Ah yes....I'll never forget that wondrous email (saved) that I received from The World's #1 Condiment Clinic on DAY ONE of the malodorous stink shots. They blathered on about 98.3% efficacy, safe and effective, blah, blah, blah....line forms here. (Lest we forget that a Pfizer exec. admitted that no testing was done at all.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ImuX6CU8ns&t=53s ...."We had to do something"....speed of science nonsense). But, apparently if you're Big Pharma, it's perfectly okay to lie your ass off in Florida and get away with it with a clear conscience because....hey, the law says so. Lovely. What are a few dead and maimed people along the way? Meh.

There are more pharmaceutical reps in Washington than the Senate and Congress combined. Boggles the mind. Pure insanity. But, of course, we're the "conspiracy theorists." As much as I embrace the term, I'm going to start using "Informed Contrarian." The do-do's have been systematically programmed to disparage the term "conspiracy."

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I’d like to time-travel to 2019 and show leftists that Daily KOS headline, explaining that in the future, they will side with trillion-dollar pharmaceutical corporations over the common people while mocking those trying to achieve justice on behalf of the victims who have lost their lives and health to BigPharma.

They would laugh at me and call me a Deplorable, but maybe they would remember it a year or two later and perhaps they would be less inclined to commit all the horrible behavior I describe in “Eulogy for the COVID Kapos” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/eulogy-for-the-covid-kapos).

Never mind, what am I thinking. That would require the power of self-reflection and humility.

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Russia is looking smarter all the time. I have a gay friend, quite accomplished and knowledgable in world events, who wants nothing to do with anything "Pride-related." She said the original nature of LGBT (a civil rights movement) has been hijacked by an ideology. And that ideology is all about targeting children: using them for medical experiments (trans procedures) and normalizing adult-child sex/pedophilia. I thinks she is Spot-On with her assessment.

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Next on the lawsuit to do list...let's move to childhood vaccines and statin efficacy lies!

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I still don’t understand why the strategy isn’t suing state governments and public health departments for declaring fake public health emergencies. These fake emergencies are what allowed school and business closures, record unemployment, masking (I lost a job for refusing), skyrocketing drug and alcohol abuse, suicides, divorce, and of course the coercion of a deadly bioweapon that has killed or maimed millions.

1) Fraudulent PCR generated fake cases and deaths. Flu disappeared and was called covid.

2) Suppression of simple, cheap, effective immune boosting.

3) Suppression of simple, cheap, effective cures.

4) Bribing of hospitals, doctors, politicians, and media to go along (all documented).

5) Developed and deployed an (already in existence prior to 2020) untested, unsafe bioweapon countermeasure.

Without the fake public health emergency, NONE of it would have been possible.

Here in Kentucky, Dr Steven Stack was hired a couple weeks before the emergency declaration. He had been a member of the World Medical Association working with the WHO and UN on global health issues. Until I exposed him, he was simultaneously employed by a company developing mRNA covid vaccines while also Commissioner of Public Health. He and Governor Beshear sent the governor’s personal security to my home to intimidate me. Dr Stack filed an EPO against me for trying to stop his crimes. Officers came to my home to intimidate me and confiscated all my firearms. After months with no 2nd amendment rights he dropped the case two weeks before I could prove he was a liar and a murderer. I have all my firearms and rights back but that murderer still draws a government paycheck.

That is just the very tip of my story.

This is good vs evil and more of you better start fighting or they will do this again to more people.

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Pascal Najadi, son of World Economic Forum (WEF) cofounder Hussain Najadi, is calling on the Swiss authorities to arrest the leaders of the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization and GAVI, all of which are headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, as well as Big Tech and Big Pharma executives, for injecting a bioweapon into 5.7 billion people

In 2022, Najadi filed criminal charges against Swiss president Alain Berset for misleading the Swiss people about the COVID shots

Najadi has also filed a civil case against Pfizer at the New York Supreme Court for harm done to him by the Pfizer COVID injection

GAVI, founded by Bill Gates, has diplomatic immunity in Switzerland, and its immunity clauses go beyond even that of diplomats. GAVI’s immunity covers all aspects of engagement, including criminal business dealings. They can do whatever they want without repercussions. GAVI is also completely tax exempt

Another Gates-founded and funded organization headquartered in Geneva — the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria — also has diplomatic immunity


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Back in 2021, When I managed to get my neighbor to cross the ‘invisible barrier’ between our houses because she was scared by all of the--air --only to read her shirt, “Caffeinated and vaccinated”, I knew the brainwashing would take a lot of time to reverse...if ever. I’ve learned that many people will never return to what they were prior to 2019, and sadly that’s just how it is. I’ve closed a lot of doors. I look ahead with the Lord by my side and just pray for those people. Deception is everywhere and people are lazy and want to believe what they’re ‘told’. At this point, I don’t think they can mentally accept that their make believe hero bubbles aren’t real. Cognitive dissonance is REAL.

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Dec 2, 2023·edited Dec 2, 2023

Great round up this morning, worth the wait as always! 🙂 (I admit I do get impatient though and refreshed the page 134 times or so 😬)

Very interested to see where the Paxton lawsuits against Pfizer will go. I am sure that’s why they tried to impeach him 😡 I wonder if any other states lack the Pharma exemption and could also go forward with similar suits.

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RE: Myocarditis study: “The next steps may involve manipulation of the mRNA vaccine or delivery system in an effort to reduce these adverse events.”

How about “manipulating” the “delivery system” by casting it into the pit of darkness for all eternity? Oh, but then where would all the good little sheep go to assuage their irrational fears and get their government-mandated injectables?

Thanks for another awesome roundup JC, and have a great weekend everyone! Merry Christmas! 🎄

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O God, I will sing a new song to You;

Upon a harp of ten strings I will sing praises to You,

Who gives salvation to kings,

Who sets David His servant free from the evil sword.

Set me free and deliver me out of the hand of the sons of a foreigner,

Whose mouth speaks worthlessness

And whose right hand is a right hand of lying.

That our sons would be as grown-up plants in their youth,

And our daughters as corner pillars fashioned as for a palace;

That our granaries would be full, furnishing every kind of produce,

And our flocks would bring forth thousands and ten thousands in our fields outside;

That our cattle would bear

Without mishap and without loss,

And without outcry in our streets!

How blessed are the people for whom this is so;

How blessed are the people for whom God is Yahweh!

— Psalm 144:9-15 LSB

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My husband are planning on moving from Canada to Florida. Going through the process...legally...to get my green card. My husband is an American citizen. Apparently I need to have the Covid and flu vx and a host of others to move to the USA. I can apply for an exemption after i have had the physical exam but it costs a lot of money and adds almost another 2 years...we’re already a year and a half into the process. I should have just crossed at the southern boarder like everyone else is!

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Good morning. I was reading about this new "white lung pneumonia" being reported now in Massachusetts. Are they trying to make us believe this is related to the recent outbreaks in Chynna?

Here's a "heads up" - after weeks of no chemtrails and blue skies here in Illinois, Wednesday they were back at it all day, the sky filled with giant X's and trails from horizon to horizon. This, ahead of the storm system that came through Thursday and Friday. Are they also using these to spread more disease?

I know, there are still some who do not believe the "government" would do such a thing. But...........

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Yay!! Finally!! 😁

This morning I was reminded by Jay Bhattacharya that the teachers union actually SUED to keep schools CLOSED!!! You can see who they are most concerned about—and it’s not the kids!


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I somehow got on the DailyKOS mailing list, and keep it around so I can scoff at the 100% differing from reality headlines. I imagine it's written by inmates crowded around a computer in an insane asylum.

It's actually like the Babylon Bee, except they're not kidding...

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Another outstanding roundup, Jeff. Thanks for covering AG Paxton's Pfizer suit as well as something very near and dear to me: commercial pilots (since I am one. . .). That said, there's a very recent incapacitation event that doesn't seem to have made the news yet, and it happened just a few days ago on 29 November. Please check out this link to Pilot and Doctor Kevin Stillwagon's substack covering this incident. It includes ATC audio of the incident itself: https://drkevinstillwagon.substack.com/p/another-pilot-incapacitation

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Wouldn't disgorgement of Pfizer profits be so awesome?!

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