Thanks to Harold for posting the video of the interview of Jeff Childers earlier. I wanted to add some notes. Everyone should check it out.

Jeff starts out stating how he was watching a county commission meeting for Alachua County, where they quickly passed the 1st mandatory mask mandate in Florida that was county-wide. He was so offended by this, and realized it was totally unconstitutional to dictate what people have to wear (something strapped to your head).

To that point Jeff had not practiced Constitutional or Civil Rights law in his whole career. He’d been a business contracts lawyer. But he fired off a Demand Letter to cease and desist. He had to figure out how to to serve papers to a government entity. This is summer 2020, the peak of mask hysteria.

In talking with his peers, Jeff was confronted with ‘why are you throwing your career away over this’. Going against the government can be bad for business.

Jeff pressed on and won the case (on appeal) with a finding that mandatory masking was unconstitutional (Nov 2020). This caused a flood of interest for Jeff to take similar cases, as most other attorneys would not. Next was a lawsuit, representing a group of city of Gainesville employees facing termination over refusal of the jabs. This case lead to a defeat of a local vaccine mandate (around Sep 2021), likely the first ever mandate defeat.

Jeff also took a Jan 6 defendant's case. Like the masks and the ‘vaccines’, no lawyers wanted to take these cases. Why is that? The large law firms are so intertwined with govt, so they have to be careful not to offend their govt clients. So they don’t want to challenge the published govt narrative.

Example: If a teacher somewhere can’t put up a ‘pride’ flag, then you’ll have ten attorneys there the next day. But if the teacher doesn't want to wear a mask, there’s no one showing up to represent them. The difference? One has the backing of the govt, and the other is the exact opposite ‘here there be serpents’. Challenging the govt narrative is a no go. This was the case for ‘tall building’ law firms, all the way down to 50-person law firms. They’re so dependent on govt, they are unwilling to challenge ‘official’ govt narratives. Jeff says “We have to break that interdependence between govt and our legal community, because it’s not good, whatever is behind this.”

In the video, Jeff goes on to explain how he had always believed in God, but in his early 40s he had a bonafide spiritual experience with a vision and everything else; he started going to church every week and tithing, it was a complete transformation. It happened on a bike ride. His wife says he came back from that bike ride a different, better person.

Jeff started to come more in tune with ‘suggestions’ that were coming from a divine source and not something he would have thought on his own, such as ‘sue the govt’. So he pays attention to those feelings. Jeff is going in to these challenges with this Spiritual Conviction. The Constitution is certainly good, but there is a higher power, and the Constitution itself refers to this, that our rights come to us from our creator. They don’t come from govt.

Why wouldn’t 10 attorneys from the ACLU come in to defend a teacher who doesn’t want to wear a mask? It’s very strange. It’s like there are forces of good and evil at play. Jeff didn’t feel he had a choice. If he wound up losing his career over it, he still needed to do it. He needed to say he tried. (much more in the vid!)


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I don't know how the Trump announcement will eventually shake out, but I look forward to having someone in the public square say things out loud that need to be said. Current Republican leadership is spineless for the most part and may as well have a "D' beside their name. They can't even point out that Biden is so gone he can't find his way off of a stage. Maybe people will finally wake up to all the money being shoveled into Ukraine - and wonder what it is actually doing.

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"As it turns out, it’s looking more like it was probably two missiles fired by UKRAINE,"

It gets better. These were actually SOVIET-made missiles circa '79-82. Their distance is ~75km so could not have been fired from Russia.

In fact, they could have been made in Ukr. Or, since UKR ran out of its own stock & lives on weapon donations, could have been missiles donated by Poland to Ukr. 😆

RIP to the 2 farmers.

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Nov 16, 2022Liked by Jeff Childers

I just got an email from Rick Scott saying he's going to challenge Mitch McConnell for Republican leadership in the Senate. I was thinking a Florida senator should take the reigns but was leaning towards Rubio. Either way it will remove the spineless Turtle and place a man with at least his own agenda front and center. I'm hopeful he succeeds and is able to combat democrats and their lies more effectively than McConnell ever could.

I love the spin on the Ukraine war! Maybe it will give the WWIII pushers a pause at least.

So Dr. Panda came out with an interesting FTX story as well showing they funding fake studies on ivermectin and HCQ. Amazing what fake money can buy!


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I’d only support trump if he back tracks on the jab. I know there’s so much else going on, but that’s my hard line!

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How about release all the people in jail implicated in a fake insurrection narrative!!

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Great round up today, Jeff! So much good news! I thought Trump’s speech was on point last night too. I was wavering for a while with his comments about potential republican challengers but listening to Michael Knowles daily podcast quelled those, along with the speech last night. The establishment is still firmly anti-trump, which is all I really need to know in terms of if I should still support him. If they still want him out at all costs it means he has their number and the jig is up on them if we all continue to support him. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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Nov 16, 2022Liked by Jeff Childers

I didn't get to read yesterdays C&C until last night. I was able to read today's version just now. My day is better when I read The Word, then drink my coffee while reading C&C. then start the day. Jeff is an amazing and talented writer.

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Jeff – respectfully request we do a multiplier for banners4freedom.com

This effort just may start to wake people.

Jaime and Robert Agee created this organization in November of 2021 and have been putting up billboards all across the country.  The DOD just took over the billboard they’ve had up for months in Times Square for so-called “recruiting”. Interesting timing 😡

They already have a GiveSendGo page created:


3,090 donors have raised over $480,000 since last November.  That money has now been exhausted. Think what a difference your readers could make helping this organization get the word out!

I will be purchasing car magnets so that my car will be a driving billboard.

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He continued, “The allegations of election improprieties in our state’s largest county may result from anything ranging from malfeasance to blatant criminal conduct. Voters in Harris County deserve to know what happened. Integrity in the election process is essential. To achieve that standard, a thorough investigation is warranted.”


More than an investigation is needed.

Our elections need to be audited like BANKS are audited.

Ballots must be RETAINED and not destroyed.

Certified Public Accountants need to conduct audits.

Voters must be able to review how their votes were recorded, stored and counted by the elections department.

In person voting with voter id!

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Nov 16, 2022Liked by Jeff Childers

If the situation in Texas continues to deteriorate how long before Abbott deploys Chuck Norris?

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Epstein, Bankman-Fried, Yellen, Ellison, Zelensky . . . seems they all have something in common, but I can't quite place it yet.

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The problem with Greg Abbott's actions is that HE JUST NOW DID IT.

What took him so long?

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And in other RINO news, Tom Emmer picked to be Republican Whip... I'm considering formally abandoning the Republican Party by switching to Independent as a message to the GOP. The GOP needs to stand up to all this Dem BS (money laundering and indirect or direct murder for gain) happening in their back yard which is being ignored and get some balls and muscle to do a similar research to what the Dems are doing.

Donald Trump's speech was great last night. I was surprised when my husband said he had no idea the success of the Trump backed candidates as he spewed off the number of them and how very few lost. He asked me if I knew that...🤦🏼‍♀️😒😑

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I am personally exhausted from this last election. I didn’t really believe the red wave kool aid, but I did not think it would come down to the elite GOP in DC openly sending monies elsewhere. I have no desire to even begin talking 2024 when the distraction covers all the harm both parties have done to this Nation.

Every move is politically motivated and calculated within the Uniparty. Right now, I am going to take a break. I turned off the tv media in 2020 and I could still keep up. I trust no political establishment any longer. My trust is and always should have been in God.

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That poor little boy. Never had a choice in the matter. May he rest in the loving arms of Jesus.

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