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Jeff and c&c army- I want to thank you for giving me moral conviction not to mask up yesterday for my 2yo doctor appointment. I have masked up at the dr until now out of fear of reprisal/they would not see us. But after seeing my anti-mask warrior friend not mask at the same office last time in combination with the support here I went bare faced and it went great! I have tried a few times in the past only to be given a mask by a "helpful" employee but this time no one batted and eye. I know I need stronger moral conviction in general if we're going to fight this growing satanic movement in society. A small but important step for me. Thank you all for your moral conviction and sharing it here in the comments. You are doing great work! God bless you all!

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Anybody else seeing the events between China and Russia building to form fulfillment of biblical end time prophesy…. While the USA who is not mentioned in those end time scenario's, continues to slosh through the garbage that is men becoming women, men having babies, giving the alphabet minority foreign policy protections, grooming kids, hiding crimes against humanity, continuous loop of election theft, and on and on the garbage piles?

It almost looks like the world is continuing onward to fulfilling biblical prophesy while America is stuck in a drainage ditch with no where to go. 🤔

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Just here to say before reading today’s post that I KNEW it would be titled “FUNGUS AMONG US”!!! I thought about it last night.

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That move by GSU to thwart covid truther Steve Kirsch reminds me of this 'MIT Tech Review' hit piece on Steve Kirsch. It's an outrageous load of fake science and low-blow personal attacks.


You can see the author did zero research as he blindly accepts that all the hcq/ivm trials were failures (mentions some 'FDA citings'). The personal attacks are endless: "He's exhausting to talk with, brash and interruptive" "a good snake oil salesman" "thinks his wealth makes him an authority" "Kirsch, relies on heartstrings to smooth over a lack of data." etc. You'll never see someone like Fauci described this way.

The author includes: "As a health care journalist, I started off firmly in the wait-and-see camp on mRNA vaccines. Thanks to the volumes of data and information provided by pharmaceutical companies and regulators, as well as large numbers of trials from independently funded research groups around the world, I now trust that they’re safe for the vast majority of adults.

I also think it makes a lot of sense to look for pre-existing drugs that can help treat covid symptoms. Over the next few years, millions of unvaccinated people are going to get covid; it’s vital to try to mitigate their suffering, as well as lessen pressure on the health care system."


LOL never addresses that more vaxed people are hospitalized for covid than unvaxed people. Never cites VAERS or the 35K vax deaths. Just shoots the messenger. This is what normies are reading these days.

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Just when I think you’re going to run out of tragicomical ways to capture the rapidly accumulating diedsuddenlies, you come up with “divided by zero.”

Jeff, have you had a chance to watch Tess Lawrie’s savagely poignant performance of my poem?

• “Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice (Video)” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/mistakes-were-not-made-an-anthem-57a)

The response has been breathtaking and even caught the attention of InfoWars:

“A powerful poem chronicling the last three years of tyrannical COVID measures and vaccine mandates is going viral.” (https://www.infowars.com/posts/mistakes-were-not-made-an-anthem-for-justice/)

“Mistakes Were NOT Made” has been trending on Twitter for three days in a row thanks to many prominent figures tweeting (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/mistakes-were-not-made-an-anthem-57a/comment/13753764) and retweeting it.

We are tipping the balance toward justice by spreading the message that Mistakes Were NOT Made and presenting it in a way that is even accessible to normies.

This was masterfully filmed by Mark Lawrie, the director of my number-one red-pilling video:

• “A Letter to Dr Andrew Hill” (https://rumble.com/vwfia3-a-letter-to-andrew-hill-dr-tess-lawrie-oracle-films.html)

Tess and I would be immensely grateful if you and the C&C Army could take up the baton and keep this trending for a fourth day in a row. If people just want to retweet, they can use my original tweet or any of my subsequent ones where “Mistakes Were NOT Made” is mentioned:


It is also available on YouTube and other platforms for embedding and sharing:





People have already started translating my poem into other languages and providing subtitled videos. In addition to my usual translators (e.g., the Finnish version is here: https://rakkausplaneetta.net/virheita-ei-tehty-hymni-oikeudenmukaisuudesta/), volunteer translators from the World Council for Health are working on translations into 30 languages.

The astonishingly viral response shows that people are thirsting for truth, accountability, and justice, and this is the video that has the potential to spark a Grand Awakening around the world.

Please help us spread this to as many people on the planet as possible 🙏

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@Jeff - If I've understood correctly, there are bills going through many (all?) state legislatures that are framed as standard UCC updates but in fact ban Bitoin and pave the way for a CBDC.

In Tennessee it's SB479 but the equivalent is being proposed in other states (I believe it was passed in Montana but vetoed in S Dakota).

Any thoughts (or lawyers you would trust who could take a look)? We can all start making calls to our state legislators but I want to be sure of what I'm looking at before urging action.

Edited to add this link to the conversation (and I'll link it below as well). It's from pro-bitcoin policy folks who are very pro financial freedom - about as much as it's possible to be! - and actually like the UCC bills 😜: https://www.btcpolicy.org/articles/in-attempt-to-stop-cbdcs-states-are-rejecting-ostensibly-pro-bitcoin-legislation

Food for thought.....

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Richard Dawkins speaking against trans wackos... very encouraging. Along with J. K. Rowling, who they're fighting desperately to cancel. For some reason the trans juggernaut is the most sacrosanct sword to destroy society. If you recall, Alex Jones was finally cancelled for speaking out against the trans shows for school kids.

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Please add following to topics for Covid Litigation Conference.

Lawyers need to know that mRNA technology – of all kinds, not just covid shots -- has serious, fundamental flaws in light of existing medical science, established by Nobel-Prize-winning studies and captured in medical textbooks for decades. This is explained very simply, in the short lectures by Dr Bhakdi MD, ref’d below. Attorneys need to take the few tens of minutes needed to understand this science because it will enable them to sue any MD, pushing mRNA shots, for malpractice/incompetence, using existing irrefutable evidence.

References =====================

===== Short Lectures by Dr Bhakdi MD:

* “All mRNA Vaccines will cause harm” ( https://rumble.com/v21ppz6-all-mrna-vaccines-will-cause-harm-prof.-dr.-bhakdi.html ) (~13-mins for basics)

* CHD TV 2022.10.21 -- (00:45-29:00 of https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/chd-tv/shows/friday-roundtable/worrying-developments-with-michael-palmer-m-d-sucharit-bhadki-m-d/ ) (~28-mins, but has much more on Bhakdi’s background/credentials and spike protein pathology in vivo).

===== Summary of Dr Bhakdi MD Lectures (by a non-MD)

* Antibodies, made by body in response to mRNA message in these jabs, never get to airway surfaces where they must be to prevent respiratory infection. (so, covid shots could never have prevented infection in the first place)

* The mRNA in these jabs, cause the cells they infect to make foreign, non-self-proteins, which automatically finger these mRNA-infected cells for violent death by “complement” (killer system #2 of human immune system, which is triggered by antibodies). (so all mRNA shots are dangerous)

___* Blood vessels are damaged first, causing blood clots and leaks (that expose surrounding organs to damage, with damaged heart/brain cells not being replaced)

___* Sudden death, and most other mRNA shot injuries, can be explained as the result of the mechanisms noted by Dr Bhakdi

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The “Public Health Deep State” needs to be obliterated.

Anyone interested in the lengths our own government goes to deceive and kill us:

WARNING - may cause one to be even more infuriated than one already is.


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"State Department Spokesman John Kirby — obviously engaged in some kind of public self-humiliation ritual — explained yesterday that the alphabet sex rights are now a “core part of our foreign policy.”"

Right. Just ask the Taliban.

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I think the Biden administration, indeed all the Democrats, ARE the fungus.

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"chubby DA Alvin Bragg"

Chubby = morbidly obese land whale with its own moons orbiting it.

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On the subject of Trans - ive yet to see ANY of these identity politics appointees in the Biden administration , or any other position, produce anything of signifcant value....i seriously believe the sexual deivancy is a form of mental defect, that wanders over into other sections of the brain and causes mayhem and poor decisions (Re: Sam the luggage thief) . The guy mentioned in the article is right, its the very tip of the tail wagging the dog. In my own rigid, ex-mil instructor point of view, no one should hold any position in our government that affects us all, thats party to any relationship outside the traditional and biologically correct relationship of Man-woman. Sick of the pandering to this group of deviants while our world burns down around us.

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Interesting fact about fungi. It won't grow in high sulfur soil. Thus the cure for skin infection is adding sulfur to a skin cream. Pfuck pharma and their lies

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Oh … so it’s ANOTHER opportunistic infection of the IMMUNOCOMPROMISED. "

As an engineer, decades of experience teach you to anticipate unexpected adverse outcomes. And always have the next product to fix that opportunity in the pipeline or buy a company that can fix it. Good to see our pharma mafia is running like a top notch bioengineering business!

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Re: fungus stories making the rounds.

For fun this weekend, watch or rewatch Contagion, World War Z, Outbreak, etc..

We’ve been primed for this stuff for so long and we didn’t even know it. Now we do.

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