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Just posted this comment on the NYT op-Ed. We’ll see if it sneaks past the “moderators.” Based on past experience, I’m skeptical. Here it is:

“I’ve repeatedly had my comments censored on this website for years now for saying exactly this. Meanwhile, I’ve watched as the top “recommended” comments on article after article display unwavering confidence in the efficacy of masks and the immorality, evilness even, of those, like me, who do not share their faith.

This newspaper has constantly fed fanaticism over the masking issue, misinforming it’s readership and exacerbating partisan hatred. In what other areas is this paper providing a similar disservice to its readers and to society at large? I used to read the NYT to learn what’s happening in the world. Now I read it only to learn what’s happening in the Twitter-addled minds of the cloistered elites seeking constantly to assert more and more control over our lives using pseudoscience and emotional blackmail.

Good on the Times for finally publishing something reasonable on the masking issue. Shame on the Times for putting ideological interests over the pursuit of truth time and time again over these tumultuous few years.”

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It’s so easy to not get Covid...stop testing. 😂 then it’s a regular cold.

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This feels good. There had been a discussion last night of compulsory masking for a Boy Scout trip this summer. I let the troop know my son, the senior patrol leader, was out if they even continued discussing it. They’re all about to get a C&C link in the email! This is Berkeley CA where half the black kids remain free from the experimental shot, but were not allowed at the YMCA until December 2022 without a vax card. Yeah, that Berkeley, CA, where they NEVER stop patting themselves on the back for their good deeds towards the black population. It’s horrific here. The worst.

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I’m sick to my stomach about this WHO executive agreement BS. After all the work millions of us put in to fight against this tyranny some global dictator may come in and wipe it all away and force us, against our will and better knowledge to do whatever they demand when they do the next scamdemic. It’s really disheartening and I’m not sure what we can do to stop it.

Am I the only one?

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The NYT story is a clear indicator that the lies have collapsed and they’re backpedaling to try and salvage what minuscule shreds of credibility they can before the next psyop rolls out. What they don’t realize is they have lost the trust of 89% of the public and their chances of restoring that trust now are blessedly next to nil.

As I just wrote at bad kitty’s post on this:

They got caught with their hand in the cookie jar and are now pretending they’re just putting a stolen cookie back.

I notice they’re still perpetuating the use of name-calling (“conspiracy theorists” and “quack-cure peddlers”) and will pull those tricks out of their bag to lob at anyone who questions the next narrative.

The only way to defend against this tactic is to let the bullets pass through you. That’s when you realize they were just imaginary, and they’ll never work to silence you again:

• “Letter to a Mainstream Straddler: Live Not by Half-Lies” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-a-mainstream-straddler)

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Let’s vote...does anybody trust the institutions anymore? What could possibly restore that trust?!?!?!

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-“I don’t know. I’m not sure vindication IS enough. I’m thinking some people and institutions need to be held accountable for their “errors.” How about you?”

NO! Not enough. People need to be held accountable and their power taken away. I want to be compensated for every time I was refused service and for my kid being forced to do zoom school instead of in person because he couldn’t stand wearing the masks mandated by our stupid dumb as a box of rocks and thoroughly corrupt health department head. Their meaningless apologies are worthless.

Regarding the WHO taking control of pandemic declarations, that can only work if we comply. We MUST NOT comply!! Ever!

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Saint John Paul II often preached “Be not afraid.” This advice saved me from getting the jabs and wearing masks. Many of those that did get the jab and wore masks were afraid, very afraid.

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I’m tripping on that photo of Monica McLemore the "badass thinker scientist-geek she/her" with her crew of triple-wide friends. That scene just screams science and intellect.

I'm getting covid just from looking at it. Can you imagine the shedding going on there?

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I don’t need apologies from the perpetual masked bozos. They make wonderful commentary and as a bonus I get to easily identify who not to engage in conversation........Besides after their 4th booster they can barely eek out a coherent sentence.

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Some of the PV analysis assumes the Board is acting in the best interest of PV. But if we accept the hypothesis floated earlier that it appears there is a deep state takedown at work, with the enemy infiltrating through the board, then perhaps the board's strategic blunders are intentional. That certainly is a possibility that must be considered, since it would be entirely consistent with the "takedown of PV" theory.

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Maybe health genius Monica McLemore should have referenced these Covid Resoruces. A refresher of some of the better links.

==Data Sources==

https://openvaers.com/covid-data ‘Vaccine’ Adverse Reaction database. 34,000 deaths, etc. Likely 10x under reported. From CDC data.

https://howbad.info/ Check jab batches against VAERS data. And legal and health resources.


https://covid19criticalcare.com/treatment-protocols/i-prevent-protect/ Treatment guides to stay healthy for both jabbed and unjabbed. Covid resources > Pharmacy Guide to find small provider (compounding pharmacies).


Vax injured people. Many details of their struggles and attempts to get better.




https://www.facebook.com/diedsuddenly Code words used to avoid take down.

==Legal Info==

https://www.coffeeandcovid.com/s/resources Navigating Covid hospitalization issues.

https://www.protocolkills.com/forms Everyone should have these forms printed, filled out, and signed and notarized NOW in case you must go to the ER.

https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.org/index/legal/vaccines-and-the-law/ Forms, templates, exemption info.

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It is going to be sooooo difficult for soooooo many to admit they were duped. Those who proudly did the right thing for the right reason have to be questioning their stupidity!

Makes me chuckle remembering a former bridge partner backing Mayor Pete for president or another former bridge partner saying we cannot be partners anymore because Trump is crazy, there was no cheating in Georgia because she worked at one polling place in Fulton County and she was fearful of the Christian militia.

I wonder how those remarks are sticking. It did teach me how blinded some can be regardless of intelligence.

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"I have to say: do you have ANY idea how helpful something like this might have been back when I was arguing to judges about the masks? What I would give for a time machine."

Jeff, it's because of people like you that this article was even published in the NY Times. You just got there a heck of a lot faster than they did. You paved the way.

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Regarding "seventeen Republican senators": ONLY 17 senators?

The original purpose of the senate was to have state legislators appoint 2 senators to equally represent the state's rights at the federal level. All senators should object to the federal executive branch not only usurping the legislative branch's authority, but also the states' rights to govern their own health matters.

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Next time I have to accompany my husband to the hospital (hopefully no next time), I'm going to print the NYT article out to give to the mask Nazi at the front desk.

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