With the insanity of the MOST healthy person in the world, Novak Djokovic, being discriminated against because of his sane health decisions...


Reminds me of this guy, who's speaking to the latest CIVIL RIGHT... medical liberty!

Dr Ahmad Malik @DocAhmadMalik

I wish all the woke, BLM, stand by 🇺🇦, diversity & inclusion advocates would also recognize and support the largest persecuted minority of our times, the unvaccinated. Many are still denied study, work, health and travel because of their choice.

That's what you call equality.

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“Last month, the investigative journalist Seymour Hersh published an article on the newsletter platform Substack”

See what they did? The NYT simultaneously insinuated that Sy’s article lacked credibility because it was not published by a mainstream outlet *and* got in a dig at Substack, a growing thorn in the side of prime-time propagandists like them.

Here comes the boomerang effect of ten thousand more people joining Substack now that they know Sy Hersh is on it 🙌 (I’d make it a higher figure but doubt that many people read the New York Times anymore.)

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The Lord utters His voice before His army;

Surely His camp is very great,

For strong is he who carries out His word.

The day of the Lord is indeed great and very awesome,

And who can endure it?

“Yet even now,” declares the Lord,

“Return to Me with all your heart,

And with fasting, weeping and mourning;

And rend your heart and not your garments.”

Now return to the Lord your God,

For He is gracious and compassionate,

Slow to anger, abounding in lovingkindness

And relenting of evil.

— Joel 2:11-13 NASB1995

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How do I love Governor Ron DeSantis?! Let me count the ways 😀😍🥰😘

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22 years as a policeman and they take away his pension! Outrageous. Where's his lawyer????

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From the Jesus Revolution, I love this tremendous nugget of truth. “The truth is quiet. It’s the lies that are loud.” Boom. Lies begat lies and they have to get louder to convince. Too many people knew exactly what happened on J6. The truth will set you free….

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Happy early birthday Jeff! We'll miss you on Friday.

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Rumors are that DeSantis knew weeks in advance from Garland that Trump was to be raided by the FBI. BUT he didn't warn Trump (which could have been Obstruction of Justice). Trump getting hemed up would open the Presidency for DeSantis... Who knows. There's also signs Trump knew about it anyway.

And you hear 'Soros and Jeb! support DeSantis'. Who cares! It's just distracting noise. (They) will try to cause lots of division. I'm just ignoring it and watching what DeSantis does policy wise, which has been all good. Also Trump's sounding more spicy, so I'm hoping 2024 is the era where medical rights and scaling back govt becomes a focus.

Trying to stay hopeful.

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"You could run western Ukraine for a week on the gaslighting just in this article alone."

BWWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you SLAY me, snark king! Brilliant post. So glad God put you on the planet for such a time as this. Happy early Birthday!

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I thought that Tucker Carlson performed a magic trick, live on TV last night.

He cackled and chortled about how Charles Schumer, Mitch McConnell, and Mitt Romney threatened him about showing more of the footage from January 6. And then Carlson showed . . . no new footage from the Capital on January 6.

I guess that is how you get on national TV. You laugh at threats to censor you, and then go along with the censors.

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Jeff,. Thank you for Your long hours in publishing coffee and COVID. The insights, conclusions, and humor are both informative and uplifting.

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The more they push Djokovic, the more he becomes a role model to athletes around the world. He is waking up thousands of your h athletes everywhere

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So infuriating. People can see with their very own eyes that the J6 event was mostly peaceful. And yet, upon watching the evidence, they somehow have been so brainwashed that they can not see for themselves the evidence plainly presented to them, believing somehow that this plain evidence is being misconstrued.

What is to be misconstrued about an unedited video of police standing aside and welcoming peaceful visitors into the building?

I don't get it.

The issue isn't how Tucker or anyone else is misrepresenting the evidence. The J6 committee did that for us already. These whiners should be directing their fury toward THAT group of miscreants and liars, not toward Tucker and McCarthy. But I suppose that then, the whiners would have to admit that they have been duped, lied to, that their omniscient and benevolent and virtuous politicians aren't so omniscient or benevolent or virtuous after all, that perhaps, just maybe, they are being lied to in other ways as well, and well, eventually their entire house of cards might collapse.

I think I am going to find McCarthy's phone number and give his office a call to thank him for releasing the tapes. We need more of this true transparency.

Here are McCarthy's phone numbers:

DC Office 202-225-2915

California office 661-327-3611

As much as I am not a fan of McCarthy, maybe we should unofficially "multiply" him with phone calls supporting his release of the tapes.

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The response to Tucker Carlson's foray into the video truth of January 6th left little doubt that our Rhino republican leadership is on the same left leaning liberal team as the democratic leadership.

Did anyone else feel Tucker's January 6th coverage was subdued in response to the yesterday's attack on Fox?

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It’s just fine, the undercover FBI officers dressed in Maga gear, complete with Red Hat. But a police officer trying to blend in to reach a desired location in the capital to save senators, well....that’s not good. Trump should hire this man as part as his detail. Wouldn’t that make a great ending to his story?

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Watched Tucker both nights. The second night seemed "off". Not as much dramatic footage, time filled with other stories that there was no time for the night before. I hope FOX higher ups had nothing to do with it. It might have just been me, but it seemed like night 2 just didn't give the punch that night 1 promised. Who knows?

Black man shot by a cop - "Release the Body Cam Footage NOW"

J6 video footage - "Releasing it to Tucker Carlson is an Existential Threat to Democracy and will tear us apart."

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