Jeff...right on. So well laid out and thank you for your time. Yes to wartime pastors instead of powerless evangelicals who think the spiritual realm gives a rip about number of instagram followers. Those who have ears to hear are waking up. The Lord put on my heart to invite several networks, churches, and faith warriors in other countries to fast on Wednesdays. Fasting and praying is what Daniel did in Daniel 9-10 and it affected Gabriel and Michael's battle. Well done----keep going. The Kingdom of God continues advancing pushing back the darkness.

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Reading this and realizing it’s a FULL YEAR later and the CDC and Biden admin are STILL LYING or playing clueless about vaccines and their effectiveness is so criminal. People still being terminated and fighting in court for their jobs. Truly despicable.

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There is one true Church: Holy Mother Church, Roman Catholic Church. Presently a remnant, guestimate, 200k. Not 1.2 billion.

Here's true Catholic teaching on medical experimentation


Ill give you $100 Jeff if 5 sub stack writers votebyou are winner in debate with me.

My position: Francis is NOT Pope.

Yours: of course he's pope, you are nuts

If you lose, no repercussions. Sub stack writers must write a substantial amount against Pfizer deathvax.

You make up all the rules... you're honorable dude.

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On 3-2-15, I wrote a letter to religious leaders in CA, regarding CA's egregious bill, SB277. I did not receive any responses. So very disappointing.


Thank you for your letter above, Jeff...it is exellent!

Laura Hayes


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