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This might be the beginning of the end for the abortion industry in this country, and it is thanks to Covid. Also in the roundup: Florida’s pathetic agriculture commissioner makes a fool of herself...

Happy Saturday! Wow. A gigantic story today, maybe the biggest ever. This might be the beginning of the end for the abortion industry in this country, and it is thanks to Covid. Also in the roundup: Florida’s pathetic agriculture commissioner makes a donkey of herself by publicly failing basic math while trying to claim DeSantis was lying about Covid statistics; bad news for molnupiravir; and sanity returns to Nassau County, Florida, setting the standard for all the other counties to follow. Mask lovers were hardest hit.


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💖 Something HUGE is happening. A higher purpose, a meaning if you will, might be starting to emerge from all the chaos. This next story has a lot — everything — to do with Covid, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. Bear with me for a second and it will all be clear. And it’s terrific.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals just overturned an injunction which had halted Texas’ new heartbeat bill. So the law is now back in force in Texas. The new law allows anyone – including people who don’t live in Texas – to sue any doctor who performs an abortion after six weeks. It sets a minimum floor of $10,000 in damages, and allows for the recovery of attorney’s fees. Anybody who “aides or abets” someone in getting an abortion after six weeks is also jointly liable. So the new law has pretty much shut down abortion in Texas. At least abortions after six weeks.

Pro-abortion types are OUTRAGED because Texas’ law has been cleverly designed to avoid offending the Constitution — even as interpreted under Planned Parenthood v. Casey and the more familiar case of Roe v. Wade. Since, under the new Texas law, PRIVATE ACTORS are the ones doing the enforcing — not government — and because private actors aren’t subject to constitutional limits, there is no Roe v. Wade problem. Roe only limits government entities, not private citizens. If Texas had tried to DIRECTLY ban abortions after six weeks, or even just fine providers $10,000 for each post six-week abortion, that law would have quickly been enjoined and then overturned at the Supreme Court following the law established in Roe v. Wade.

But doing it indirectly through private citizens skirts constitutional law.

How does this relate to Covid? This new Texas law is only possible because of Covid government overreach. It COULD NOT have happened without all the insane government diktats relating to the virus. I am not kidding or exaggerating. In order to get what they wanted — control over citizen’s bodies to “stop Covid” — they had to manufacture a narrative and legal climate eroding the previously sacrosanct limits of individual bodily autonomy.

It started with the masks. Remember? It was JUST FINE to make people breath through damp cloth all day. ESPECIALLY children. That doesn’t invade bodily autonomy AT ALL. (Except in the First District of Florida, of course, under Green v. Alachua County. You’re welcome.) Don’t like it? Shut up!

Now it’s the shots. It’s JUST FINE to make people take injections swimming with cutting-edge nanotechnology and ZERO long-term safety data. Even if they already had Covid and have antibodies. What’s wrong with that? That doesn’t invade bodily autonomy. Don’t be silly. Bodily autonomy is selfish anyways.

You see where I’m going with this?

So where did the clever Texas legislators get the idea on how to skirt constitutional limits using private actors in the first place? From Joe Brandon. I mean Biden. Sorry.

First, Biden’s team taught blue counties how to pass emergency orders making private BUSINESSES force customers to breathe through wet fabric. See how easy that was? It’s just BUSINESSES making people do it — not government. So, no pesky legal problems! (I am making an assumption that it was Biden’s team, because it was clearly orchestrated by SOMEONE since it happened in unison all over the country in all the blue counties with close affiliations to the Biden Administration, all at the same time. Ditto for the jabs.)

Next, team Biden rolled out a series of strategies designed to force PRIVATE EMPLOYERS — not government — to coerce people into taking injections, even though the drugs feature high risk levels, maybe tens or hundred of times higher risk than any previous vaccine, ever (per the VAERS data). Biden understood that government actors couldn’t legally do it, as we saw in Friend v. City of Gainesville. But PRIVATE EMPLOYERS, well, THEY aren’t subject to constitutional limitations, so the feds are pushing them to do all the dirty work.

That’s the legal strategy. Biden and his jabbers came up with it. So Texas adopted the same exact same legal strategy for its new heartbeat law. You see the spicy pickle they’re in now?

They have to choose: abortions or coerced jabs. You can’t have both.

Let me break it down for you. If it’s legally wrong for TEXAS to let private actors (citizens) do what IT isn’t allowed to do under the Constitution, then it is ALSO legally wrong for the federal government to let private actors (employers) to do what the federal government can’t do under the Constitution. You can’t have it both ways.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. So.

In other words, the jabbers and maskers are witlessly rushing toward overturning Roe v. Wade. They’re practically sprinting there.

And it’s even bigger than that. Because for two years now, the jabbers and maskers have been creating a new collectivist narrative that gives judges political cover for rubber-stamping what Texas is doing. Think about it.

The jabber / masker collectivist narrative is that individual bodily rights of private citizens MUST give way to the needs of the majority. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to wear that dirty face rag or get injected with something you don’t need because you already had Covid. Even if it makes you so sick you have to take several days off work. So what? What bodily autonomy? You don’t HAVE any bodily autonomy when the majority needs your body. Not anymore, dummy. What a crazy idea.

Now take that logic and apply it to abortion. It doesn’t matter what you prefer to do with your own body, or your unborn child’s body, because your individual bodily rights must give way to whatever kooky ideas the majority dreams up this week. And in Texas, the majority has the kooky idea that it wants that baby to be born. So. No abortion for you. And we have this nice employer, I mean citizen, standing by to enforce it for us.

The media has been gleefully publishing the blueprint for ending abortion for two years now. They’ve been running the anti-bodily -autonomy narrative 24 - 7 the whole time. Judges and lawyers have all the officially-approved talking points they need to politically justify the end of abortion.

You see what the the leftists did there? In fewer than two years, the jabbers and maskers have completely undermined the whole “my body, my choice” argument. Forget about it. It’s dead, buried, decomposed, and its remains relocated to make way for a new Starbucks. It’s never coming back. Adios. Sayonara. Dasvidaniya, Maria.

Oh! The irony! The house of abortion cards is tipping over, thanks to the exact same nitwits whose irrational laws created the abortion industry in the first place. Irrationality eventually destroys itself, is the lesson.

And you know what? If all this nonsense winds up stopping abortion, it would all be worthwhile. The end of abortion could not possibly have happened without something as huge and unpredictable as this pandemic. So stand by for a lot of leftist heads to start exploding as they start to realize they’ve put themselves in a steel box. It’ll be awesome.

🤡 Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner and failing gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried — who couldn’t tell a cow from a goat if her life was at stake — badly fumbled the political football this week. Just before the Board of Education’s Thursday meeting to sanction insurgent counties, Fried held a press conference. She tried to publish her amazing expose supposedly showing that masking counties had much lower Covid rates than non-masking counties, so that means the state is wrong or something. She crowed triumphantly that she’d proved that “Governor DeSantis is lying about masks in schools.”

Except it turned out, SHE was lying about masks in schools.

First, within a couple hours, a reporter with the leftwing Florida Phoenix pointed out a serious math error in Fried’s mask calculations. So Fried had to rush out a “correction,” which showed much less mask benefit, but still showed some improvement in masking counties.

But then, Florida’s Department of Health pointed out that Fried had cherry-picked only 33 Florida counties, leaving 44 completely out of the analysis. And if you add the 44 counties back in, there’s zero statistically significant benefit for maskers compared to the non-mandate counties. Whoops! Never mind!

So, Fried can’t do agriculture OR math, apparently.

The rumor is that Rebekah Jones helped Fried create the dud analysis, which would explain a lot, if true.

💊 Uh-oh! One week after Merck announced that its trial of its new Covid antiviral, molnupiravir, had succeeded for mild-to-moderate patients, two Indian drugmakers have now asked permission to end late-stage trials of their generic versions of Merck’s drug, because it shows NO improvement in patients. A source with the Drug Controller General of India told Reuters that Merck’s new pill has NOT shown “significant efficacy” against moderate Covid, though it was having some success in patients with mild cases. Who don’t need it, of course.

I guess we’re back to the horse de-wormer.

🔥 Nassau County, Florida repealed its school mask mandate yesterday. By repealed, I don’t mean that it is letting parents opt out. I mean, they deleted the policy. It’s completely kaput. Parents can send their unmasked kids to school in Nassau without doing anything else. No doctor’s note. No personal note. No forms. Nada. Just normal school life. Can you imagine?

As it happens, I’m sitting in beautiful Nassau County right now, watching the sun rise as I type this. I feel like I can see a little more orange in the sky, and a few more sunrays poking through the clouds, since the odious mask mandate is now gone and kids can breathe freely and have a normal childhood again.

Have a terrific weekend! I’ll see you back here on Monday unless you’re an official Subscriber, in which case I’ll have a bunch of news for you tomorrow.

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