All parents should quit vaxxing their kids. Watch the Vaxxed film. The unvaxxed children are way healthier, have no allergies, and if they get one of the childhood sicknesses, they have life long immunity. Isn't that much better than a chemical that might protect against one strain, and that leaves heavy metals and allergens in children's bodies?

PS I just get a message here that Liz Truss has thrown the towel. Have to check that out!

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The US Federal Government has over 600 agencies - 600! The resident in the White House just created another one with an $88 Billion price tag?!! I’ve lost count how many new agencies he’s created in less than 2 years. This has to stop!

We do not need the majority of the agencies we have now. They do nothing and are redundant. Our Federal government is too bloated. We need LESS government and LESS regulations. We need mandatory Federal retirement and no more pensions and benefits after retirement. Let them live like the private sector! These agencies have their own agendas; get bigger budgets and more people annually. The government has their own agenda and we’re not on the list!

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Jeff, numerous people are saying it is illegal to mandate an EUA product.

For example:

“For one, this is still an unlicensed product. I am still not sure a EUA vaccine product can be added to the schedule. I don’t believe it has ever been done before.”

—Robert Malone (https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/the-acip-vote-today-and-what-this)

“EUA PRODUCTS CANNOT BE MANDATED. What is happening now is illegal. Unethical. Immoral. Unprecedented.”

—Jessica Rose (https://jessica5b3.substack.com/p/and-acip-goes-all-in-at-150-again)

What are the chances of this being challenged in court once they rubberstamp it? Perhaps you can team up with Health Freedom Defense Fund and make it happen :-)

Regarding this quote: “They chose not to do a very, very harmless thing that protected the rest of society.”

This is one of the most enraging examples of Covidianism *and* collusion I have yet to see. Words fail me.

On the other hand, I am delighted to hear AOC is being besieged by yet more righteous heckling! I told my husband after the first instance that it would be wonderful if an attention-craver like her started being afraid to go out in public for fear of being held accountable for her actions.

I adore Alex Stein and have been following his public meeting artistry since he first trolled onto the scene. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but his mother was brutally hospicided via remdesivir—AGAINST THEIR EXPLICIT WISHES—by Baylor Hospital. I shared that heartrending story and a rare serious public meeting presentation by him in this piece:

• “Letter to Governor Ron DeSantis” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-governor-ron-desantis)

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Outstanding commentary, Jeff. I particularly appreciate your encapsulation of our current reality:

"The committee, who were all sitting in little boxes in a dystopian version of “Celebrity Jeopardy,” never discussed the fact that covid poses a miniscule risk to healthy kids. The committee never discussed natural immunity. The committee never discussed adverse events."

The majority of humanity have gone insane and I fear that we are all passengers on a veritable Titanic quickly approaching the inevitable iceberg. I've commented a few times on my job and how I work with a ton of happily jabbed people. I truly feel like an Orwellian thought criminal every day as I sit in meetings and hear people humble bragging about business trips to Brazil and other places where 'jabs for entry' requirements still exist. I am asked frequently, "When are you coming to Brazil?"

We live in the south, our kids are teenagers, and we've gone the homeschooling route before so I am pretty sure we can adapt. However, I look at friends of ours celebrating newborn children and I can't help but to feel incredibly depressed. (My wife and I suspect that both of our kids are vaccine injured due to behavioral issues that both experienced as young children as we - like most formerly naive and trusting new parents - sheepishly went along as our kids' pediatricians injected each with 38 different shots. All we can do is tell them we were stupid, that we're sorry, and to understand why we are so militant now).

Humanity have been divided into two entirely distinct realities. A friend of my wife happily informed her yesterday that she just received her second booster so she can visit an elderly friend in Philadelphia. When my wife out of curiosity asked her why (my wife is pretty open about our stance), her friend said proudly that the elderly friend will be happy knowing that she's up to date on her shots.

I am confident that mandated jabs will convince many previously opposed parents to inject their kids simply so their kids can attend public schools The vast majority of these will be forced to do so because they do not have the means to home-school their kids or other real alternatives.

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I’m sick to my stomach about childhood vax decision, I could not read past that. I’m happy for Florida kids, but what about kids who live in blue states like New York. With population in NYC there is no chance to turn it red. And please don’t tell me that parents will choose to homeschool then - for most it’s not feasible... I feel so hopeless...

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Jeff, You need to look into HR 350. FAST!!

This just happened yesterday, in the most recent US Congressional meeting behind closed doors, and you need to be aware.

Cloture was invoked yesterday under Unanimous Consent Agreements over Order No 371, House Resolution 350. and it centers around the establishment of "Domestic Terrorism" Offices within Homeland Security, The FBI, and the Department of Justice itself.

*A Unanimous Consent Agreement means that it passes defacto unless objected to by members.

Invoking Cloture here is their means to an end. It means they limit the debatable time to 30 hours by default and it prevents filibuster. After 30 hours it is pushed through to a vote & all amendments undiscussed automatically are tabled.

It is a procedural way to get around filibuster from political opposition, & to keep amendments from undercutting their plan here.

Avoiding a quorum call means members dont even need to be present for a vote to happen.

They are expanding Agencies to target us, the People, specifically, and they are doing it FAST.

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The ACIP vote is just one more indication of how much democrats hate children in America. You know those bureaucrats are almost exclusively progressive. Stacy Adams thinks we could improvement inflation if we kill babies. The CDC doesn’t care if children are injured by a shot that isn’t properly tested and they ignore their own injury information. Progressive women think they have a constitutional right to murder their own babies. Government schools indoctrinate children and sexualizes them. We don’t educate our children. We don’t protect them. We don’t offer them a future. Take your children out of the arms of government and love them properly.

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The people have spoken. In fact over 86,000 comments about adding the covid vax for the childhood immunization schedule as of Noon yesterday, keep speaking! See what people have to say.


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15 useless idiots determining the fate of millions of children? None of these people are even qualified to referee a game of jacks.

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This is the documentary Based on the RFK jr book, The Real Anthony Fauci visible for FREE the next 10 days on Rumble


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I live in Woke County (officially known as Wake County). We homeschool. I strongly advise and encourage everyone to get out of gov't run schools, today. It will be fine, the kids will be better off and they'll learn more useful things making up games in the backyard than getting indoctrinated in the woke classrooms.

We need to get that man to run for office asap.

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Doctors who support vaccines (most of them) will admit that they give Hep B vaccines to just born infants in the hospital (day 1 or 2) because if they don't give them the vaccine then, the parents will not give it to them later. I saw a doctor from Johns Hopkins say this in an interview several months ago. Hopefully, all of this vaccine awareness will backfire.

I have to admit, I'm actually happy that the CDC is now making covid vaccine for children an election issue. They probably think it will help Democrat candidates. It is most definitely going to tilt things in the favor of the GOP candidate if they decide to make it an election issue like Kari Lake has. In AZ 29% of 5-11 year olds and 59% of 12-17 year olds are fully vaccinated. For PA, it's 34% and 59%. You can see all states and % vaxed by age here. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/covid-19-vaccine-doses.html#age

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Oh Jeff! God bless you for making me laugh out loud with that video of Alex. That was the BEST!

And I loved it that you mentioned Akron, Ohio where I’ve lived most of my 63 years!

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So much to comment on today. Another informative post!

I'm not a parent, but if I were, my answer to this forced "vaxxing" of kids would be a simple no. Just no. Stop complying. As we've learned with the masks, the mandates, the shots, etc, they will keep pushing and pushing, as long as we let them.

As for that little weasel, Baugh, I hope he keeps getting his boosters until the results are "sudden and unexpected". Godspeed, D-bag.

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The 2 of the 15 wearing a mask in the zoom meeting were trying to hide their identity because they felt “stupid” for agreeing. There is absolutely no other excuse!

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Regarding the NYC Mayor aid...Chris Baugh who said


HE WAS FIRED! There are many of these tyrannical weasels in the DEMPUBLICAN party.

One down...many to go!!!


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