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“California Governor was grinning wider and more unnervingly than an over-caffeinated chimpanzee indulging in alternating bouts of wild self-gratification and feces flinging.”

Ah Jeff! Tell us what you really think! 😆

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I remember the days of old;

I meditate on all You have done;

I muse on the work of Your hands.

I stretch out my hands to You;

My soul reaches for You like a weary land. Selah.

Answer me quickly, O Yahweh, my spirit wastes away;

Do not hide Your face from me,

Or I will become like those who go down to the pit.

Cause me to hear Your lovingkindness in the morning;

For I trust in You;

Cause me to know the way in which I should walk;

For to You I lift up my soul.

Deliver me from my enemies, O Yahweh,

I have concealed myself in You.

— Psalm 143:5-9 LSB

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With the top cover provided by the MSM, Aunt Nancy and the Dem party, Newsom’s political career is in no danger. It doesn’t matter how he debates (or gets “owned”), Captain Coiffure is telegenic and supports all the correct left wing agenda items, making him a perfect puppet to install in the White House. He has zero thoughts of his own, tabula rasa is his nickname...probably.

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Ugh....the cheesy smugness of Gruesome is cringe worthy. An exemplary greasy political rat....with all due apologies to rats worldwide. All hail King of the Feces, exorbitant taxes and coked up transient hookers!!.......go 9'ers!

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So when is DeSantis going to make Ivermectin over-the-counter like TN did?

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Childers Law of Baffledness [Baffledment?]:

“The Public Health Establishment (PHE) acts most confident when it knows the least about what’s going on. When they admit to being baffled, it means the opposite: they know exactly what’s going on, but don’t want to admit it.”

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I will NOT watch anything and I mean anything with that snake, Sean Hannity.

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I am a conspiracy theorist, so here goes. Maybe, just MAYBE we're having respiratory issues here in Ohio because of the unbelievable number of chemtrails in the sky. If there is a sunny day, it won't take long for "contrails" to combine and cloud us over. The only day I did not see this recently was early Thanksgiving day. I guess the government gave them the day off. I am not exaggerating. This is worse than I have ever seen the skies here. Everyone I know, myself included, have a cough we can't shake. Edit: I'm in Columbus, not Warren county.

As for Newscum.... good. We don't want the rest of America looking like LA or SF, covered in needles and feces. He needs to be gone and right now.

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Jeff, I pray that you become a bigger voice for all of us soon, really soon!

We are witnessing a decay in so many institutions, but we need people like Esther, to be raise to positions of change, such as Mike Johnson (New Speaker of the House).

God will keep providing as we all pray together for His will to be done among us as it’s done in Heaven!

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Just looking at that map....sitting here in my chair I can just smell the stench! It brings to mind how cities must have smelled before sewer systems were installed. It also brings to mind the diseases that were present when people were just pitching the contents of their chamber pots out the windows. The biggest and best improvements in health came when water and sewer systems were installed. Disease went down. Health went up. THEN they introduced shots and said that was the greatest help to mankind.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene tells Tucker:

“We're over $33 trillion in debt. Our government must hate us, must truly hate the American people to do that to Americans. Our border is wide open. That's not just Joe Biden, everybody, that is the Democrat Party. Every single one of them are solidly on board with that. We have crime erupting all over the country. Innocent people are dying every day because the crime is so, so bad... Here's why I hate Republicans right now: they don't do a damn thing to stop it."


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The Dems will still vote for Newsom because he has better hair. There is no bottom to their shallowness.

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😳there was a debate? Did anyone watch?🤣🤣 both NOT going to be president anytime soon IMHO

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Jeff - I thought you were describing Liberals for a moment there -

“They’re causing havoc with everything,”

“They’re eating anything and everything they can get their hands on.”

“they’re quite destructive when they get into such large numbers,”

“There’s rats everywhere. They’re just like, bold as hell.”

Cause they are definitely rats for sure! 🐀 🐀 🐀 🐀

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Jeff. Regarding the "Chinese mystery pneumonia" I would say we need to be careful about direct vaccine associations. My daughter who is very young has this Pneumonia (timing and symptoms fit) and our family did not partake in the vaccine study for Flu or COVID, so it is not in our case a direct correlation. That said, there are some potential in-direct connections to "vaccines" in general. The in-direct relates to one set of parents in our family who continue to get vaccines (yes, we know). They got the Flu shot about a month ago and got very sick. We came in contact with them about 2 weeks after not knowing they were 'A' sick several weeks earlier and 'B' that they had gotten the shots directly before being sick. After this contact where one of them had a bad cough (which, is when we asked questions and found out the information) we ended up getting something similar. It was mild for the boys who are grade school, but older, however, my youngest has gotten significantly sick with a very bad cough. Fortunately, my wife who practiced medicine until the Pandemic (She left for our daughter being born just before the pandemic) then decided not to return due to her disagreement with the illogical logic that was happening at that time. So, we can handle most medical situations on our own and my daughter is improving now after a week. We have had great success with alternative medical approaches over the years since this all started. I bring this up because we have begun to see a correlation between our family members getting vaccines, getting sick and then us contracting something similar (based off symptoms). We have had 3-4 similar events and from this past event informed our family that they cannot participate in Holidays at our home if they have been vaccinated within the past 4 weeks. This now begs the question is there a correlation between current vaccines (covid/flu/etc) and the spreading of illnesses. This could relate to the original vaccines changing biological response or current vaccines still being used as biological weapons (let's call it, what it is) or a combination. We now, based off our experience that the cause/effect is something bigger and perhaps still going on. I believe we need to be careful in drawing one-to-one relationships between vaccinated and unvaccinated (though important) when looking at current illness trends, in some cases. The 'Fog of War' is keeping us from realizing that something is likely still going on that impacts both unvaccinated and vaccinated. Whether or not the vaccinated are the vehicle or not is one of the many questions that need to be answered by/for the unvaccinated.

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