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Dying in' Their Sleep' is your new norm. Especially if you were previously healthy. Ray Liotta. My all time favorite, made me bawl like a baby this am. Runners( healthy) dying and collapsing during a half marathon. No you cannot blame the weather!! Or Climate change. I have lost count of how many I personally knew dying unexpectedly. My ex husband and father of my adult children. He had a heart procedure a year prior to ' Injections'. All kinds of tests! Not one word of cancer in his heart or lungs. Dying of multiple cancers within 3 weeks of diagnosis. Guess where? Heart, Lungs and Spine. They couldn't even diagnois what kinds of aggressive cancers. A Prominent Hospital we have all heard of. I have no words anymore.. My tears and fear for our fellow human beings and our Society is all too real!

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I do not sit with deceitful men,

Nor will I go with pretenders.

I hate the assembly of evildoers,

And I will not sit with the wicked.

I shall wash my hands in innocence,

And I will go about Your altar, O Lord,

That I may proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving

And declare all Your wonders.

β€” Psalm 26:4-7

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"β€” you know, the vaccines have saved millions of lives" said Billy Gates, with zero data to back up his contention.

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I can't cipher if Gates truly believes that he is THE savior of humanity or just a complete sociopathic wanker. - Not necessarily mutually exclusive - (Did he say that "millions of lives have been saved, but the shots don't do sh**t?" What?!) Regardless, I wish he would pack up his monkey and go home.....maybe think about feeding Ethiopia or something worthwhile. There are plenty of REAL issues to choose from.

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I am shocked about this absurd and evil new USDA extortion on the schools. Wow! "Allow this abhorrent practice or we'll pull the funds for poor kids eating at school." This is the way the Federal Government works, and it has to stop. I see a more and more people leaving public schools for home schooling and private schools that get the waiver.

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Today's C&C has me overly agitated--it's not the blog itself, it's that we even have these stories. I'm so angry that some dope like Bill Gates gets to have a say on a world platform--what a plunker of a man! I want to scream that this dude from Iowa, a salt of the earth place, is threatening public schools with their food for co-ed bathrooms. Where does he get off doing this! Thomas J. Vilsack -- as Squire 'Red' Will Danaher said in The Quiet Man "Put him in my book!". This guy must be out! He MUST have a trans grandchild or something that is pressuring him--or heavy investment in Pharma. And nothing about the vax and Boston Marathon runner coming out to warn other marathoners of the dangers! Coffee & Covid falls within my morning prayer time. I'm struggling this morning. After this, I'm going to fall into a mantra of "all is well". Thank you God for taking on the burdens I cannot handle. Thank you God for reminding me that judgement is not up to me. Thank you God for instilling faith in my heart and head; for your grace; for your mercy; for my wonderful life and friends. Above all today God, thank you in advance for showing me what I can do to fulfill the desires of Your sacred heart.

Apparently, after that prayer, I'm still not done...

Do you think we can now confidently say "Show me an absurdity or horrific tragedy and I'll show you how there is money laundering through Big Pharma to make a few people very wealthy."?

-Abortion: watch the less than one hour program on DailyWire "Choosing Death". Many of these young people are coerced to have abortions at Planned Parenthood facilities because that is how they make their money.

-Anti-gun and mass shootings: a coverup for the mentally ill who have been further screwed up by some sort of pharmaceutical. Anti-depression meds can really help some to get out of a black hole but, I think (no study to back it up), many people do not manage it properly and it throws them into a spiral of depression.

-Crappy processed food created with ridiculous chemicals and additives blessed by the FDA: The shit isn't good for you. It screws up your body and brain.

-Trans-gender: Pharma wants to make $$ off all of these hormones they're issuing and then the mental drugs they'll need to treat the people afterward.

-Covid or any disease du jour: I don't think I need to say anything to this group...it's why we're here.

I apologize for the rant. I'm sure I sound like a wild animal and some who need medications may have been offended. Must be these damn bio-identical hormone pellets...I wonder who makes them?

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The Mafia doesn’t hold a candle to our current politicians.

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Frankly I'm done with gay. I use to support gay marriage. Just allow this, and we're done?

Nope! Now it's morphed into every TV show has perverted gays. Trans-gendered freaks allowed into the girls locker rooms and bathrooms. Grooming of children to go gay.

Let's stop the support of the gay agenda. Time to go more biblical and conservative. And wholesome.

Russia does not allow the gay.

I'm down for that here in the usa. No more gay.

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From now on every decision I take will be optimal. Some may be more optimal than others but, you know, they’ll all be optimal.

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In an ideal world, Jeff, Boris Johnson would be dragged through the streets by his hair with the other 649 oxygen thieves who inhabit our House of Commons and dealt with in the way in which we used to deal with traitors, back when we were vaguely serious people.

But we don't live in an ideal world, and so, for now, we don't want to get rid of him - the alternatives are even worse.

Pretty much everyone in his party is signed up to the eternal jabs, lockdowns, and passports, and the opposition parties are the same, only they want more jabs, harder lockdowns, and quicker passports.

His absurd behaviour - and don't get me wrong, he is absurd - is actually a good thing, because all but the dimmest and sheep-like of my fellow Britons can understand the argument that *if the government didn't fear the virus there was no need for them to fear the virus*.

There does seem to be some rebellious streak in Johnson - we're governed by stupid, humourless authoritarians and the fact that he likes to go on the piss and have a good time, and can't help getting caught, is better than having Keir Starmer (who?) in charge.

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My heart and mind hurts at losses and the lies! What does the FDA have to do with gay discrimination? Help me understand the connection!

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And in my area, a fit 21 year old dies in his sleep...

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You've definitely mastered the saying, "If you're going to tell people the truth, make them laugh. Otherwise they'll kill you." Gently unpinning hand grenades in the king's court. Impressive!

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Ask your embalmers if they have found any mysterious fibrous clots in the veins of the vaxxed that have passed suddenly - you'll be sickened

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Another great and funny write-up Jeff! These elites are insane and evil. If I was Satan, I would be doing exactly what is being done. Those who go along with it, go along with Satan by default. It's his world.

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re:Davos/WEF So, I have a question. Where ARE these videos of the WEF panel discussions coming from?

Why are they being allowed to be released?

Have you noticed that the ones that are getting out are enraging β€œour side” almost like getting us riled up is the point?

It’s become exhausting, but I’m at the point that not only am I questioning the narrative about everything, I’m also questioning the motives. Maybe that’s the point, to completely break down all trust in society?

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