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The Biden Mandate is out, as ugly as we thought it would be; ideas for beating it; OSHA starts lowering the 100-worker limit, already; online classes don't reduce Covid rates; and more...

Happy Friday! We now have the ridiculous details about the Biden Mandate, and I break it all down for you and explain the way out; OSHA looks to reduce the 100-employee limit, already; a new study shows online classes don’t reduce spread; the Governor triggers some people; a young hockey player mysteriously dies mid-game; two school kids mysteriously die at school; and the UK volunteers to test Merck’s new anti-viral Covid treatment. Please keep your seat belts fastened during the flight.


🔥 Yesterday, Joseph Robinette Biden announced what he will be forever known for — the star atop his brittle, dead holiday tree — a package of three sets of rules for mandating coerced vaccination of basically the entire country entirely through executive action. It’s almost like we don’t even have a legislative branch of government at all. You’d think someone, somewhere would need to vote on something of this breathtaking scale. But no.

However it turns out, these rules and executive orders will eternally be Biden’s legacy. In the dank hallways of infamy, where Fauci-like cockroaches scurry frantically amidst the dark corners, swarming over the withered husks of CNN anchors, Joe Biden now occupies his own poorly-lit niche. Now and for all time.

Piling atop his existing executive order requiring federal employees and contractors to get injected are two new massive sets of executive agency rules embodied in hundreds of mind-numbing pages: one from OSHA, purporting to regulate the medical care of every employee in any business with more than 100 employees, and another from CMS mandating healthcare choices for every healthcare worker employed in any facility accepting federal Medicare/Medicaid dollars.

Between the three sets of rules, Biden’s sweaty, trembling fingers are now caressing the hair of most adult Americans . All three rule packages dictate a singular, historic precondition for employment in this country: taking one of the government’s three Covid-19 vaccines.1 If you don’t take the shot, and keep on taking it, you can’t work. That’s the idea, anyway.

Advocates of the OSHA rule argue it’s “just” a workplace safety issue. Horse hockey. I defy you to find me one OSHA rule anywhere requiring all employees to accept a specific medical treatment in order to work. It’s never been done before. I’m not sure what’s more appalling, the overreach itself or the fact that it wasn’t laughed out of whatever dystopian committee dreamed up the sick plan in the first place.

Proponents of the CMS rule say hey, this is nothing special, hospitals have been making workers get flu shots for years, so. But, not so fast. That’s just another childish non-sequitur. This is critical to understand — the government has never told hospitals what their employee flu policy had to be. Never. And not every hospital mandated flu vaccines. Almost all of them liberally and routinely granted exemptions and accommodations. If one hospital’s policy became too onerous, workers could ship out to another hospital. What Biden’s done now is level the field and delete competition for employees: there’s nowhere to go if you don’t like your hospital’s policy — they’re all the same now. Your choice is to go on welfare. And then later on they’ll condition your unemployment benefits on getting the jabs, just wait and see.

The whole thing is so dumb. CMS controls Medicare/Medicaid “reimbursements” — insurance payments — for patient treatments. What’s it doing setting employment policies? Employees aren’t patients. The hospitals don’t treat the employees and submit invoices for reimbursement. What’s CMS got to do with it? “We have to protect patients!” Really? Funny, I thought that was the HOSPITAL’S job. I thought it was YOUR job to pay the hospitals to treat patients, not dictate their employment policy.

CMS is a public insurer. It has no business ordering anybody to get ANY medical treatment. Just because they pay — badly and inefficiently — for medical care doesn’t make them experts at anything except spending tax dollars like drunken Russians on a business trip to New York.

Anyway. The lawsuits started flying around yesterday like streamers at a ticker-tape parade. Get ready.

💉 Here’s a short summary of what the Biden Mandate policies say:

— The drop-dead deadline for all three rule groups is now January 4th.

— Any employee granted an exemption has to wear a mask and get a weekly test. Every week. Forever. It doesn’t make employers pay for tests. That’s up to them. And, in a nod to the quaint archaic notion of states having rights, it’s up to state law.

— Masking for uninjected workers starts on December 5.

— Employers have bunch of new reporting requirements so they can keep the federal government posted on everybody’s health status.

— Penalties range from $13,653 per violation to $136,532 for “willful violations.”

— There’s no mention of natural immunity, anywhere. Don’t make me laugh.

That’s pretty much it. But, you know. Satan’s in the details.

🔥 As I said, the lawsuits are starting to be filed. Nearly every Republican governor in the country has vowed to fight the Biden Mandates. At first, I was like, whew, thank goodness, we don’t have to do this all by ourselves any more. But then I saw a major flaw. It’s a problem. The states — even the red states — probably won’t put the vaccines on trial. And THAT is what needs to happen.

Most institutional types — lawmakers and tall-building lawyers — remain terrified of being canceled as an “anti-vaxxer.” So I worry they’re going to leave the best weapon back in the armory. The legal nuke. THE BIDEN MANDATE IS IRRATIONAL BECAUSE THE INJECTIONS ARE HIGH-RISK WITH LOW EFFICACY AND DO NOT STOP THE SPREAD.

As you all know, I’ve been litigating these cases for half the time the injections have existed. One thing I’ve learned is the government is panic-stricken at the thought of trying these injections in court. It would be their worst nightmare. But it HAS to happen. We need to find out if the injections work, and now that the public health agencies are insane puppets of the federal government, the only way to do it is to put the drugs on trial.


The lawsuits MUST argue that the injection mandates don’t even meet the lowest standard for approval of a government policy. They’re not even rationally related to legitimate government objective. This must be done through EVIDENCE of the risks of adverse events for healthy people, especially those with natural immunity, the low and waning efficacy of the vaccines, the lack of long-term safety data, the low risk of Covid-19 for most people, and the inability of the vaccines to accomplish the alleged purpose: stopping the spread.

That would open up discovery into the injection makers and the public health agencies. And that is what we need the most. Transparency. The Biden Mandates are the least transparent public health project in history. For some reason, the injection makers — Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J — have been allowed to remain cloaked in confidentiality. We currently have no access to the internal data from their trials, the reports they’ve received of adverse events, and so forth.

That has to stop.

So the states MUST put the vaccines on trial. They HAVE TO. If they don’t, this out-of-control train will keep on barreling down the tracks.

🔥 Yesterday, before the ink dried on the 100-employee rules, the U.S. Labor Department announced the start of a 30-day public comment period for OSHA to consider expanding the vaccine mandate to smaller businesses with fewer than 100 employees. So. Here we go. They never stop.

🔬 This will shock you, but a new nationwide study, published in Nature Medicine, of 895 school districts across the U.S. concluded that in most regions, opening schools for in-person learning was not associated with an increase in Covid community case rates. “The results suggest it is possible for schools to operate safely and in-person without increasing case rates in the community,” said one of the study’s co-authors.

Weird. The experts promised the EXACT OPPOSITE would happen. Wrong again, experts!

🦸‍♂️ At the press conference on Wednesday, Governor DeSantis referred to the Biden Administration as the “Brandon Administration.” So.

🔥 24-year old professional hockey player Boris Sadecky suffered a cardiac arrest in the middle of a game yesterday, and was taken to the hospital, where he died. Awful and tragic. I wonder what could have caused it?

🔥 Two young boys, Harry Towers (11) and Mohammed Habib (10) unexpectedly died at St John Fisher Catholic College in the UK this week. “At this stage, the cause of each death has not yet been determined,” said local authorities. So mysterious. I wonder what could have caused it?

💊 Yesterday, the UK authorized the Merck Covid pill, molnupiravir, an oral antiviral medicine, for the treatment of mild-to-moderate Covid in patients with at least one risk factor for serious illness. So. We’ll see.

That’s a wrap for today. Hang tight, things are getting super interesting. We’ll get back on it tomorrow morning. See you then.

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According to the CDC, the federal government owns every Covid vaccine in America until the moment it is injected into somebody. Maybe after that, too. See https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/provider-enrollment.html.