later, several Arabic middle eastern nations were prepared to recognize Israel, something the left said would never happen.

Minority US populations were experiencing their greatest gains in employment and earnings in decades.

Mexico was shutting down the northern flow of illegal immigrants.

The US was now a net energy producer and exporter.

Thousand of old bureaucratic red tape laws were stricken from the books.

Donald Trump did all of this against ceaseless attacks from all democrats, from constant legal challenges, both personal and policy, from the “ resistance “ of hundreds of thousands of 95 percent democratic DC - Mordor on the Potomac deep state bureaucracy, from the three letter intelligence agencies, from the international One World government foreign agencies, governments, and billionaires, and from RINOS in his own party.

It took two illegal Impeachment attempts, “Russia Russia Russia” and finally Covid 19 ( most certainly a man made illegal US -China Gain Of Function venture, and insane Covid policy that stoped the world, including EVERY Trump policy, to stop Trump, and the world from getting fully on board his train of rational Nationalism

I will watch both Trump and DeSantis carefully before my decision. I will not forget that Trump worked for free and the One World Government GEBS ruthlessly attacked him , and anyone associated with him.

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Hope you feel better soon Jeff. Thank you for taking the time to get the blog out today.

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This sums up the Paul Pelosi talk:

"Doctors for Paul Pelosi say they were unable to repair the narrative." -- Scott Adams, Dilbert creator

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Monkeypox may be gone, but it looks like RSV may be the new PH darling. Our preschool was asked to forward a Scary Word Salad about RSV from public health. I’m tracking what they’re trying to force on my kids and also noticed that Pfizer, Moderna, and Sanofi all have a brand new RSV vaccine.

Our preschool also asked us to resume COViD testing… because RSV. 😆

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Good work, Senator Johnson. I wish you'd gone on to mention how that same radical left moved down the educational foodchain from universities to public schools, using Howard Zinn's textbook to promote the "America baaaad" narrative and pave the way for CRT and the ideology of leftist perversions that is dominant in many schools today.

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Jeff-Get well soon!. Thanks for motivating yourself to do this substack even when you are not feeling well. You are such a trooper and we love you for it!!

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"Lies—and again lies. It amazes me, the amount of lies we had told to us this morning."

"There are more still to discover," said Poirot cheerfully.

"You think so?"

"I shall be very disappointed if it is not so."


And the crowning one ↓↓

"If you confront anyone who has lied with the truth, they usually admit it—often out of sheer surprise. It is only necessary to guess right to produce your effect."

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How do we know CBS didn’t just shoot this piece of garbage in the basement of CBS headquarters?

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There are real hammers and there are Hollywood Rubber hammers.... There is real blood and there is staged Hollywood blood. Sometimes a dildo might sorta look like a hammer. Then Pelosi is treated at ZUCKERBERG Hospital... This is an obvious PsyOp for mass distraction considering the Pelosi's can well afford the most advance security systems on the plant.

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“On Wednesday, the United Nations Security Council voted to deny Russia’s recent request for an international investigation into the U.S.-linked “military-biological” labs in Ukraine.”

I don’t know why this surprised me, since it’s just another example of global corruption.

“Your princes are rebels and companions of thieves. Everyone loves a bribe and runs after gifts. They do not bring justice to the fatherless, and the widow's cause does not come to them.”

Isaiah 1:23

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I'd like to see more about the voter fraud issues mentioned earlier this week. Whether that goes somewhere, gets dismissed, or somewhere in-between. Those sorts of stories need a _lot_ more attention.

Should be an interesting week next week and really hoping we don't have more "2am surprises" like we did in 2020. I doubt we'll rise up like our friends to the south, but it could come close to that if the Dems trailing horribly in the polls come from behind to victory.

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There is a photo floating around the internet that shows Mr. DePape next to another photo that appears to be him holding photography equipment at the J6 protests. It reminded me of the Project Veritas video back in 2016, of a democrat campaign operative for Hildabeast, that admitted the way they would look for crazy homeless people to do “work” for them. He stated “crazies will do anything you ask them to” including things like violence at MAGA rallies, etc. Things that make you go “hmmmmm”.

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It appears to me DeSantis is skipping the Rally because Trump is still in love with mRNA kill shot.

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