Proceed with audio but remember there are those of us who can read and adsorb faster than anyone can talk. Dont give up the printed word!

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I posted this comment this morning at Exposing the Darkness Substack:

Wow! I never thought I’d be on the side of 30 radical Democrats. Ukraine is a cesspool of corruption. Too many of our country’s “leaders” or very close relatives have been swimming in it. I wonder if all the $$$ and military equipment we’ve sent there is hush money so the truth stays buried. We need to heed the advice of our first President George Washington. He warned against foreign entanglements suggesting further we treat all foreign nations with benevolence. It’s way past time we ended our involvement with NATO, the UN and brought all our troops and military equipment home. We desperately need to secure our own borders, track foreign nationals here, and deport those who overstay their visas. We should not trade with other countries until they adopt and enforce our clean air, clean water and labor standards. We have all the resources we need here. And most important, we need to eliminate all unconstitutional federal alphabet agencies, vote on paper ballots in person (with the rare exception of absentee ballots for the bed-ridden) with a designated national holiday for federal elections.

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While I am glad about the new R voters, they need to STOP VOTING EARLY and by ALL

means, STOP ADVERTISING IT on social media.

They are telling the opposition how much cheating they need to arrange. STOP IT!

Vote in person, day of, and preferably late in the day.

And do not say how you voted until the counts are in and final.

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I posted a video from Dr. John Campbell (2.5M subs) yesterday about how he bought Ivermectin and how he uses it. (He claims it's for 'scabies' to get around censorship).

This was one of the comments, pretty funny:

"Tested positive in January after 2 days of 102 fever. I accidentally confused my horses dewormer for yoghurt at the ratio of .04mg/kg for 5 days and within 36 hours my fever was down to 99 and I was feeling much better, same for the wife. My Dr was told by her supervising hospital that owns her office that she was not allowed to prescribe Ivrmctn. I was able to replace my horses dewormer for $6.99 USD at my local feed store. Ahhh, the benefits of living in the country. By the way, most of my rancher neighbors also made that mistake when they tested positive with similar results. Don't store horse dewormer in the yoghurt section of your refrigerator."

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Oct 25, 2022Liked by Jeff Childers

I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. This is the BEST substack! I know I’m not the only one that watches their phone in anticipation for it to appear every morning. THANK YOU Jeff for my daily dose of news and laughter, both of which are very needed in the wacky world we live in. I’m running for State House in Minnesota and have this tag line that I use which resonates with so many, “If things seem wacky, vote for Jackie!” It gets a laugh and an affirming nod every time. Jeff, you were part of the reason I decided to run. You stood up and filled a huge gap; I’m doing the same. Thank you for the motivation! Jackie Schroeder jackieformn.com

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Oct 25, 2022·edited Oct 25, 2022

Why I'm voting straight Republican-

Take this experimental med or be fired.

Your young child will be wearing a mask for the next year.

A girl in your community was just abducted and sold into sexual slavery because the immigration laws are ignored.

Someone in your town will spend months in jail with no opportunity for bail because he/she has a contrarian opinion about the legitimacy of our elections.

We’re here to seize your guns because we received an anonymous complaint about your demeanor and no, we don’t have a warrant and there will be no hearing

The voting will start a month before election day and end two weeks after election night.

Your 25 year old, thin athletic daughter or son just had a heart attack or stroke.

Your church is not essential and must be close. Liquor stores, massage parlors and CBD outlets will remain open.

Injected family members should shun the un-injected at Holidays.

A dude in drag will be reading to your grandchild at the library this Saturday.

Buy a Tesla if you cannot afford the fuel for your 8 year old pick up.

I and everyone here could add a thousand to the list.

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That MSNBC clip was out of the park! Take that b@#*%!

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I watched a bit of the debate of DeSantis and Crist for FL governor. Crist pretty much answered every question by pivoting to 'muh abortion rights'. His strategy is to show DeSantis will be focused on a Presidential run and have no time to manage the state. However when Crist was governor as a Republican did that exact thing ... immediately ran for federal office.

A joke:

A Republican, an Independent and a Democrat walk into a bar in Florida. The bartender turns around and says, "What will you have Mr Crist?"

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Oct 25, 2022Liked by Jeff Childers

My favorite part of the “loyal conservatives “ saying how great a job ole Joe is doing 🤮 is the verbatim language coming from accounts flying the 🇺🇦. Tell me you’re a democrat in disguise (or a bot) while vomiting out that crap without saying it out loud whydontcha.

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Oct 25, 2022Liked by Jeff Childers

I like the bloody mary mix behind kitty, maybe a change in title for the weekend version??? Bloody Marys and BS given the state of the "news" in today's world?

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Also voting Republican for the first time in my life! My former party abandoned me. When I am asked in emails Etc. about my non-support, I say “ you lost me with the word mandate.” Also, all that crap foisted on the kids in schools. I don’t agree on all issues, but my priority is stopping the slaughter and disabling of innocent people taking that shot, as well as my desire to see the people who lied pay consequences.

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I’m 74. Voting Red down the entire ballot for the first time even tho a good acquaintance of mine is our district congressional representative Democrat candidate. Nope.

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Two thoughts. It cracks me up how far away the MSNBC interviewer is from the panel. Is insurrection contagious?

It should be interesting to see if Kelly pushes for an answer about her sister's death. She has the Megaphone to blow this up. Hopefully she uses it.

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You wrote the words 'podcast host' and showed a picture of a cat, and I thought: "No way he got Gato Malo!"

Talk about misinformation spreading.

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The bots were over the top on that line. “As a proud conservative Republican..” I am one and would never vote for Slow Joe. It’s laughable who thinks anyone in their “Right” mind would believe that baloney. 🙄😂

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Oct 25, 2022Liked by Jeff Childers

I’ve been a lifelong die hard Pro Choice Democrat. Thought I was so cushy and “informed”. Read the Nation, Mother Jones, Public Citizen, listened to Democracy Now!, read NYTImes and Washington Post daily.

That has all changed since watching the Senate Homeland Security Hearings about Early Covid Treatment from November and December 2020, and seeing the media backlash.

My world did a 180 and I was done in there for awhile, having my liberal bubble burst. I naively thought that “lives mattered”

While we’re on to true confessions here, I’ve never donated to a political candidate, Planned Parenthood was my go to.

Brave new world here.

I donated substantially to Senator Ron Johnson’s campaign out of gratitude and support for all he has done to help the cause of Early Covid Treatment and vaccine dangers.

I am voting for Zeldin in NY. Fortunately NY is very pro choice so I’m not having to make Sophie’s Choice here. Which I would do in support of No Mandates if in another at risk state.

So there, so ha!

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